Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Inner War - Persecution by the Parasites

My healing journey has taken me on many twists and turns as I've navigated the many insights received to heal myself on all levels, bodies, lifetimes and dimensions. A common theme during this process has been persecution. I have carried this through many life times and again in this lifetime. In this lifetime it is not people who have persecuted me it is parasites, which I shall call the invaders, the enemy to be driven from the physical body! However this journey is so much more than about the physical body. It is a spiritual journey of healing through love.

The immune system is the body’s first line of defence and when it is compromised for whatever reason, the body can then be invaded. My body’s defences had obviously been low so this had allowed the parasites to invade and so a battle raged within me.  When there is love there is peace and there can be no battle or war.

On one occasion while I was meditating I discovered that my immune system did not feel safe. I thought why does my immune system not feel safe. I tuned into this feeling and came to realize that my body does not trust me to heal it and this had then become a block to my healing process. The immune system is then in a vulnerable state thereby allowing anything in. I talked to my immune system saying that I would now create an environment for it to feel safe and no longer feel unsafe from past experiences where I had become disempowered, punished and persecuted. 

It was a case of letting my immune system know that it can trust me to heal and by having the strength and courage to embrace my divine self and love myself for who I am. My body can then feel balance and peace again and is strong enough to destroy the invader. A fully healed and functioning immune system allows the good things to be kept in the body and the unwanted things don’t have a chance to get past the body’s walls of defence. This creates an environment where the body can function to its full potential and maintain homeostasis. When the physical body is strong then we are able to fully ground our spiritual gifts and reach our true potential.

I would also like to share one of my healing experiences. I was lying in bed and before I went to sleep I set the intention of healing to clear the parasites from my physical body. Within seconds of asking, through my crown chakra began to flood LUXOR light symbols of varying sizes. These symbols flowed into and filled my heart space and from there they flowed out and filled my cells, bloodstream, organs every part of my body with love, healing and protection. The very things that LUXOR Light stands for as it is a powerful healing energy frequency that I work with. I could feel the army of invaders starting to disappear and my body rapidly humming as the clearing process began and I could feel change occurring on a physical level. I have completed this particular process a number of times and each time the process becomes more refined. I can feel my body clearing more and more and coming into a state of peace and harmony.

Another realisation I had during my healing process was that of self-love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, universally and divinely then there is no longer any need for self-judgement and self punishment which means we are able to fully accept and embrace our divine self and can reflect that out to the world. Once we love our whole self then we no longer allow anyone or anything to take our love, power and beauty away. Where there is love then fear cannot reside so love does conquer everything when our bodies are fully expressing love’s all encompassing ways.

When we are no longer fearful of becoming our real selves, we can truly embrace our divine essence and the truth of who we are, sharing our experiences with others to awaken them to the beauty of love and life.