Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Light

Western Australian Christmas Tree

Well here I am Christmas Eve typing this message from the Western Australian Christmas Tree!
These beautiful trees are flowering everywhere this time of year along with the Flowering Gum Trees they make a magnificent sight with all the different colours, bright oranges, reds, whites. Nature has provided her very own "Christmas" lights show!

As I was driving past some of these beautiful trees the other day these words came to me to be shared with you at this special time of year!

"Remember to follow your own inner starlight, your rose heart light, the candle light of your soul!
May nature's candle light allow you to see the holiness within, each spark of joyful light igniting the divine, your Christ self, burning brightly with love, fanning the flames of love's light for all.

During the Christ-mass season it is a time to shine the beautiful light of Christ consciousness out into the world, rebirthing and filling the light quotient anew. What a gift to humanity now and forever more!"

Infinite blessings and love as you celebrate the Christmas season!


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A Big Thank you Bradley Will!

Thank you Bradley Will!!

What a ride the 30 Day Blog Challenge has been! A huge thank you goes to Bradley Will of Learntoblog for the enormous amount of work you and your team have put into not only getting this challenge up and running, but also providing daily content and support over the last 30 days. Bradley, I have really enjoyed the daily thoughts you have posted along with your videos to keep us all inspired! I have even copied some of these thoughts to continue to keep me inspired after the challenge is officially over!

You are an inspirational leader, one who is down to earth, humble and committed to supporting others to reach their potential, fulfill their dreams, and become leaders too! This challenge has been the catalyst for so many things for me, I thank you for that!

I'm really glad I overcame my initial resistance to undertake this challenge. Funny how things come into your sphere as my friend Christina Ritchie sent the call out to join her in this blog challenge! Only a couple of months prior, on a whim, while attending the Conscious Living Expo here in Perth, I had a 10 minute coffee reading! It jumped out at me and I thought could be interesting! Well it was. The guy told me I needed to place my focus on getting a business up and running, time to get my work out there! I see all these notebooks around you, it's time to get the ideas out of them. Well he wasn't wrong there I do have notebooks everywhere containing my ideas, writings etc!  He also said your an Aquarian hmmm lots of unfinished things. Yep he was right on that too! hahaha!

At the beginning I wasn't sure I would be able write a daily post for 30 days, however the "impossible" has been achieved, showing me what is possible, what we are all capable of achieving when we follow our passion and commitment to our Art! I love that you call writing Art, Bradley!

It is now done and I have written those 30 posts! For me personally this is a huge achievement as I have so many unfinished, incomplete tasks, to complete something this year has given me such a boost. It will carry me well into the new year to keep the momentum going, building bit by bit my writing and business! I have a lot to learn!

This challenge has inspired me to complete my other unfinished projects and begin to share the story of my healing journey.

I'm not saying the last 30 days has been easy, far from it! There have been challenges along the way, with my health, caring for family members, however, I managed to find time each day to write! Through this 30 day blogging journey I have learnt more about myself, how healing can occur in different ways.  Letting go of the need for perfection, what to write, allowing inspiration to flow, writing from that space instead!

Thank you fellow challengers, all of you for reading my posts and your comments. I really appreciate all you have brought to this experience. It is such a fantastic community of people and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate. I am amazed at the variety of content, imagination, stories and creativity that we have all created! Fantastic job everyone!

This is only the beginning for me………………………..

Infinite Love and Blessings as we move forward with passion and purpose!


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Light Your Candle

Golden Banksia, Kings Park, Perth WA
Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Baking little figgy christmas cakes this morning provided me with inspiration for today's post!

An image of a yellow banksia flower came into view, once my baking was complete, I proceeded to locate the photo, which is displayed above.

Here is the wisdom shared from this beautiful flower of light!

"Remember to light your candle, refuel the candle within, the flame of light that burns within you!

This is the most divine time of year to refill the vessel of self with the new light of the season, a time of re-birth, allowing the light of Christ consciousness to enter your being preparing for new beginnings."

Visualise the golden Banksia immersed in your central column, your channel of light.
Now see each tiny flower of the banksia, separate becoming absorbed into every cell of your being. 

The flowers begin to vibrate, energising, activating each cell to operate at a higher frequency, increasing the light quotient of your being, refuelling your inner candle of light, with love and light.

Restoring mind, body, spirit from within the flame of self.
Stay in this place of stillness for a long as you need to, remember to use the breath to keep centred.

Infinite Love and Blessings


Monday, 14 December 2015

A Gift from the Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose

Something a little different for today, a gift from the Christmas Rose!

Take a moment to sit quietly, close your eyes, gently breathe in and out, with each breath taking you deeper into the stillness of your being. 

When you are ready, visualise yourself walking along a stone pathway until you reach a stone circle, that arches over the pathway.

This is the entrance into your sanctuary of peace, take a moment, stand beneath the stone circle, the circle of unity, affirming I AM all that I AM.

Imagine the divine essence of unconditional love together with the divine fragrance of love, gifts from the beautiful pink and white Christmas roses, surrounding the circle of unity.

As you stand beneath the circle, allow these vibrations to filter through to the very core of your being, entering and filling your heart space until you see only the expansive energy of light and love that you are.

Now see this divine love energy emanate from your heart space, overflowing, creating a tranquil pathway of love and peace for you to tread, knowing that you are not alone, for you are part of everything and everyone, connected by the power of love, divinely loved for the I AM you are, and sharing that love with humanity!

Have a peaceful and loving day everyone!


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Flowers in your Hair

 This photo I found on brought back memories from my childhood, where we would sit in the brilliant sunshine, immersed amongst the yellow dandelion flowers on the roadside verge. Here we created garlands of flowers, weaving the blooms, intertwining them to place on our heads. We also created flower necklaces or daisy chains, placing them around our necks.

Sometimes we used other flowers like hibiscus to add to our flower creations. 
Then we would dance around holding hands, forming a circle of joy, laughing and singing, as we wore our decorative pieces which usually fell off!

Spending hours on this simple activity, enjoying the simplicity of life, selecting fuzzy dandelion heads, blowing away the seeds, making our childhood wishes!

It's never too late to wear flowers in your hair, dance to the joy of being Alive, embracing the goodness of the simple life, Grateful to be immersed in the beauty of nature and the wonders that she weaves around us!

Have a blooming wonderful day, creating Flowers in your Hair!
The moments we live each day are precious for they are what we build our futures on!
Moment by Moment!

Infinite Love


Friday, 11 December 2015

Dandelion Wishes

Kim Wrightson Photography © 

While on a walk through my local nature reserve I was drawn to this beautiful Dandelion!
Here's what the Dandelion had to say!

"Let go and blow all your cares and worries to the wind. Allow the wind to take these and transform them into your precious wishes and deepest held desires.

For in this moment your wishes are captured by the winds of Mother Earth, wrapped in Love, the seeds of creation blowing to wherever you choose to plant them."

Are you ready to have the courage to make your Dandelion wishes come true?

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Colours of my Childhood

I have always loved colour ever since I was a child, with so many memories and visions from my childhood coming back to me recently. They have been so vivid and yes full of colour that I feel I could step right back into the scenes before me.

The memories are wonderful ones of my connection with colour and nature as a child, continuing on into my adult years, the two inexplicably linked! Now I don't even think about it, it just is!

I remember visiting my Grandparents suburban property, which was surrounded by paddocks, where horses and racehorses alike grazed. In my child's eyes it was like visiting a magical fairyland! The big green tree with an enormous nobly trunk was the perfect tree to climb into its lofty green canopy. My Grandmother was always worried I would fall out and break my arm. This only inspired me to climb higher, with cries of "Don't worry Nan I won't fall, watch me climb" and she did, I always came back down safely.

I would find my sweet spot within the branches of the tree, there I would nestle for what felt like eternity, surveying the surrounds, communing with my tree friend. My own little paradise of bliss and peace. So much green enveloping me as the tree hugged me closer knowing I would be safe within its arms.

Then a wild storm came through one year, I was terribly upset when on arrival at my Grandparents, my tree friend had been completely uprooted! He was such a big tree, how could that be, I thought, but the winds were strong and fierce. I cried as I hugged my friend good bye, with Nan saying "It's only a tree." To me this big beautiful tree was my best friend and I was going to miss his presence more than anyone would ever know.

My Grandmother loved her garden, flowers of all colours would fill the garden beds along the path leading up to the front verandah. My favourites, sweet peas, stocks, poppies, roses, ranunculus and so many more! It is the sunflowers that I always associate with my Grandmother. These big golden discs of yellow always smiling at you, just as I remember her laugh and smile. She grew them for the seeds, which I would help shake out once the flowers dried, to feed her two birds - the Major Mitchell cockatoo and the Pink and Grey Galah, my favourite!

My Mum also has a love of colour, nature and gardening and I attribute my love of gardening, flowers, plants and colour to the two of them. I helped Mum create our garden as I was growing up. Often going to plant nurseries with her to select plants. Our garden was like a rainbow of colour trailing throughout it, nothing fancy, simply created from a passionate heart.

I loved the bedroom of my childhood home, with its 2 windows each providing a view of plants and flowers. They were the old wooden latch type, on a summers evening I liked nothing better than to open them up, perch on the wooden sill, admiring the view of the brightly coloured pink flowers of the Mexican Rose creeper, full of bees buzzing, the scent of the white Stephanotis intoxicating! Watching stars appear on a blanket of indigo sky! Simple joys of life!

I read something once, suggesting looking at what you loved as a child, what were you passionate about doing in your childhood, to use these insights as clues, directing one to their passions and purpose in life. I can see quite clearly where my love and passion for gardening, flowers, nature and colour came from. I have only described a snapshot of my experiences as a child with all of these. I spent many hours talking to trees, flowers and plants when I was growing up. I always saw them as my friends.

The colours of my childhood are the building blocks of my life and led me to make the leap to eventually undertake studies in both Colour and Flower Essence Therapy and from there a whole other journey commenced, beyond even these. More to come regarding all of that in successive posts!

What were you passionate about in your childhood? What did you enjoy doing as a child?

Have a beautiful day x


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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The World Below

Some years ago now I came across a book in a secondhand bookstore called "The World Below" by Sue Miller, well it kinda jumped out at me, as books do when you know they are meant for you to read!

One of the main characters returns to her Grandparent's house in Vermont, where she has chosen to spend her 6 month sabbatical, reassessing her life as she goes through her second divorce, also deciding whether to sell her Grandparent's property.

While sorting through the attic she discovers her Grandmother's diaries, beginning a journey of discovery, not only about her Grandmother, but herself. The story is juxtaposed between the two women, one from the past and one from the present sharing their story. A depth of understanding is gained by the granddaughter into why her Grandmother was the person she was, exhibiting the behaviours she did.

There is a beautiful passage in the book that captures the heart of the story and clearly illustrates we all have a world below us we perhaps choose not to share for various reasons.We never really know what has gone on or is going on in a person's life, so much can remain invisible to the eyes of others, so it is important to be mindful of this before making assumptions or judgements, we are human though and we all do it. For no one knows the story of our lives. Unfortunately I no longer have this book, to share the quote, as I loaned it and as happens, was not returned.

Like an iceberg where you see the beautiful crystal white of the top floating above the ocean, the rest remaining submerged, hidden from view. We all have aspects of ourselves we keep submerged, held within our hidden worlds below, worlds we sometimes even keep hidden from ourselves! Not venturing to those depths until we are ready to face our demons, our shadow selves and whatever else lurks beneath the surface of self.

Only sharing with those we can trust with our confidences and inner most feelings. We all possess a vulnerability that we protect to keep us safe, each having our own reasons for doing so, until we reach a point where expressing and sharing those becomes more important than not, when it is time to bring our sacred being, the truth of who we really are out of our hidden depths and into the light of the universe, sharing our wonderful gifts and talents.

Walking our paths to the beat of our own drum whilst discovering our inner worlds. Diving beneath the surface to what lies beneath, uncovering hidden mysteries of life and ourselves, like the mysteries held beneath the ocean, only to be revealed when we are ready to listen. As oceans hold light, darkness, beauty, harmony, fear, unfamiliar creatures, danger, grace and love so do we. 

There exists another world beneath the ocean's surface, one filled with mountain ranges, volcanoes, ancient creatures, a rich marine life, some visible some not, underground cities and caves. Swimming in deep oceans of emotions, traversing our inner landscapes, climbing mountains, trailing through valleys, walking a labyrinth of caves, taming, extinguishing inner volcanoes and untangling the jungle of our minds.

Thawing our inner and outer icebergs merging to become one with the greater ocean of all existence and the ocean of Love!


Photo credit: Unknown

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Weavers of our Lives

We are the weavers of our lives, working the loom of life, creating our unique tapestries with the threads of our experiences, knowledge, wisdom, perceptions, emotions, thoughts, our heart and soul. Threads pulled across the years from birth to childhood to adulthood, each thread a part of the whole, pulling together all aspects of self, from lower to higher and beyond.

We are the weavers of our lives, the loom the tool of our creation, dancing with our chosen threads, the colours, textures and patterns forming and reflecting the stories of our lives, infinitely changing like a kaleidoscope each time it is opened.

The loom of life may pause at times, catching its breath, as choice and change hold still, suspended in time, waiting for the divine moment to start again, with a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

Some threads are woven tightly, others loosely bound together by the barest of threads, other threads simply slide gracefully away, while others are harder to let go of, until we realise they were never meant to be or necessary inclusions in the tapestry of our life or in the greater Universal tapestry.

Our selection of threads changing over time depending on the fabric of life we choose to create. We weave the choices we make, actions we take or perhaps don't take, knowing at any time we alone have the power to change the appearance of our fabric and tapestry.

Sometimes threads reveal themselves quickly, some take longer, some remain unseen, woven at a later date when the unseen becomes seen, some we struggle with, others are seamless, some we resist. Parts of our tapestry may be soft and gentle, others rough and hard, as we weave, opening to new dimensional aspects of ourselves, clearing away the dross and debris as we go along.

We weave the creations of our lives with a new sense of awareness as our intuitive knowing self replaces doubt and fear opening fully to the true expression of our creative selves.

Weaving requires patience, persistence, trust in the knowing all will be woven in divine time. Allowing threads to gently fall into place brings greater freedom as the pattern of your tapestry is woven with unconditional love, beauty, ease and grace.

Over time new threads replace old threads as we weave higher levels of consciousness into our ever expanding life tapestry, interconnecting to all within the universe, weaving a universal tapestry with Love. Weaving our lives from the heart, choosing only to weave with threads of Love!

What threads are you choosing to weave creating the fabric of your soul?

What new possibilities are you spinning into the threads of your life?

What threads would you life to change?

These threads I leave you to ponder as you weave the masterpiece of you and your life!


Monday, 7 December 2015

Messages from the Trees - Looking through the Keyhole

Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Look through the key hole of nature.
Drawing you further in to You! 

Your inner eye taking you deeper into the pools of self, to unknown places in your soul. Sit quietly in this space where you can begin to tap into the roots of your true nature. 

Unlocking, revealing aspects of your authentic self, that have remained hidden for far too long.
Time to bring them into the light of you!

Stand tall like the majestic tree that you are.

See the branches of unlimited self radiating out.

Rustle your unique leaves of wisdom.

Shine your beauty across the sky and through the earth.

Extending the branches of your shining light out into the world.

An infinite being of light and love!


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Have a Little Faith

 Cornwall, United Kingdom
Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Don't you just love it when you are travelling and serendipitous things happen! Several years ago whilst travelling around Cornwall with my Mum's cousin we visited a small village. I sat in the car as my cousin set off to check out the local church.

A little while later I heard my cousin calling, "Kim, you must come and see this." I got out of the car, walked to where she was standing, continuing on down the small road, where there were 4 little donkeys out enjoying the Cornish summer sun in a paddock in front of their stables.

Anyway I got talking to the lady who's property it was. She explained they were all rescued donkeys, how they came to be there and what has now become a local donkey sanctuary, embraced by the local community.

For the next 2 hours we were introduced and got to know the donkeys. I asked lots of questions and met some of the other villagers who came to volunteer. One was a young teenage girl and I chatted to her for a bit as she told me how much she loved helping out and how the donkeys had helped her.

The Donkey lady, as I came to call her, her friends and local community, do quite a bit of fundraising to assist in the upkeep of these beautiful animals and also to raise funds for the organisation Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land. On that particular day, they had boxes of books out for sale so my cousin and I bought some. As I was leaving I pressed some money into her hand, because I was so touched and impressed by the work she and her volunteers were doing with the donkeys. She didn't want to take it but I insisted.

She gave me some brochures and after obtaining her address with the promise of sending the photos, my cousin and I said farewell to everyone, including the donkeys. It was the highlight of my Cornish trip and I was so grateful for the time spent there, to meet such wonderful people making a difference.

I was amazed at the number of ordinary people I met on that trip, who were doing extraordinary things to change the world and make it a better place. Reaffirming my Faith in life and the world at large!

Suffice to say I have been in regular correspondence with The Donkey Lady ever since, sending me photos and updates of each of the donkeys. I voiced to her in one of my letters a heart felt desire to do something to support the work she is doing. She wrote back suggesting adopting a donkey through the organisation Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land. It is a program run by the organisation to raise much needed funds for their work in Israel and Palestinian Territories, caring for donkeys.

In 2013 I adopted a donkey called Faith! Knowing my donation is going to support a a very worthwhile cause. She is a beautiful little donkey and came with adoption certificate and photo. I am unable to scan her picture, so the photo in my post is one of the donkeys from the Cornish village, who happens to look a lot like Faith!

Having been to this area of the world myself, I felt a strong desire to adopt a donkey from there. I have always loved and had an affinity for these hardworking, gentle, yet sometimes stubborn animals. My dream one day to visit the sanctuary in Israel and meet Faith and also return to the small village in Cornwall.

I don't believe it was a coincidence I chose a donkey with the name Faith. I have her photo displayed and each day I look at it she reminds me to keep the Faith in life. To well, have a Little Faith, to keep in mind the bigger picture playing out, like a game of chess, as the universe co-ordinates the next unknown move, each of us here on earth for a reason with a mission to carry out! Her sweet little eyes and face speak to my soul and I feel uplifted, just as she has placed her Faith in being cared for in a place that is safe from harm.

Faith is believing in ourselves, holding the belief we know who we truly are, to follow our truth and be our authentic selves. Faith reminds us to keep going when life gets tough, never give up, to keep chipping away. Not allowing stubbornness to get in our way, being aware of how we may sabotage ourselves from fulfilling our potential, to learn the lessons to free one from all that holds us back. Knowing we can make the changes within and faith gives us the means to move forward on our path.

Faith is knowing that at times we may feel we lose our way but also knowing that we are never truly lost. Faith gives us the belief to always find our way back!

Have a little Faith cos it will take you a long way!


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda Tree
Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Seed the wisdom of self, our seed pods hold the "pearls" of wisdom, seeds of creation you can access, as you seed the new in you, knowing the wisdom comes from your Higher/God self.

Trust your innate well of wisdom holds the keys to wholeness.

Faith is the bell of strength to draw on as you walk your path, fulfilling your mission this lifetime. 

Use our powerful rays of purple, mauve and white to purify, cleansing any blocks existing from childhood, freeing you to move forward, to become the wise one.

Visualise a mauve tubular flower bell descending from the Jacaranda tree, absorb the essence of the flower knowing you are the divine truth of who you are! In this space you can ask questions for the answers you seek!

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

Friday, 4 December 2015

Climbing the Mountain of Self

Recently, I was looking at photos from a visit to friends, when they were living in Salt Lake City, Utah, some years ago now. I remember very clearly the day I was taken for a hike, on Easter Sunday, by a friend of theirs, to Grandeur Peak, forming part of Millcreek Ridge. 

It was a great opportunity to hike through some pretty spectacular scenery, taking in the beauty of nature in this part of the world. Those mountains had been speaking to me ever since I'd arrived! I could view those stunning mountains from my friend's house.

I started off slowly as it took me a bit to adjust to the conditions and my lack of fitness. I knew this hike was going to be more about the mental challenge, rather than the physical one! If I was going to make it to the summit and back down, I knew I would need to master the obstacles of my mind!

I remembered the story "The Little Engine that Could". The little blue engine that made it over the mountain when no other engine wanted to do the job, thinking it was impossible. The mantra the little engine used in the story was "I think I can." 

I began to repeat this mantra to focus my mind on taking those steps to move me up the mountain trail. I actually changed the mantra to "I know I can" and then "I can reach the summit!"

Four seasons in one day as we hiked up the trail. The scenery was stunning! It was raining and cool, then out came the sun further up making it quite warm, climbing the last part to the summit it snowed! Reminding me of the seasons of life we walk through as we climb our own personal mountains! Taking time to notice the beauty of life along the way.

When we reached the saddle of the ridge, which by the way had spectacular views of the city, my hiking friend said "Your a hiker, Kim" It felt like he was saying to me you have the strength and ability to do this, you can walk any mountain trail. I stumbled a few times on the way up, falling over, I got right back up, dusted myself off and kept going.

As we neared the final leg of the climb, the trail became quite rocky, wet, slippery, the wind picking up, as it was now snowing a lot! I have a fear of heights so looking down was not an option. My hiking friend guided me, showing me where to place my feet, where to focus my eyes.

I took it slowly, carefully placing each foot, using the strength of my feet and legs, to give me greater leverage as I picked my way up the rocky trail to the summit. It was really scary navigating the last part of the trail I can tell you! I harnessed that fear as a means to meet the challenge, again using the mantra to focus my mind!

By the time we reached the summit it was really snowing. I was in a state of pure elation, doing the dance, as I had conquered myself and met the challenges of the mountain to reach the summit. The view was stunning, I phoned my friends to tell them I was at the top! Oh what a euphoric feeling!

When I came back down the mountain something had shifted within me. I had changed in some way. I could feel it in my being. Those mountains have an energy of their own, hypnotic, drawing you in, the energy so powerful I could feel it as I hiked. 

Our spiritual journey/path is like climbing a mountain, there are obstacles/challenges/fears to overcome, smooth parts, rocky patches, unseen events, storms, sometimes we even take detours, then there are clear blue skies! 

We move at our own pace for it is not a competition with others, not even ourselves. It does not matter if we stumble and fall along the way, or take steps backwards in order to move forwards. 

It's about the journey of self, traversing the inner terrain of our body, mind, heart and soul, as one works on clearing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. The chaos within!

The mountain climb, symbolic of our spiritual climb, as we become our expanded greater selves, committing to our path with faith, trust and belief in self. Our climb up the mountain representative of climbing the ladder of consciousness, accessing the higher dimensions, aligning one to the God self within.

We illuminate our path with the light of who we truly are, guiding our path upwards, toward the summit of our own magnificent being and destiny!

Happy mountain climbing!


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sunflower Faces

I wrote this poem as part of my Colour Therapy Thesis and came across it the other day. The poem Sunflower Faces was inspired by a picture I found in a magazine of two young girls walking through a field of sunflowers. They were laughing as they held on to some sunflowers, looking so happy they too were sunflower faces! 

This picture at the time drew me in, I felt like it was talking to me, encouraging the child within to come and play in the fields, to remember that playful child of days gone by. 

The yellow sunny flowers engender a lightness of being, shining their optimism, having fun and most of all laughter!

Sunflower Faces

Happy faces, smiling faces
Standing tall, moving free
Smiles of childhood
No cares, no worries
Only Happy faces, smiling faces
Dancing in the breeze

Yellow beacons radiating rays of light

Give freedom to -
Laugh Loudly
Sing Joyfully
Move Gracefully
Be Courageous

Sunflower Faces
Happy faces, smiling faces
Sending a message so clear

We are free to embrace the child within
whom we hold so dear

May you have a Sunflower day!!


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Returning to my Ancestral Roots

Stiperstones, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Memories are continuing to circle today, as they did last night, wrapping me in blankets of love, all I do is simply allow. My ancestors are usually around this time of year anyway, only this time I am being reminded of places I visited back in 2006, on a 2nd trip to the UK, to see family and friends. Here I am not quite sure why I am writing about these things at this time, however, they do have deep meaning to me.

My cousins took me on a day tour of Shropshire, the intended destination the Stiperstones, a 10km ridge and nature reserve. Mum's cousin really wanted to show me this special place. We navigated our way there stopping to see other things along the way. We didn't use maps only our intuitive GPS! We joked about the family intuition and how useful it was in reaching our destination!

I could feel the energy of this special place as I walked the land. The pathway to the top of the ridge was not too bad, a gradual rise to reach jagged rocks, a ruggedness about the landscape. Along the way my cousin told me of the many times she came here with my Great Aunt to collect whinberries, pointing out the bright red berries to me! 

The heather and gorse covered the landscape in a carpet of purple and yellow flowers. It was a place family members were drawn to over the decades. The views stunning, on a clear day you can see across to Wales.

At the top it was incredibly windy and I could feel both the energy of the place and that of my ancestors swirling around me. Overcome with emotion I began to cry. The tears flowed and I called out to my cousin "I can't stop crying!" She replied "It's because you have returned to your roots."

Indeed I had, I could feel the connection to the land and my English heritage, something shifting and changing within me.  Difficult to put into words the feelings and sensations I was experiencing. It felt like a homecoming of sorts, a heart connection to family and land.

On our way out we stopped at the tearooms and gift shop, I purchased a pastel artwork of the stiperstones. The light and energy in this piece amazing and I have it hanging in my study. I gaze at it often! It is a beautiful reminder of a day spent with family, reconnecting with family past too!

On the way home we drove past the Wrekin - a 1335 foot high mountain that always seems to follow you, wherever you are, it has an amazing presence. There is a common saying in Shropshire "all friends round the Wrekin" It's a saying to welcome visitors to the heart of Shropshire. On 3 visits to the UK I have not as yet climbed the Wrekin. Some say it was J.R. Tolkien's inspiration for Middle Earth as he lived in the West Midlands, spending quite a bit of time in the Shropshire area. Who really knows! Maybe I am yet to climb this mountain! Is it calling me?

I was quite emotional last night, writing my post of yesterday, Tis the Season of Memories, I realised my Grandfather who left England when he was 19, with his other brother, never returned to his beloved homeland, nor did he ever see his Mother, brother or sister again. I can't imagine how that must have felt. There are many people who have experienced the same I know. At least I fulfilled his wish! He died 2 days before I arrived at his brother's, he knew I was there though. My Great Uncle was so excited his Great Niece from Australia was visiting. It brought me great comfort in all the stories he shared about my Grandfather, even giving me a photo to keep, taken just before he left for Australia. 

So many memories returning to me, too many to write about, as they flood in, reminding me of moments long ago, so precious to recall. I find this time of year a window of reflection on the year that has gone, including those before, then looking forward to the year ahead filled with infinite possibilities.

It is Now I choose to be, in this space, remembering my ancestral roots, the love and connection to family, always circling, always around, weaving with the threads of unconditional love the story of my life a never ending story!

Infinite Love to all


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tis the Season of Memories

The 1st of December for me marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Today as I went about putting decorations up, I was reminded of Christmas's past, my mind slipping back recalling memories  from times long ago. Triggered by ornaments, many obtained on overseas travels, others from childhood and beyond, each evoking memories of special times, people and places.

Pulling me back to my first Christmas overseas, away from family and friends, many years ago now! I was living in London so four of us were to share a Christmas away from home, deciding to make the most of it by creating a typical English one!

A real Christmas tree was a must, a Norwegian pine it would be! As it happened there was a florist at the end of our street who had a lovely selection of these! Off my friend and I went one cold winters night, rugged up in our winter gear, buying a beautiful pine tree all 6 foot of it! We lived in the middle of a very long street, so there we were lugging this great big glorious tree, singing carols as we trudged home! I can smell the scent of pine once more!

After a hilarious time getting the tree in a bucket and set up inside, the height of which only just managed to clear the lounge room ceiling! With delighted smiles, rosy red cheeks from the cold, we gazed with wonder at our tree, signalling the scent of Christmas to come! Now it was time to dress our tree in all her Christmas finery, with handmade and specially selected ornaments! Oh what fun we had! Playing carols, laughing and singing, as we made our tree look special! We placed small gifts there, little parcels of surprises to be opened on Christmas Day!

It was indeed a special Christmas, filled with so much love, easing thoughts of dear ones far away. There were long distance phone calls, where we prayed for static free lines, all too short, as they were very expensive, no internet or mobile phones back then. Yes there were tears, though laughter dried those away on a trail of yuletide joy!  However, we made it our own, producing a magnificent feast, dressing for the occasion in the best outfits we could rustle up! With chocolate galore, loads of Christmas pudding, carol singing and charades we filled the day.

Memories spill like the reel of a film, playing past scenes so vividly before my eyes, like watching my very own Christmas movie! I laugh and soak up the emotions too.

I revelled in the experience of Christmas in another country, admiring shop window displays, chestnuts roasting, allowing my imagination to run free among the streets of London. Savouring all the smells and delights of the season, even the cold, rugged up in winter coat, scarf, gloves and hat! A far cry from Christmas in Oz, where the beach, bar-b-ques and bathers would be the go!

Whilst I was immersed in all that Christmas cheer, it was a particularly bittersweet time for me, with the passing of my dear Grandfather, a dear Grandmother figure, along with 3 other people that year. At least I had fulfilled my Grandfather's wish returning to his beloved homeland, for which I was truly grateful. Something he had not been able to achieve while he was alive and to meet his remaining brother and sister with whom special bonds were formed. They too have now long since passed.

I may not have got my dream of a White Christmas, for it did not snow, but I received gifts that were richer than any present of the season. Gifts of friendship, meeting my Grandfathers family, the joy, love and blessings bestowed on each of us throughout that beautiful season, reminding me of the gift of being human, of caring and sharing, creating a special kind of wonderful.

Memories within memories, circling around, stirring emotions in my heart, reminding how time is precious and to keep making memories to hold dear. The importance of creating shared memories no matter where you are with those you love. 

Memories spiralling down, retrieving feelings from the locket of my heart, so many memories of Christmas's past, not all of them great. Memories held in the mind and heart of my being, keepsakes filed like photos in an album, retrieved, when pulled to reminisce people, places and events, kept forever in the treasure trove of my heart. 

May the spirit of this divine season see your heart overflowing with peace, love and compassion for all on earth. Even though Christmas is a joyous time it can be a time of great loneliness and heartbreak for many, especially when loved ones are no longer with us, financial stresses and so on.

Extend the hand of love wherever you can this season.

Infinite Love and blessings to all


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Monday, 30 November 2015

Colour is…………

Colour is………...

Dawn of Morning Light
The Gloaming days end
A setting sun's rays fanning the sky
Walks along a white sandy beach
Swimming in a turquoise sea
Walking in the rain on a grey cloudy day
Flowers with nodding heads of colour in every shade
Trees with shimmering green leaves
Lime green grass bending in the breeze
A Blue sky calling……………………
Cotton wool clouds
Dreams so colourful you wish to never end!
The spiral of the Universe
Seeing through the lense of Self
Rainbow prisms
A Passionate Heart
Harmony within
All of Life
Colour is Dreaming Big
Colour knows no End!

Colour is……………………….What is Colour to you?

Wishing you all a bright and beautiful day!