Thursday, 30 January 2020

Blooming Inspirational - Where your True Nature Buds Beautifully - Leaf Heart

Crack open the armour of your heart!
See your expansive infinite self where only the light of love resides.
Crack open those wounded aspects, open them to the light to bring the healing forth.
Let go of your armour allowing love in.

Have the courage to allow others to see your vulnerabilities, the real you, the true you.
All your masks are off
Slowly, slowly the cracks heal and form the true heart of you.

The Heart of Love, The Heart of Light, The Heart of Courage, The Heart of Home.
Home to your Soul and to the infinite You!

Blooming Inspirational - Where Your True Nature Buds Beautifully - Sandpaper Wattle

The message from this beautiful Sandpaper Wattle is:

"Smooth out the rough edges of your diamond in the rough beginning to shape new facets of self, reflecting your true brilliance, the many facets of you with confidence and self empowerment.

Know you are worthy and deserving of all you choose in the creation of  your new reality, the reality that fulfils you in all ways.

Allowing you to be of service, knowing you are looked after at all times and life's challenges though rough at times are only stepping stones to growing into the real, true you!

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Blooming Inspirational - Where your True Nature Buds Beautifully - Magical Web of Creation

Don't you know it's Magic! That song, along with others, has been playing in my head today! 

Welcome to a day of magic, connecting in with the mystical magical energies of the 7 today! Not only that, it's the 7th day of the 7th month, so double the magic and mystery!! A day to harness all the magic and wisdom that abounds, trusting ones inner wisdom in each and every moment. Getting in touch with our divine self, our God self where indeed magic happens! Allowing the river of unconditional love to flow into our hearts, where our true treasure awaits to be discovered! 

After a wobbly start to the day I knew the medicine of nature would remedy the imbalances in my emotions, so I made the choice to walk in my portal of peace and love. 

I could not walk my usual route as the storms and recent rains had brought down some trees and the path was flooded. I say a special thank you though to the life giving rain as the nature reserve needed some water!

I chose to walk a different way venturing  to another part of the nature reserve. I'm so happy I followed my intuition to do so. A special gift was awaiting me!

Eagle Flight

As I walked along the edge of the lake I could see a bird high up in the sky. I could feel the birds energy pulling me towards it. I reached a point along the shore and stood still. Then I knew I was in the presence of the Eagle! Oh wow! I stood in wonder watching this magnificent bird fly, stopping to rest in the thermal layers of the wind, hovering, then taking flight across the sky, moving with such ease, grace and flow. I stood transfixed, so engrossed, in the moment, time itself shifted, as I moved to another realm. 

Then the most extraordinary thing happened. The Eagle flew hovering a few metres above my head. As I look up, I instantly connect, with the Eagle's eye and soul. The Eagle and I are one! My heart flew open, expanded with huge unconditional love, such a heart opening and I cried tears of joy and love. I was flying with the eagle and I could hear the words of the song Fly like an Eagle into the future ....................................................................................

The wisdom the Eagle shared with me is inner freedom is where true freedom lies, when you connect with your heart, the true compass of Self, there you find the wisdom of creation that knows no bounds, spread your wings across the infinite canvas of your life, embrace the changes that true freedom brings as you let go of the ties that bind, surrender to the infinite skies of Self, where love, peace and joy exist.

As my encounter with the Eagle came to an end, with the Eagle flying off into the distance, I felt a deep resonance in my heart that I know will stay with me for a long time.

Web of Creation

As I began my walk today I also saw a beautiful spider's web. After my encounter with the Eagle I knew I had indeed entered the web of creation, where all creation exists, where the web weaves its magic, mystery and abundance in all its forms can be created. Where we are one with Creation with the All that Is!

The words "I AM rich beyond measure" came into my awareness.

Many people associate abundance with money or material possessions, however, abundance is so much more than that, abundance of health, love, joy, peace, compassion, kindness, beauty and so on. Whatever abundance means to you! I'm not saying there is anything wrong with an abundance of money etc!

So, yes, we are all rich beyond measure if we choose to see, believe in ourselves enough to set our intentions to create those riches. Then the song Magic from the movie Xanadu popped into my head! Believe in Magic, Believe in the magic of You, all of you! It all depends how you view the mirror of Self! Accepting all of you, the good, the bad and the ugly! Loving self unconditionally. Knowing Love is Eternal opens the doors to infinite creation.

Today I was certainly gifted a gem from nature, one that will stay in my heart forever. The treasure of the Eagle. I am so rich with the beauty of  all of life that surrounds me. I have a heart full of gratitude.

We only need to open our heart, see, hear and feel with the heart. As the saying goes the heart will never lead you astray. It will lead you home, a home that is filled with love, joy and beauty, where your gifts of creation can bloom, creating a world where indeed you are rich beyond measure! All you need do is Believe, Trust have Faith that magic is around you, use the wand of Self to create a magical life! Weave the magic of love into your life and notice what happens!

From my Heart to Yours!

Photo credit Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Red Hot Poker

I really enjoy the change of seasons, appreciating the gifts each season has to share so openly with us all. This winter season I bring you the beauty of this beautiful winter flowering plant, the Red Hot Poker!

These flower spikes are so amazing and so vibrant in colour as they rise up toward the sky, a pop of glowing colour in the garden on a winters day. They really do look like pokers one would use to stoke a fire with, burning off all the dross!

Take a moment to notice the colours of these flower - red, orange and yellow representing the colours of the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. The three lower chakras, the ones that ground us to the earth, our passion, creativity, power in our physical existence and the colour cream representing our connection to spirit.

Here is the message the Flower Devas of the Red Hot Poker wish to share with you!

"Rise up, Rise up, move up out of your lower nature, into your heart space, bringing into balance and alignment your lower chakras, purifying mind and emotions, clearing ego concepts.

Merge your lower and higher natures, grounding spirit into the physical, ready to receive the higher frequencies as you raise your levels of consciousness!

Ignite the divine spark within you, ready to stoke your inner fire, light the flame of self, connecting to your higher self, connecting to the purity of the divine."

Open to your creative energy, harness that to empower you along your soul's pathway"

I was also given the affirmation below by the flower devas to use to fire up your true nature!

I now use my inner light, inner fire to stoke and bring to life the power of my passion, where my true essence burns bright, as I create my new reality, bringing my dreams alive, with the light of eternal love and power of Self.

May the beauty of nature in all of its seasons lead you to discover the beauty and love within you!

From my Heart to Yours

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c) 

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Shifting Sands of Change

Another glorious day walking at the swamp and the magic continues to be unveiled!

Lately the Ibis bird has crossed my path in more ways than one! With so many sightings I know these are signs to be taking notice of! I feel it with an inner knowingness. Yesterday was no exception when I came across this Ibis resting on a Melaleuca tree or paperbark tree in the waters of the swamp.

The Ibis represents the Egyptian God Thoth, the God of Alchemy, magic, writing and the master architect. Alchemy is the magical process of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Interestingly the Ibis, which is black and white, sits on the Melaleuca tree, the word Melaleuca comes from the Ancient Greek word melanos meaning black and leukos meaning white. Merging the light and dark, dual aspects of Self, representing the duality and polarity of this earthly existence we live in, as we move beyond this, into the heart of oneness, bringing the darker or ego aspects of self into the light and balance, so there is no separation, we are connected to all of life, living from expressions of truth, love, peace, compassion etc.

Whilst walking along the pathways a dreamscape opened up before me. The visions I had were of 3 golden pyramids and then I saw a sea of shifting golden sands appear, shimmering and moving with great flow and ease. The sands then parted on the pathway and something was being revealed, however, I couldn't see exactly what it was as it wasn't in full form. This indicated to me that it's not time yet for this part of my path to be shown to me. The gold signified to me there is much wisdom to be gained or embraced at this time.

The wind was blowing through the trees, I could hear the leaves rustling the words, "the winds of change are coming, the shifting sea of change, heralding in a golden age of change. Time to create your own path, weaving the alchemical magic of self where a change of gears, will see new opportunities, leading to a magical new life as you embrace the wisdom within."

This is a message for all of us as we walk our paths, opening to our divine missions and life purpose. Every one of us are creative magical beings, capable of weaving the alchemical process of love and light into our lives, transforming us! Watch as your life blossoms like a beautiful flower opening to your own  unique signature frequency.

How can you bring creativity into your life? What excites you? Brings up bubbles of joy. Do you like to paint, draw, sew, cook, garden, write and so the list goes. Unleash the creative spirit within as magic is around us in each and every moment. Tap into your gifts and intuitive nature, feel it, see it, believe it. Start by taking some inspired action each day. One of my favourite sayings is bit by bit I go! Each bit or piece of action you take leads to the creation or completion of a whole project as you build on making your dreams come true! No matter how big or small they are.

Not every sign you come across is a message or "sign" as such, so one needs to be aware to use ones discerning nature to tell the difference! There is no right or wrong message from the signs of nature, only a knowing the message resonates to you and what you are currently experiencing in your life. The message that speaks to your heart. Trust your heart, feel into it. Take note of these feelings and what they convey to you. It is useful to write these down in a journal or book as you may notice a pattern forming which will provide more information and clarity to you.

We are all on our journeys this lifetime, learning, raising our levels of consciousness, awakening to greater aspects of self as we bring into wholeness aspects of our ego nature to find full expression of our true spiritual nature.

The shifting sands of change are asking what alchemical processes are at play in your life to bring forth these changes you'd like to see? What messages does the natural world wish to share with you?How can you embrace magic in your life to facilitate the changes you seek?

Infinite blessings of love to you all!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Everlasting Love - Evolve through Love

As we are nearing the end of the month of June, the sixth month of the year, I felt drawn to write this post. The number six is about Love, unconditional Love, family, marriage, so what better way to round off the month than a post about Love! The daisy is also the Goddess Freya's sacred flower. Freya is the Goddess of Love, beauty and fertility. 

These flowers radiate a vibrancy of love, even though they flower in the spring, I felt they were perfect to express the energies of love, as love is infinite and eternal. It's a time we can also look at the marriage within us. The marriage of the divine feminine and masculine as everyone contains these energies. A time to merge and balance theses energies with unconditional love. A time of reflection looking into the mirror of Self with Love.

I believe these flowers of pink, white and yellow, epitomise everlasting love, reflecting a love that is pure and unconditional! A love that knows no bounds and is free to be given and received without judgement, where our human frailties and vulnerabilities are forgiven and understood. Using the power of love to heal and transform, becoming the fuel that propels one forward along the path of Ascension, drawing on our inner strength, courage, wisdom and belief to become our empowered self, overcoming challenges, obstacles and tests along the way. Overcoming ones fears as where there is love there is no fear.

If you look at the word Love when spelt backwards it becomes EVOL, so we evolve and change through love as it is not an emotion, but a powerful energy we can harness to bring us everlasting love of Self. A love that changes and transforms on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Love evolution leads to soul awakenings!

Love comes in many forms, neither greater or less than the other. It teaches one compassion, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, harmony and peace within and without. It is a journey to the heart, that leads one back to hear and see with heart, connecting one back to our true home within. Where all journeys of self begin and end, the journey we take within our heart space, where our soul reveals answers and solutions to our human experiences. It is a journey to wholeness, where we join pieces of the puzzle, pieces of us, unravelling mysteries of Self and life. Mysteries that can only be revealed as we travel our inner landscapes.

Listen to your physical bodies as physical symptoms are powerful messengers alerting you to imbalances or disharmony. Messages that your soul is not in alignment with who you really are. A sign your soul is sick, a calling to go within your heart space to access the wisdom held there. Listen to the whispers of the heart and the wisdom that it speaks.

Love is infinite and enduring, just as the everlasting flowers die and bloom each season so our love may "die" and bloom again. In "dying" to the old we welcome in new growth to transform our lives to begin the next chapter. No less, no greater, to all parts that have gone before, opening to greater riches in giving and receiving. The volume rises as the heart opens welcoming in new and greater frequencies of light that is Love.

Its brilliance shining like the light of the yellow centre of the Everlasting daisy, sending starbursts of light out into the world. Igniting ones empowered self to shine everlasting love, as that is the greatest gift we can share with not only ourselves but all of humanity.

The everlasting daisy also speaks of a renaissance, discovering the beauty within, which is different for each individual as we all see and experience things differently. Love is awakening to the beauty within and without!

Love is a rainbow, hugging the earth with your feet, joyful laughter, a painted sky, the scent of a rose, a smile, raindrops falling on your face, most of all Love is Love, whatever expression Love means to you.

Love is embracing the purity and innocence of the child within, drawing on the strength of that childhood innocence. What made you laugh, feel joy, feel alive with passion when you were a child?
See through the lense of the child, be childlike, playful, have fun, be carefree! Loving self unconditionally is the start of a great lifelong romance with you!

Embrace your inner child with acceptance, compassion, forgiveness. Honour and believe in your Self. Honour and accept your intuitive nature, your inner nature, your inner world. Mother your inner child with unconditional love. Listen to the messages your inner child wishes to share. Go into the stillness of the heart and hear with heart all the wisdoms your child wishes to share.

These flowers are also called paper daisies because they feel like paper when you touch them! These flowers may appear and feel lightweight, yet there is a strength that belies them, a strength that anchors them to the earth, like the strength of love that anchors one to the heart and to all of life.

Love is the most powerful healing tonic we have available to us and this love allows one to evolve into beautiful love and light filled beings. Love wraps all in its arms of love, infusing one with its divine essence, allowing one to be a divine expression of Self in a world where there can never be enough love!

From my heart to yours with infinite blessings of love and light!

Sunday, 16 June 2019

The Path of the Heart - Opening to the Light of YOU!

I heard the call of the Swamp today, announcing, it was time to reconnect with this sacred place. After the recent winter rains there was a sparkly newness to the land. The scents of the bush, particularly the eucalyptus, was so fresh and invigorating! My senses were so attuned to the vibrancy of nature at the swamp. The birds were heralding in the new light too as they darted and flew from tree to tree.

As I entered this land, I could feel my heart opening with gratitude, expanding with a sense of joy and a feeling of being connected to nature in a way I have not experienced before. I sensed the new energies vibrating around me, my own energy had changed too, so I was connecting from a new vibration, seeing and sensing things from a different place and space. I was feeling the waves of unconditional love with everything and I felt so alive as the love flowed. The waters of the swamp gently reflecting ripples of love out as there was such stillness and peace in this place today.

I felt I was seeing this special place for the first time, noticing changes everywhere, seeing and feeling the new as I was seeing the new in me. As we do when we go through spiritual shifts, awakenings that allow one to see, hear and feel with new perspectives on life. No longer bound by the past, by our lower natures or ego minds, letting go of our stuff! Undergoing a cleansing, like when it rains it cleanses and refreshes the earth washing away the old, putting a new shine or light on things.

New Pathways

Walking along I noticed the pathways had undergone maintenance, they looked different, clearer, more defined, smoother and luminous! Just as we refine and upgrade our own path in life when we shine new light on ourselves, clearing the obstacles within! Our paths may appear to contain perceived obstacles that we have trouble removing, however when we change how we look or feel about things then that shift alone enables one to see possible solutions and be open to receive what is deservedly ours. Raising our vibration so we feel and see with our intuitive minds and hearts means we can move beyond perceived limitations or resistance opening to greater light of self.

The pathways also represented to me our pathway to source. Yes there was a definite luminosity to them reminding me of keeping our own central column (chakras) clear. Our chakras are our pathway to divine connection, our ladder of consciousness, and so it is important to keep these balanced, clear, and healthy, along with our auric field, ensuring we are grounded to earth as we travel along our pathway of Ascension.

Brilliant sun shone down on me filling my body with light. As it entered through my crown, the light spiralling and moving down through my chakras, cleansing and clearing, I saw the light travel out through my feet and base chakra, flowing down deep into the core of Mother Earth. Such a beautiful, simple way to work with the sunlight to cleanse and ground ones energies, connecting to the energies of nature. My heart was singing with all the beauty around me, igniting beautiful spaces within and expanding my heart out further.

Seeing with new perspectives allows us to open our hearts to love, to new possibilities in life, leading to new opportunities to follow or enabling one to make choices aligned with our true natures, our souls calling with joy. Following the path of the heart allows one to dive deep into those recesses of the heart discovering, bringing to light those aspects of self we choose to set free. Learning to embrace all aspects of Self with Love.

Realising when we bring those aspects to the light and really look at them with new eyes. Eyes of understanding, without judgement, coming from a place of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for self we can then let go, surrendering reaching a place of acceptance with who we truly are. Where we open to all of love, ready to receive all of life.

Connecting with one of my special trees which had lost a big branch in a winter storm last year is always a joy. This tree is old and perhaps one would say not beautiful due to missing branches, a gnarly trunk, misshapen branches, creating a "deformed" appearance. However I only see the beauty of the tree, one that is strong, resilient to weathering the storms of the seasons, holding the light of the sun in its leaves and a wisdom that shines bright. As the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

My eye was naturally drawn to the wound where the branch had fallen from last year. It was now healed and new growth sprouting forth on this beautiful tree. Then I heard the tree speak "Heal from your wounds, new growth will move you along the path of life, the path of the soul, the path of the Heart, remember beauty and love is always within you"

I love walking at my special time of day, the late afternoon or the gloaming! That in-between time as the light moves to dusk before the night sky descends beckoning mysteries to be revealed in our dreams, yet to be dreamed!
Retrieving wisdom from places we are yet to discover within the heart of Self where true alchemy lies, where our true essence, our brightest heart light glows out becoming a beacon of pure light.

Walking the pathway of the Heart is a homecoming to the true magic of you that has always been inside you! The Light and love within!

Infinite blessings and love to you all!