Saturday, 18 October 2014

Swamp Walk with Gratitude

Ibis Bird gathering at Beenyup Swamp Nature Reserve, Woodvale, Western Australia
Kim Wrightson Photography ©

On the afternoon of 27th July I decided to take a walk down to Beenyup Swamp Nature Reserve, which is situated about 15 minutes from my home. It is set in a beautiful nature reserve and for this to be right on my doorstep I am truly blessed. This is such a delicious slice of nature and as I walked along the pathway I was being welcomed back again into a very sacred piece of land, that is indeed magical, the energy swirling around me, inviting me in. I could hear the tree spirits speaking gently to me as I had not been here for quite some time. They had missed my presence and I could feel their branches hugging me in welcome. I realised I had missed these majestic trees and so I moved with quiet reverence, reconnecting with old friends. 

I began to slip easily into a meditative state, completely in the moment, feeling subtle shifts taking place as I walked. Bird life came into my awareness, some birds I had not seen before. Then a gorgeous white Corella sounded a joyous hello and prior to this 3 black Cockatoos flew low over my head carolling a wonderful welcome too! 

I love connecting with the bush environment in winter, allowing the sun and wind to play on my face and breathing in the earth's freshness after all the winter rain of yesterday. The beautiful lime green grass came into my view, the colour so vibrant my soul felt in harmony, one with nature and All That Is. My whole being felt so alive, balanced and connected to nature. I am so grateful for the beautiful gifts that nature shared, resonating so deeply within me. It is such a powerful reminder of how we are interconnected to all of life. My heart was filling with so much joy. With each step I placed love and light into the earth.

Around the swamp I walked, stopping once to look back at the vista that lay before my eyes. Oh what a sight! Watching the light and wind dance across the tall grass, the dappled light moving like starbursts among the tree's leaves. What a moment to witness. More was to come as I crossed the wooden boardwalk over the swamp water. As I emerged out on the other side of the swamp, I saw Ibis come into land. As I walked further along the path, it opened out on to grassland and there was a whole gathering of Ibis birds. I stood transfixed as I had never before seen so many birds altogether. Here they were all feeding after the delicious life giving rains. I love these birds as they are so graceful. My heart was so full of gratitude for this real life picture of nature. I breathed in this sight and the beauty of winter time one of my favourite seasons, second only to Autumn. 

As I walked home I realised that I would like to do more to make the world a better place. I remember asking God at one point during my walk. I said please show me how I can be of greater service to humanity. What can I offer to the world? What can I do? I had such a sense of it as I walked perhaps because I was in a place of stillness, peace within myself, filled with love and joy for this life I am living. Knowing I am here for a reason, part of the web of life as every being on this planet is. What thread will I weave, am I already weaving with my own story, in the creation of our shared humanity, merging into one humanity made up of our myriad of stories, just like weaving a tapestry, only this tapestry is called Oneness of All.

When I got back home I wrote 3 pages in my Gratitude journal about my walk! I am really embracing what this experience is bringing to me and for that in itself I am truly grateful.

From My Heart to Yours