Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rainbows a Call to our Soul

Double Rainbow
Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

On a wet Wednesday I heard my Mum call out, not in alarm, rather an exclamation of joy.  I wondered what could have produced such a sound when I heard her say, quick, come make a wish. Ah, then I knew she was in the presence of a rainbow. Indeed the rainbow was a beautiful sight to behold, more so, because there were 2 spectacular rainbows, a double rainbow, shoring up the sky. Nature was bestowing a very special gift, inviting us in to taste her beauty, something we were clearly meant to witness. This double rainbow was so vibrant and strong in colour it was mesmerizing. I had never seen one with this intensity of colour.

We stood suspended in time, captured and raptured by the rainbow’s divine essence. I thought to myself this would make a fantastic photo and then quickly realized that moments like these aren’t meant to be “captured” for it was a blessing to be witnessing such beauty and sharing this with my Mum at a time when Rainbow wishes were so very special and needed.

I love the serendipitous nature of life where moments like these present themselves to be cherished. Simple joys in life like a rainbow, bring priceless memories when shared with someone you love, who also values such moments too. It is important to cherish the beauty of nature for the messages of love and hope that are conveyed. 

What beauty are you going to chance upon in the world today? Life is full of beautiful moments that awaken our soul to feel more love and gratitude in our hearts. I always feel so blessed when it rains, as there is always the potential for a special gift of a rainbow, nature’s kiss, a smile in the sky that speaks so eloquently to us.

When I hear the song "Rainbow Connection" it immediately brings up a vision of a rainbow. This song reminds me that we are all dreamers with colourful imaginations waiting to tap into our creativity and come alive with our unique gifts. Imagine how much joy these can bring not just to our selves but also to the rest of the world. Unleash the creative maestro in you and develop your own Rainbow connection to your heart and awaken your soul to the treasures within. Your soul contains treasures that are priceless and rare that no flawless diamond or other gemstone will ever match. The rainbow's treasure is not the pot of gold rather the priceless gifts you have discovered about yourself, others and humanity. 

A rainbow is so much more than a rainbow. It is a vision of healing allowing us to form deeper relationships with our selves and nature. The seven rays of the rainbow relate to the seven chakras of the body; Red-Base; Orange-Sacral; Yellow-Solar Plexus; Green-Heart; Blue-Throat; Indigo-Brow; Purple-Crown. Just by viewing a rainbow we can balance our chakras. It is these connections that sustains us and nourishes our spirit, particularly in times when we are stressed, suffering emotional upheaval in our lives, physical pain, injury, dis-ease, when our soul is sick crying out to be heard, when our heart is empty of love and life feels like it has no purpose.  We become robotic going through the motions of life without feeling any emotion toward anything or anyone. Least of all our connection to our inner world. It is about moving out of the head and into the heart, not allowing our ego to rule, being humble in our expression of self and humanity.

Rainbows enable us to smile and awaken our inner joy, our childlike rapture comes out to play as we once again connect with the child within. We may wish the joy to be never ending, like a child in a lolly shop for the very first time! It is so filled with wonder, the playful, fun loving, curious child within is released to see with new eyes the world and discover new pathways to the soul. What we choose to allow ourselves to awaken to is indeed a priceless gift.

I believe Rainbows can be a call to our soul, signalling infinite possibilities as we begin walking our spiritual paths, discovering and exploring the mysteries of life, journeying into the unknown, believing in the potential of our dreams to come true and inspiring others to follow and believe their dreams too!

What do Rainbows mean to You?

From My Heart to Yours

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Pink Bottlebrush

Pink Bottlebrush, Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia
Photo by Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

"Now is the time for great cleansing and we are not talking about just the clutter from your physical environment!
It is such an important time to weed and remove all debris from your inner garden, cleansing and clearing that which no longer serves you anymore, old patterns of behaviour, limiting thoughts that self sabotage, habits that are no longer in keeping with the new garden of your life.

We remind you that all these things be attended to with the utmost love as you cleanse and clear, bringing in greater volumes of light, for it is both the light and love that will facilitate the greatest healing as you move forward on to the next chapter of your journey. This is such an important time in Humanity's evolution and in each Soul's evolution that we invite you to work with our divine essence to assist you through this process of cleansing debris from all bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, realigning each to vibrate at higher levels of consciousness, bringing greater freedom to access your divine nature."

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spring a Time to Blossom

Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia

"Spring is the time of plans and projects"
Leo Tolstoy - Anna Karenina

Spring has arrived in all her beauty! She has sprung with colourful flowers, budding trees of green, busy insects and birds singing their songs of joy, heralding the newness of life filled with wonder, joy, love and peace.

For we have entered the season of renewal and rebirth after our winter hibernation to restore and nurture our body, mind and spirit. Now is the time to unfurl your budding new growth and allow your gifts and talents to blossom in the world. Take new pathways, create new adventures, begin new projects, make plans with flexibility and intuitiveness, explore your inner world with a new compass,  reflecting all this in a new reality fully expressing your greatness.

Nurture the seeds of new growth in your projects, relationships, work, creativity, hobbies, adventures, dreams and a new way of living, letting go of all that is no longer required as you walk your path of Mastery. Bring the sunshine of your light and love, watch the blossoms of your life bloom in a myriad of ways, replete with colour, shape, texture, sound and aroma. Come breathe in your new life and see it unfold before the eyes of your soul. Create a solid foundation of self putting roots down anchoring to the earth, branching out to the heavens, then bringing heaven back to ground in the earth.

This is also the season of creation, building new gardens flowering with infinite possibilities, farming new landscapes, exploring unknown terrain, taking those leaps of faith with courage, climbing new mountains with purpose, being in the moment of the day and allowing life to flow with ease and grace like a peaceful river wending its way from its source as it flows and becomes one with the sea. Trusting all is as it should be.

Its a time to sing your own song and follow your heart on your own sacred journey. Honour the divine feminine and masculine within. Embrace the freedom of living each day anew, welcoming with a grateful heart all of earth's bounty, for we are truly blessed with the simple gifts of life, so priceless you cherish, protect and respect them. This is Spring personified, all is revitalised and energised as buds unfurl like eyes opening and seeing for the first time, blinking in an expansive energy of light and love to then share with the universe. 

Embrace the patience of the snail as it moves to create silvery new pathways working with the energies of Mother Nature. Listen to her voice and heed her wisdoms. Tune in to the cycles of the seasons. There is much to learn about the creation of new growth, new worlds, new life. When you nurture, love, retrain, feed and water the garden within, your heart and soul flourish blooming in all their magnificence. You become a necessary participant in an assorted, sweet, colourful and beautiful bouquet of humanity, vibrating with peace, joy, love and compassion.

From my heart to yours

Wildflower photo by Kim Wrightson Photography
Snail photo: Humanity Healing

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Geranium

"Create the foundation of your new self with unconditional love and self-forgiveness, taking these to the deepest core of your soul. Be like our petals which fan out from a series of compact buds, blooming with the deepest knowing of who we are. Each of our petals represents an aspect of your blossoming self, a part of you that has come out of the darkness and into the light, representative of your new phase of growth. 

It is time to come into harmonious balance with the divine essence of your soul, as this is where the true heart of you resides. Each moment you are in creation of Self so remember to please do this with passion for there are many forms of self-expression."

Breathe in the divine essence of Geranium to balance and restore your physical body and strengthen your auric field.

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

Photos by Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Flower: Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

"All your Yesterdays hold the keys of wisdom and in all your Tomorrows you hold the keys of your dreams. We ask you to bring the keys of both into the Now Moments of each day. With positive thought and action plant the key seeds of Today, so that all your Tomorrows bloom with the coloured petals of your dreams, manifested in physical reality.

We ask you to remember Today is always the most fertile place to plant the seeds of dreams for they require hard work, dedication, love and a nurturing heart to grow them into fulfilled dreams of Tomorrow"

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

Photo by Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

The Heart of Self

Looking into your own heart and soul for what needs to be healed and the answers you seek, is the beginning of a wonderful, life long, loving relationship with self. For the love of Self is the one true relationship you will ever have and ultimately is the most important, as it underpins, influences and determines the quality of relationships you have with others.

Yes, there may be many challenges, particularly when we encounter our Shadow Self, ups and downs and at times pain like your heart is breaking, tears pouring forth as emotions are released, even separation in this relationship and balancing the masculine and feminine aspects. When you choose to rise above all of this, take the learnings, understandings and awareness, one is left with the priceless gift of a healed and whole heart, fully able to express and receive joy, love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness in all its glory and shining your loving light for all who choose to see it. 

Our relationship with self is like the journey of a plant as it germinates from a seed, pushing upwards through the darkness and the earth of the Mother, breaking through the surface of the ground, anchoring its new home. The plant's journey has been nourished by Mother Earth and despite any challenges in growth, it overcomes these obstacles, sending a green shoot upwards drinking in the life giving rays of the Sun, as it gently pokes new growth out into the world. As the plant continues its journey of growth, seeker of light, sprouting in all directions, it becomes the truth of its own beauty and love for all to see.

The final part of this growth cycle occurs when the plant blooms in all its magnificence with a beautiful bounty of flowers. The plant has fulfilled its purpose with its beauty and love revealed, becoming one with everything. Once again the death, rebirth process begins with the fading of the flowers, pollinated by bees and seeds scattered become the opportunity for new growth and the cycle of plant life continues. 

Each time we go through the death/rebirth process we heal our heart based self,   beginning again with new growth, awareness, understanding and new life of self. This does not mean we experience a  physical death only a death of those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us, old emotions, patterns of behaviour and so forth. This allows ourselves to continually branch out into the world, choosing new directions and pathways of growth, as we peel back the continual layers of the heart until we reach the core of who we are, shining our hearts full of love and beauty like the plant's flowers shine out their love and beauty.

The choice then becomes a simple one to nurture and develop this special relationship, like that of a plant and its flower. What reason is there not to create your Magnificent Self in all your glory of being, and  then share it with the World. This becomes a true gift from the Heart and what better gift to humanity could there be, as all of nature is, bringing us into the heart of Oneness. 

From my Heart to Yours 

Artist: Unknown

International Peace Day

Today is International Peace Day, so lets hold the white rose of peace, with all its purity and grace in our hearts. Allow the energy of the rose to meet the energies of our light and love. Like a flower bud unfurling its petals, blossoming into its magnificence, sharing all its beauty, peace and love, send out these peaceful loving rays of energies, from your heart space to all of humanity. For peace and love are the infinite pathways we walk as we become One with All 

From my Heart to yours 


Monday, 22 July 2013

The Gloaming Heart

Towards the end of June I spent a week in a very special place called Dongara, Western Australia. It was late afternoon on my last day when I went for a walk together with the dear friend I had spent my stay with. The walk took in the foreshore area of the beachfront, including the area around the Lighthouse at a special time of day for me.

Dusk or as some call it the “Gloaming” is such a magical time of day to be outside. It’s that in between time where the day draws to an end before sunset and then nightfall. It gives the sense of being in some kind of twilight zone where magic is present and the light dances to a different tune in the soul.  Where we can simply be an expression of our heart centred self and feel love, wonder, joy, passion, courage, faith, patience, peace, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance to all things.

My heart felt like it was gloaming with the energies and beauty absorbed from a most magical time of day, in a place where heaven meets earth and the grace of Mother Earth is ever present. Each of us has a special time of day we are naturally in tune with our heart and soul. That time for me is dusk or what I prefer to call the Gloaming.

With love and peace in our hearts, together with all the other heart aspects as mentioned above, we hold the energy of what I term the Gloaming Heart. This can be accessed when one connects from the heart with the beauty and life affirming energies of nature at a special time of day. Beauty is found everywhere so it is important to engage with the natural environment completely being in the moment as the experience unfolds. Surrender to the process, be in the moment and you will be amazed at what your heart feels and sees. In the stillness answers will come and wisdom seeps into your soul.

The late afternoon light “gloamed” with an intensity that encompassed everything, creating a mesmerizing and hypnotic effect. My senses became heightened feeling the breeze on my face, hearing the roar of the ocean, the light of the sun enter my soul, the taste of sea air in my mouth, and a blue sky crazed with white fluffy clouds floating past my eyes. The setting sun was complete in hues of yellow, hints of orange and clear rays of white light crossing the sky as the sun slowly slid beneath the horizon. This sensory show sent a clear message to create an empowered life with joy, love, grace and the purity of soul.

As I took in the beauty around me I wished that I had my camera to capture these moments, however I knew they were already captured in my heart, placed in safe storage ready to be accessed whenever I chose to. My heart expanded with this awareness, leading me further into a gentle meditative state as I continued to walk.

This meditative walk connected me irreverently to the energies of the land, ocean, sky and the magnificence of the sunlight beaming its rays everywhere, bringing me into a state of oneness with my heart and soul to a level I had not previously experienced. It felt like everything and nothing existed and time was suspended. I was completely in the moment connecting my heart space to the beauty of nature and just being. I found peace and love within me because I took my heart on a walk through the gloaming. Remembering the beauty within myself and becoming one with the beauty of the world sending ripples of love and peace from my heart out to humanity.

It was in these moments I was reminded the simplicity of life contains the greatest gifts, offering us deep peace within, remembering the beauty of who we truly are, connecting to our divine essence, and most of all Love, for it is expressed everywhere and through everything.

It is also mastering the ability to hold deep peace within our heart space at all times, irrespective of the chaos and disharmony that may be going on around us. Becoming vitally important to clear any chaos or disharmony that resides within ones self. Easier said than done in a world where we can be challenged daily to keep our hearts open and stay centred amid our life lessons. This requires patience, determination, commitment and awareness to make the necessary changes to embrace the qualities of our heart centred self. The rewards though far outweigh the effort required.

For there is no separation, we are interconnected to the web of all life and the vibration we send out effects the vibration of the whole planet and universe. When we raise our levels of consciousness so too the levels of consciousness of Mother Earth and humanity are raised. This way we are not only evolving ourselves but also contributing to the evolution of the planet and humanity.

At the conclusion of the walk an incredible amount of joy and gratitude came over me, as we sat and ate fish and chips, continuing to watch nature’s slideshow of beauty, as the night sky turned ink blue and twinkling stars appeared. A night that now held the promise of dreams to come followed by the dawning of a new day, with infinite possibilities and another Gloaming Heart.

When our hearts are truly Gloaming with oneness, our soul is awakened to the beauty within and we are on the pathway to Love and Self-Mastery. We are aligned with the truth of who we really are. Our sense of belonging in the world is no longer in question and we are destined to make a positive difference to all of humanity.

In light and love from my heart to yours


Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Inner War - Persecution by the Parasites

My healing journey has taken me on many twists and turns as I've navigated the many insights received to heal myself on all levels, bodies, lifetimes and dimensions. A common theme during this process has been persecution. I have carried this through many life times and again in this lifetime. In this lifetime it is not people who have persecuted me it is parasites, which I shall call the invaders, the enemy to be driven from the physical body! However this journey is so much more than about the physical body. It is a spiritual journey of healing through love.

The immune system is the body’s first line of defence and when it is compromised for whatever reason, the body can then be invaded. My body’s defences had obviously been low so this had allowed the parasites to invade and so a battle raged within me.  When there is love there is peace and there can be no battle or war.

On one occasion while I was meditating I discovered that my immune system did not feel safe. I thought why does my immune system not feel safe. I tuned into this feeling and came to realize that my body does not trust me to heal it and this had then become a block to my healing process. The immune system is then in a vulnerable state thereby allowing anything in. I talked to my immune system saying that I would now create an environment for it to feel safe and no longer feel unsafe from past experiences where I had become disempowered, punished and persecuted. 

It was a case of letting my immune system know that it can trust me to heal and by having the strength and courage to embrace my divine self and love myself for who I am. My body can then feel balance and peace again and is strong enough to destroy the invader. A fully healed and functioning immune system allows the good things to be kept in the body and the unwanted things don’t have a chance to get past the body’s walls of defence. This creates an environment where the body can function to its full potential and maintain homeostasis. When the physical body is strong then we are able to fully ground our spiritual gifts and reach our true potential.

I would also like to share one of my healing experiences. I was lying in bed and before I went to sleep I set the intention of healing to clear the parasites from my physical body. Within seconds of asking, through my crown chakra began to flood LUXOR light symbols of varying sizes. These symbols flowed into and filled my heart space and from there they flowed out and filled my cells, bloodstream, organs every part of my body with love, healing and protection. The very things that LUXOR Light stands for as it is a powerful healing energy frequency that I work with. I could feel the army of invaders starting to disappear and my body rapidly humming as the clearing process began and I could feel change occurring on a physical level. I have completed this particular process a number of times and each time the process becomes more refined. I can feel my body clearing more and more and coming into a state of peace and harmony.

Another realisation I had during my healing process was that of self-love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, universally and divinely then there is no longer any need for self-judgement and self punishment which means we are able to fully accept and embrace our divine self and can reflect that out to the world. Once we love our whole self then we no longer allow anyone or anything to take our love, power and beauty away. Where there is love then fear cannot reside so love does conquer everything when our bodies are fully expressing love’s all encompassing ways.

When we are no longer fearful of becoming our real selves, we can truly embrace our divine essence and the truth of who we are, sharing our experiences with others to awaken them to the beauty of love and life.