Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Heart of Self

Looking into your own heart and soul for what needs to be healed and the answers you seek, is the beginning of a wonderful, life long, loving relationship with self. For the love of Self is the one true relationship you will ever have and ultimately is the most important, as it underpins, influences and determines the quality of relationships you have with others.

Yes, there may be many challenges, particularly when we encounter our Shadow Self, ups and downs and at times pain like your heart is breaking, tears pouring forth as emotions are released, even separation in this relationship and balancing the masculine and feminine aspects. When you choose to rise above all of this, take the learnings, understandings and awareness, one is left with the priceless gift of a healed and whole heart, fully able to express and receive joy, love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness in all its glory and shining your loving light for all who choose to see it. 

Our relationship with self is like the journey of a plant as it germinates from a seed, pushing upwards through the darkness and the earth of the Mother, breaking through the surface of the ground, anchoring its new home. The plant's journey has been nourished by Mother Earth and despite any challenges in growth, it overcomes these obstacles, sending a green shoot upwards drinking in the life giving rays of the Sun, as it gently pokes new growth out into the world. As the plant continues its journey of growth, seeker of light, sprouting in all directions, it becomes the truth of its own beauty and love for all to see.

The final part of this growth cycle occurs when the plant blooms in all its magnificence with a beautiful bounty of flowers. The plant has fulfilled its purpose with its beauty and love revealed, becoming one with everything. Once again the death, rebirth process begins with the fading of the flowers, pollinated by bees and seeds scattered become the opportunity for new growth and the cycle of plant life continues. 

Each time we go through the death/rebirth process we heal our heart based self,   beginning again with new growth, awareness, understanding and new life of self. This does not mean we experience a  physical death only a death of those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us, old emotions, patterns of behaviour and so forth. This allows ourselves to continually branch out into the world, choosing new directions and pathways of growth, as we peel back the continual layers of the heart until we reach the core of who we are, shining our hearts full of love and beauty like the plant's flowers shine out their love and beauty.

The choice then becomes a simple one to nurture and develop this special relationship, like that of a plant and its flower. What reason is there not to create your Magnificent Self in all your glory of being, and  then share it with the World. This becomes a true gift from the Heart and what better gift to humanity could there be, as all of nature is, bringing us into the heart of Oneness. 

From my Heart to Yours 

Artist: Unknown

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