Monday, 22 July 2013

The Gloaming Heart

Towards the end of June I spent a week in a very special place called Dongara, Western Australia. It was late afternoon on my last day when I went for a walk together with the dear friend I had spent my stay with. The walk took in the foreshore area of the beachfront, including the area around the Lighthouse at a special time of day for me.

Dusk or as some call it the “Gloaming” is such a magical time of day to be outside. It’s that in between time where the day draws to an end before sunset and then nightfall. It gives the sense of being in some kind of twilight zone where magic is present and the light dances to a different tune in the soul.  Where we can simply be an expression of our heart centred self and feel love, wonder, joy, passion, courage, faith, patience, peace, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance to all things.

My heart felt like it was gloaming with the energies and beauty absorbed from a most magical time of day, in a place where heaven meets earth and the grace of Mother Earth is ever present. Each of us has a special time of day we are naturally in tune with our heart and soul. That time for me is dusk or what I prefer to call the Gloaming.

With love and peace in our hearts, together with all the other heart aspects as mentioned above, we hold the energy of what I term the Gloaming Heart. This can be accessed when one connects from the heart with the beauty and life affirming energies of nature at a special time of day. Beauty is found everywhere so it is important to engage with the natural environment completely being in the moment as the experience unfolds. Surrender to the process, be in the moment and you will be amazed at what your heart feels and sees. In the stillness answers will come and wisdom seeps into your soul.

The late afternoon light “gloamed” with an intensity that encompassed everything, creating a mesmerizing and hypnotic effect. My senses became heightened feeling the breeze on my face, hearing the roar of the ocean, the light of the sun enter my soul, the taste of sea air in my mouth, and a blue sky crazed with white fluffy clouds floating past my eyes. The setting sun was complete in hues of yellow, hints of orange and clear rays of white light crossing the sky as the sun slowly slid beneath the horizon. This sensory show sent a clear message to create an empowered life with joy, love, grace and the purity of soul.

As I took in the beauty around me I wished that I had my camera to capture these moments, however I knew they were already captured in my heart, placed in safe storage ready to be accessed whenever I chose to. My heart expanded with this awareness, leading me further into a gentle meditative state as I continued to walk.

This meditative walk connected me irreverently to the energies of the land, ocean, sky and the magnificence of the sunlight beaming its rays everywhere, bringing me into a state of oneness with my heart and soul to a level I had not previously experienced. It felt like everything and nothing existed and time was suspended. I was completely in the moment connecting my heart space to the beauty of nature and just being. I found peace and love within me because I took my heart on a walk through the gloaming. Remembering the beauty within myself and becoming one with the beauty of the world sending ripples of love and peace from my heart out to humanity.

It was in these moments I was reminded the simplicity of life contains the greatest gifts, offering us deep peace within, remembering the beauty of who we truly are, connecting to our divine essence, and most of all Love, for it is expressed everywhere and through everything.

It is also mastering the ability to hold deep peace within our heart space at all times, irrespective of the chaos and disharmony that may be going on around us. Becoming vitally important to clear any chaos or disharmony that resides within ones self. Easier said than done in a world where we can be challenged daily to keep our hearts open and stay centred amid our life lessons. This requires patience, determination, commitment and awareness to make the necessary changes to embrace the qualities of our heart centred self. The rewards though far outweigh the effort required.

For there is no separation, we are interconnected to the web of all life and the vibration we send out effects the vibration of the whole planet and universe. When we raise our levels of consciousness so too the levels of consciousness of Mother Earth and humanity are raised. This way we are not only evolving ourselves but also contributing to the evolution of the planet and humanity.

At the conclusion of the walk an incredible amount of joy and gratitude came over me, as we sat and ate fish and chips, continuing to watch nature’s slideshow of beauty, as the night sky turned ink blue and twinkling stars appeared. A night that now held the promise of dreams to come followed by the dawning of a new day, with infinite possibilities and another Gloaming Heart.

When our hearts are truly Gloaming with oneness, our soul is awakened to the beauty within and we are on the pathway to Love and Self-Mastery. We are aligned with the truth of who we really are. Our sense of belonging in the world is no longer in question and we are destined to make a positive difference to all of humanity.

In light and love from my heart to yours