Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Everlasting Unconditional Love

On Tuesday 22nd September I was drawn to spend some time at Kings Park. As I wandered around the gardens, which were resplendent with all the wildflowers blooming in every colour of the rainbow, I was drawn to a bed of Everlasting daisies. I call them paper daisies because they feel like paper when you touch them

Fragile, yet strong, flowers with a sunny yellow centre, colours of pink and white reflecting the purity of unconditional love no judgements, where our human frailties and vulnerabilities are forgiven and strength is drawn from the light that shines through our heart and soul, encouraging one to move through dark, sad and despairing times, raising our self esteem, finding the courage and wisdom to embrace, opening to being an empowered soul. Using the power of love to heal and transform as it becomes the fuel that propels one forward along the path of Ascension, drawing on our inner strength to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was quite windy this particular day and these beautiful flowers were blowing around. Being so light weight like paper you would think they would take flight heading skyward like rogue balloons! But no their strength belies them and there they stayed anchored in the earth. This reminded me of how strong we are and how we find our inner strength and draw on it during times when we are stressed or challenged mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Where emotional patterns and pain resurface again ready to be made whole this time if we choose to do so. 

It is important to feel unconditional love for ourselves and others rather than beat ourselves up, telling ourselves we are no good, failures etc and punishing ourselves with negative thoughts and the like. Forgiveness, compassion, faith and belief in self enables us to move through the challenges and tests. 

On this particular day this "light weight" flower was sending me a very powerful message as I worked through another process in my journey to wholeness, reminding me how powerful it is to embrace unconditional love for self first and foremost. Love is the most powerful healing tonic we have available to us and this love allows us to evolve into love and light filled beings where no baggage remains.

On my return home I remembered a poem I had written as part of my colour therapy thesis back in 2003. It is a poem about the everlasting daisies and unconditional love. How perfect I recalled this poem on this day! I would like to share this with you.

Unconditional Everlasting Love

Pink daisies embracing me with love, warming my heart with their purity and grace
Softly, Softly they call
We Love You
You are Love
No questions asked
A nurturing heart embrace freely given by these dancers of light
Goddesses of love
No questions asked
Where pink daisies are found
Unconditional Love abounds
No questions asked

Poem by Kim Wrightson

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography ©

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Snowdrop

"Through the turning of the seasons we remind you of the purity of grace that resides in each and everyone of you. As nature is all about balance so it is for you too as we are all One interconnected to the web of life and imbalances are effected by all. Harness and work with the forces of nature to purify yourself on a daily basis. For in the natural world death, birth, purification, renewal are all part of the cycles of nature and occur on a daily basis in order to maintain equilibrium for the whole.

You can then bob freely as we do, embracing the winds of change as they gently blow you to new beginnings and new growth always as an expression of your pure authentic self! Dancing your way into and around the world illuminating pathways of light and love for others to take your lead and awaken to their true essence seeing the beauty of nature and all it has to offer with eyes of pure love."

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Inspired by the garden of my Heart!

It's a beautiful day! I've had lots of visits from the willy wagtails and there is a joy in their bird song as they build their nests, the scent from the boronia is intoxicating, bluebells are in full bloom heralding the new and where is all this happening well right in my own garden!

May you notice the beauty of life, nature and love in your own gardens or neighbourhood! Remember the sights, sounds, scents and colours of spring are all around you! You have your very own natural art gallery wherever you go! 

Open your eyes, ears and heart and see what beautiful artwork nature has created for your soul to feast on. Nature provides all of this as each season unfolds around us. Just be and breathe in the beauty of nature. Best of all its free and healing on so many levels too!

Spring is a season of excitement and action as we embrace the new light of self and move through our own shifts in growth! Allowing our true natures to bloom and grow just as nature intended in her beautiful garden of life. 

Enjoy this spring of your infinitely blessed life and be inspired by the garden of your heart!

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography ©

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keepers of the Wisdom - Bluebell

"As our flowers unfurl from the darkness of winter hibernation toward the light of spring, we would like to remind you it's time to shine your own light out into the world. Time to speak your truth and communicate your loving wisdom to whoever chooses to listen. Speak it with pure love in a strong, calm and clear voice, echoing integrity in all that you wish to convey. For you have much to share and in the sharing all is connected to the calm flowing fountain of divine wisdom.

We also ask you to herald in the new, embrace new beginnings, just as each new spring we burst forth from our winter bulbs spreading light and colour to whoever may notice our presence, as each new spring season brings its own gifts. No two ever being the same. So embrace the gifts of this spring season and whatever is being called to you to share with humanity."

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Flower: Boronia
Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Yes Spring has Sprung! Today is the first day of spring here in the southern hemisphere! Lots to do so I shall be busy as a bee as I put my creations together! 

This morning I walked out to greet the new season and I was met with a waft of beautiful perfume and the glorious aroma came from the Boronia which has only just burst into flower. I wish you were able to smell the scent as its simply divine. I am so excited to be reconnecting with my passions all over again. 

May nature ignite all your passions in life no matter the season!

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography ©