Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spring a Time to Blossom

Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia

"Spring is the time of plans and projects"
Leo Tolstoy - Anna Karenina

Spring has arrived in all her beauty! She has sprung with colourful flowers, budding trees of green, busy insects and birds singing their songs of joy, heralding the newness of life filled with wonder, joy, love and peace.

For we have entered the season of renewal and rebirth after our winter hibernation to restore and nurture our body, mind and spirit. Now is the time to unfurl your budding new growth and allow your gifts and talents to blossom in the world. Take new pathways, create new adventures, begin new projects, make plans with flexibility and intuitiveness, explore your inner world with a new compass,  reflecting all this in a new reality fully expressing your greatness.

Nurture the seeds of new growth in your projects, relationships, work, creativity, hobbies, adventures, dreams and a new way of living, letting go of all that is no longer required as you walk your path of Mastery. Bring the sunshine of your light and love, watch the blossoms of your life bloom in a myriad of ways, replete with colour, shape, texture, sound and aroma. Come breathe in your new life and see it unfold before the eyes of your soul. Create a solid foundation of self putting roots down anchoring to the earth, branching out to the heavens, then bringing heaven back to ground in the earth.

This is also the season of creation, building new gardens flowering with infinite possibilities, farming new landscapes, exploring unknown terrain, taking those leaps of faith with courage, climbing new mountains with purpose, being in the moment of the day and allowing life to flow with ease and grace like a peaceful river wending its way from its source as it flows and becomes one with the sea. Trusting all is as it should be.

Its a time to sing your own song and follow your heart on your own sacred journey. Honour the divine feminine and masculine within. Embrace the freedom of living each day anew, welcoming with a grateful heart all of earth's bounty, for we are truly blessed with the simple gifts of life, so priceless you cherish, protect and respect them. This is Spring personified, all is revitalised and energised as buds unfurl like eyes opening and seeing for the first time, blinking in an expansive energy of light and love to then share with the universe. 

Embrace the patience of the snail as it moves to create silvery new pathways working with the energies of Mother Nature. Listen to her voice and heed her wisdoms. Tune in to the cycles of the seasons. There is much to learn about the creation of new growth, new worlds, new life. When you nurture, love, retrain, feed and water the garden within, your heart and soul flourish blooming in all their magnificence. You become a necessary participant in an assorted, sweet, colourful and beautiful bouquet of humanity, vibrating with peace, joy, love and compassion.

From my heart to yours

Wildflower photo by Kim Wrightson Photography
Snail photo: Humanity Healing

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Geranium

"Create the foundation of your new self with unconditional love and self-forgiveness, taking these to the deepest core of your soul. Be like our petals which fan out from a series of compact buds, blooming with the deepest knowing of who we are. Each of our petals represents an aspect of your blossoming self, a part of you that has come out of the darkness and into the light, representative of your new phase of growth. 

It is time to come into harmonious balance with the divine essence of your soul, as this is where the true heart of you resides. Each moment you are in creation of Self so remember to please do this with passion for there are many forms of self-expression."

Breathe in the divine essence of Geranium to balance and restore your physical body and strengthen your auric field.

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

Photos by Kim Wrightson Photography (c)