Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rainbows a Call to our Soul

Double Rainbow
Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

On a wet Wednesday I heard my Mum call out, not in alarm, rather an exclamation of joy.  I wondered what could have produced such a sound when I heard her say, quick, come make a wish. Ah, then I knew she was in the presence of a rainbow. Indeed the rainbow was a beautiful sight to behold, more so, because there were 2 spectacular rainbows, a double rainbow, shoring up the sky. Nature was bestowing a very special gift, inviting us in to taste her beauty, something we were clearly meant to witness. This double rainbow was so vibrant and strong in colour it was mesmerizing. I had never seen one with this intensity of colour.

We stood suspended in time, captured and raptured by the rainbow’s divine essence. I thought to myself this would make a fantastic photo and then quickly realized that moments like these aren’t meant to be “captured” for it was a blessing to be witnessing such beauty and sharing this with my Mum at a time when Rainbow wishes were so very special and needed.

I love the serendipitous nature of life where moments like these present themselves to be cherished. Simple joys in life like a rainbow, bring priceless memories when shared with someone you love, who also values such moments too. It is important to cherish the beauty of nature for the messages of love and hope that are conveyed. 

What beauty are you going to chance upon in the world today? Life is full of beautiful moments that awaken our soul to feel more love and gratitude in our hearts. I always feel so blessed when it rains, as there is always the potential for a special gift of a rainbow, nature’s kiss, a smile in the sky that speaks so eloquently to us.

When I hear the song "Rainbow Connection" it immediately brings up a vision of a rainbow. This song reminds me that we are all dreamers with colourful imaginations waiting to tap into our creativity and come alive with our unique gifts. Imagine how much joy these can bring not just to our selves but also to the rest of the world. Unleash the creative maestro in you and develop your own Rainbow connection to your heart and awaken your soul to the treasures within. Your soul contains treasures that are priceless and rare that no flawless diamond or other gemstone will ever match. The rainbow's treasure is not the pot of gold rather the priceless gifts you have discovered about yourself, others and humanity. 

A rainbow is so much more than a rainbow. It is a vision of healing allowing us to form deeper relationships with our selves and nature. The seven rays of the rainbow relate to the seven chakras of the body; Red-Base; Orange-Sacral; Yellow-Solar Plexus; Green-Heart; Blue-Throat; Indigo-Brow; Purple-Crown. Just by viewing a rainbow we can balance our chakras. It is these connections that sustains us and nourishes our spirit, particularly in times when we are stressed, suffering emotional upheaval in our lives, physical pain, injury, dis-ease, when our soul is sick crying out to be heard, when our heart is empty of love and life feels like it has no purpose.  We become robotic going through the motions of life without feeling any emotion toward anything or anyone. Least of all our connection to our inner world. It is about moving out of the head and into the heart, not allowing our ego to rule, being humble in our expression of self and humanity.

Rainbows enable us to smile and awaken our inner joy, our childlike rapture comes out to play as we once again connect with the child within. We may wish the joy to be never ending, like a child in a lolly shop for the very first time! It is so filled with wonder, the playful, fun loving, curious child within is released to see with new eyes the world and discover new pathways to the soul. What we choose to allow ourselves to awaken to is indeed a priceless gift.

I believe Rainbows can be a call to our soul, signalling infinite possibilities as we begin walking our spiritual paths, discovering and exploring the mysteries of life, journeying into the unknown, believing in the potential of our dreams to come true and inspiring others to follow and believe their dreams too!

What do Rainbows mean to You?

From My Heart to Yours

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Pink Bottlebrush

Pink Bottlebrush, Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia
Photo by Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

"Now is the time for great cleansing and we are not talking about just the clutter from your physical environment!
It is such an important time to weed and remove all debris from your inner garden, cleansing and clearing that which no longer serves you anymore, old patterns of behaviour, limiting thoughts that self sabotage, habits that are no longer in keeping with the new garden of your life.

We remind you that all these things be attended to with the utmost love as you cleanse and clear, bringing in greater volumes of light, for it is both the light and love that will facilitate the greatest healing as you move forward on to the next chapter of your journey. This is such an important time in Humanity's evolution and in each Soul's evolution that we invite you to work with our divine essence to assist you through this process of cleansing debris from all bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, realigning each to vibrate at higher levels of consciousness, bringing greater freedom to access your divine nature."

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings