Monday, 30 November 2015

Colour is…………

Colour is………...

Dawn of Morning Light
The Gloaming days end
A setting sun's rays fanning the sky
Walks along a white sandy beach
Swimming in a turquoise sea
Walking in the rain on a grey cloudy day
Flowers with nodding heads of colour in every shade
Trees with shimmering green leaves
Lime green grass bending in the breeze
A Blue sky calling……………………
Cotton wool clouds
Dreams so colourful you wish to never end!
The spiral of the Universe
Seeing through the lense of Self
Rainbow prisms
A Passionate Heart
Harmony within
All of Life
Colour is Dreaming Big
Colour knows no End!

Colour is……………………….What is Colour to you?

Wishing you all a bright and beautiful day!


Sunday, 29 November 2015

We are Explorers!

This process of writing is allowing me to bring those unseen parts of me into the seen! No more hiding and time to become that expanded sense of self! Letting go and simply allowing whatever comes through!

Thank you to Bradley Will for giving me a new perspective on writing. It is our Art! I love how writing is referred to as Art. For as a painter uses paints, a sculpture uses clay or wood, words are the writer's palette by which we create a view of ourselves and the world around us. Sharing stories, experiences, knowledge and wisdom for others to ponder. Never knowing who we may touch in the process and how lives may change as a result. 

This 30 day journey writing my Art is a gift to myself. The opportunity to see where it takes me. So I am experimenting and having fun and journeying to unknown places within. Challenging and changing my perspective of self. Seeing with new eyes as the new me emerges! How this new me views the world around me.

Where imagination is free to rein to unknown places and returns a bounty of beautiful expression. As with all beauty it is in the eye of the beholder or reader!

It feels like riding a bike after a very long time. A little bit rusty, slow to start, requires oiling to loosen up and physically unfit. So time to give the creative mind, imagination and intuition a work out!

Slowly momentum gathers the more one writes and off you go riding in the creative breeze, exercising  creative mind and opening to, allowing imagination to run free as one cycles to unknown destinations. 

The freedom of expression rolls in pumping those creative juices! What will the drink of your writing contain. What tasty concoctions will you write about today or in the days to come. Making this elixir of creation available to whoever chooses to drink it. Just as we drink our own creations. 

Keep writing from those places that ignite your creative expression and bring forth your Art.

For we are Explorers, exploring our worlds, creativity and selves in terrains we've never perhaps been to before. Traversing new landscapes, crossing new oceans to lands we are seeing for the very first time. Perhaps we are revisiting pasts that now allude to how far we have come in the journey of life. There is so much more to learn and discover!

We are Explorers on an Expedition called Life! Going deeper into the mysteries of the universe and beyond!

Happy exploring everyone!


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Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Drop of Kindness

The other day I went into the city for an appointment and to run some errands. After concluding business at my second port of call, I proceeded to walk to the lift to exit the building. As I waited for the lift the lady who was in the queue before me, was also waiting. She spoke to me saying she did not know how to get to the train station. She said, "Love I am from the bush and I do not know my way around the city. I haven't been here for years."

I could feel this lady's anxiety from navigating a very unfamiliar environment, one clearly foreign to her. I know how this feels as on my solo overseas travels I have found myself in cities foreign to me and been shown the kindness of strangers to help me along the way.

Once back on street level I said to her "I'll take you to the train station"
She replied "Are you going there?" With that her face lit up!
"No" I said but it is not far and I don't mind showing you the way. I'll walk with you there"
"Thank you Love" she said. I could hear the relief in her voice.

As we walked along we chatted and I could feel her anxiety ease. As we said our good byes upon reaching the train station, out of the blue she gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek and with a beautiful smile said "You have a lovely day, Love" With that she stepped on to the escalator and returning the smile, I waved goodbye, calling out you have a lovely day too!

It doesn't take much to make a difference and show kindness. It costs nothing, perhaps, only some of our time. Which in the overall scheme of things is nothing compared to what is given. We never know what is ever truly given or how we touch a life. All is given without an expectation in receiving. It is given in the moment to assist those in need. 

Each of us can make a difference so what about being, what I am calling, Consciously Kind, through our thought, word and actions. To bring awareness in each and every moment to What can I think to be kind, What can I say to be kind, What actions can I take to show kindness and love. Kindness then leads to compassion for all.

So my "Random" act of Kindness bore witness to being present in that moment and then with a knowing heart how to proceed. Simply giving the goodness of oneself to another. Everything is energy so why not choose the energy of Kindness, Love and Compassion and allow those drops to ripple out through the Universe! We all know there can never be enough!

Infinite love and blessings to you all

Friday, 27 November 2015

Colour is Hue, Colour is Me

I decided to have a bit of fun and see what came through. Its nice to be writing something different and I'm not aiming for anything other than to play around with words, like an artist would in choosing paint colours, mixing colours to see what works on the canvas! Enjoy……………………...

Colour is Hue

Red is Hue
Orange is Hue
Yellow is Hue
Green is Hue
Blue is Hue
Indigo is Hue
Violet is Hue
Magenta is Hue
Silver is Hue
Gold is Hue

Colour is Me

Colour is Rainbow Hues
Colour is Nature Hues
Colour is Magical Hues
Colour is Light Hues
Colour is Love Hues
Colour is Life Hues

Colour is Me, Colour is Hue

Colour is Me and Hue

Colour is ALL of Hue

Have a colourful day Everyone!

From Me to Hue!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Grateful Heart

Today I simply did not know what to post, there was no flow,  I let it go, moved on to other tasks, then the words began to come……………………… here it goes……………….Something new for me!

With arms out wide and a Heart bursting freely with LOVE………I am Grateful for……………..

the Dawning of each new Magical day

birds that sing their songs of joy!

the light of the Sun that feeds my Soul

Revealing Shadows of the Moon

Masses of stars twinkling brightly across an indigo sky

Trees whispering ancient words of long ago

Flowers Blossoming with Vibrant colour

Bees buzzing the Sweetness of Life

Unconditional Love of family and friends, the depths of Love to know no End!

Smiles Beaming like starbursts from Caring Faces

the Beauty we manifest with our Art of Creations

the Wonder of the child within

New Adventures about to Begin

Comfort Zones that exist no more

Challenges that are GIFTS so priceless

Continuing circles of Love and Life connecting You and Me

We become ONE with our Grateful Hearts, Unlimited and Infinitely Blessed

Weaving all into the Abundant Universal Tapestry!

Kim xx

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Child of My Heart

Child of my Heart

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I could feel myself becoming weightless, like I was suspended in nothing, yet fully supported, wrapped in the wings of Love and forgiveness! I have been letting go of so much, expectations, outcomes, perfectionism etc etc and I saw these too as I drifted off to sleep, carried away in magenta balloons of love and forgiveness, heading back to source where all is whole again. As each balloon lifted from me the feeling of weightlessness increased. As I sank further into a deep sleep my heart began opening like never before and the pain of it was intense, as they can be. This too merged into the weightless feeling leaving only sleep, nothing more, until morning.

As the dawn of a new morning was approaching I had a vision in my sleep awake state when I was 7 years old and some kids at school told me there was no Father Christmas, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy!  It's your Mum and Dad they are the ones they said! From that day my magical world changed and the wonder I had felt shifted axis and I began to think what else was not "real". Ok we know such things don't exist and eventually we come to know this. However, I felt the innocence of my childhood wonder had been taken from me sooner than I would have liked.

The doorway to my 7 year old self is opening again to the magic and wonder of life. Something unlocked this morning when I had that vision and the understanding that followed. I am opening to the wonder of the new me. I've opened the door on my imaginative 7 year old self again. Tapping into that wonder and magic of that little girl. The one who Believed! The child within who no longer lives in her imagination as a means of escape from the world rather one where she knows and takes her place in the world, where unlimited magic is held within an expansive universe and imagination the gateway to it!

No longer allowing anyone to take her wonder and magic away. No one to make her feel small, unworthy of herself, it's not you, you can't do that, your not strong enough and so it goes. Well that list has been turned off and deleted too! Ok if only it was that simple! so theres healing to do. To walk a new pathway with a fully open heart to ALL Love, including that for herself.

Today I take my inner Alice in Wonderland, on a trip into my very own wonderland, not one where I venture down rabbit holes. I'm done with that too! Rather one where I walk the wonder of my own creation, creating my own kind of wonderful. Walking a new pathway from the Child of my Heart, where it goes I do not know, only that life is a mysterious adventure and I'm ready to take it! Allowing the curious child within to dive deeper into the mysteries of life, a never ending well of wisdom to draw from.

So take that curious child of the universe on an adventure to magical places held deep within you! Where you can begin to discover your infinite Heart of Self and the wonder in life. The journey into the Heart of Self is not always an easy one, I believe it is the most important and empowering one!

Have a magical wonder filled day!


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Grace of My Heart

Black Swans, Matilda Bay, Perth Western Australia
Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Whilst down at the river foreshore on Sunday night I noticed 2 black swans. I was struck by not only their beauty, but the way they glided across the water, moving with such effortless ease and grace. Yes it was the grace they exuded that spoke to me as dusk gathered around with a pink glow to it. My favourite time of day and so magical! I was witnessing the pure grace and beauty of the swans as they  glided on the mirror like surface of the river!

I haven't seen any black swans for awhile and I always aim to remain open to the signs that nature presents for one to see, if we choose. I'm a bit of a signs person - signs from nature, signs from angels, numbers and any other sign that pops in to say take notice there is a message here. So take notice of the signs around you and the messages they may contain!

I was hearing the words beauty out, beauty in. I see so much beauty out in world around me and even more so lately. Beauty in well I feel that signifies seeing the beauty within ourselves, our true essence. The swans message to me - see the beauty you have within you!

The surface of the river was smooth like the clear glass of a mirror reflecting back the swan's beauty and grace so that I could see the beauty and grace in Me. Grace can only be found within. 

The swans were also revealing to me the Grace of my Heart! The child like innocence still there ready to walk with me on my path with confidence and inner strength. Grace of my heart is showing it's time to open my heart and allow the true essence of me to shine forth. Become the Way shower to assist  others to find their way and shine their light with unconditional love from the Grace of their Hearts.

May your true essence emerge like the Grace of a Swan

When you begin to see the signs magic happens and the magic is within you!

Have a magical day everyone!


Monday, 23 November 2015

Go with the Flow

Matilda Bay, Perth, Western Australia
Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Yesterday was a hot day and so we decided to have a picnic dinner at Kings Park. Unbeknown to us there was a concert taking place in the park that night. We drove around looking for a car park, however, with all the concert goers attending there was nowhere to park.

Decision made to go elsewhere! We settled on Matilda Bay on the shores of the Swan River as it was only a short drive away. We easily found a place to park with only a short walk to the grassy area at the waters edge. Once settled we enjoyed the view looking across to the city in the distance. There was a smoky haze, tinged with the pink from the sun's setting rays, across the horizon as 4 major bush fires were burning near the city yesterday. Knowing this as I sat there quietly I sent love and prayed for those affected.

We enjoyed a beautiful, calm, very warm late spring evening, signalling summers soon arrival! Always a bonus in Perth when you are not buffeted by strong winds, as the city is the 3rd windiest in the world! A remnant of information from high school geography days!

Whilst enjoying the serenity and beauty of this space I was reminded there are times in life requiring one to be flexible and adaptive to changing conditions. Circumstances change that are beyond our control and at times we are presented with a choice to take a different route ending up at a completely different destination to the one originally planned. Perhaps one that better serves our needs. 

The river is all about flow as the water meanders along its course and to me symbolises the flow of life. At any time we can stop or create greater flow in our life. It is up to us how easy we make it for ourselves. It is much easier if we do not resist the flow of life and make the choices that enable one to stay in that flow. Water represents our emotions so it is always worthwhile looking at those to see if any are out of balance and perhaps those that are blocking your flow.

I am allowing the flow of the river with its many twists and turns to take me on a journey of self discovery to where I finally merge with my I AM my Higher self/Greater version of me, just as the river meets and merges with the sea of greater universal life!

So Let Go and Flow with life you might be surprised where those detours take you!

Wishing you a day that flows with all the beauty in life!


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Because I Love You

Recently I stayed a few days at my sister’s place. One morning I was spending some time in the back garden with my almost 5 year old niece.  She was playing on the swing set and asked me to push her.

This took on a comfortable rhythm of back and forth with cries of higher please!  Push me higher Kim, with squeals of delight and laughter following from both of us.

My niece then said to me, “ It’s great to have you here Kim”
I replied “Why is that so?” I was curious to see what her response would be.
She simply replied “Because I Love you

It was said in such a way like what other reason could there possibly be! Those four words spoke volumes to me and were priceless beyond measure.  The power of Love is beyond measure and at the end of the day as clich├ęd as it sounds Love is all there is and all there ever needs to be. To have the love of a child is immeasurable and such a gift and in that moment and the moments to follow there was only pure love and joy.

The memory of that day still sits within my heart space, as it is so special to me.  Reminding me of the power of Love and how deeply it connects us all.  She is a special little girl and I love spending time with her. Children have an amazing way  of viewing the world and people. They simply tell it as it is with their own brand of wisdom.
May Unconditional Love be the power that pushes your swing called Life!
May Divine Love of Self lift you higher and higher!

Allow your inner child to swing free too!

Infinite Love and blessings to you xx

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Blue Sky Calling

A blue sky awash with white pony tail clouds
Kim Wrightson Photography © 
Another appointment at the hospital yesterday gave me the opportunity to visit the rose garden again. Today the weather was much warmer and the sky a beautiful blue with pony tail clouds. As a child we named the wispy looking clouds, pony tails, cos they looked like the tails of ponies flying in the wind.

I sat on the bench under the same jacaranda trees and there before me was this beautiful blue vista of sky. Wow it was just amazing and the photo I have posted really does not do justice to the view I had before my eyes.

It has been a very emotionally charged week for me. Witnessing people who are very ill and feeling love and compassion for all involved. My own blocks and obstacles coming to the for as a result of undertaking the blog content challenge. Whilst it is a good thing for all this to come to the surface, owning my stuff and making the decision to do the work on clearing them, I must admit I was feeling it yesterday on all levels.

So there I sat with this amazing blue palette of sky before me with wispy clouds trailing across it. I started to be pulled into a meditative state, the blue sky calling, slowly absorbing the colour of the sky within my being. Blue in colour therapy is the colour to work with if you want to calm the senses, particularly the nervous system, and it is also the colour of peace. So I gently began to breathe in this peaceful hue of blue! I undertook a diploma in colour therapy back in 2001, with a wonderful teacher ChristinA Ritchie, qualifying as a Colour Therapist in 2003 after completing my colour thesis! As you can see I love colour and have done ever since I was a child!

Red Rose
Kim Wrightson Photography © 

Gradually I could feel my whole being relax and then it was time to go and smell the roses! I walked around the circular rose garden admiring all the colourful roses and a beautiful orange one jumped out at me. Wow the perfume was exquisite making me feel giddy with the aroma of joy. So much beauty in  such a small space. There was also a long garden bed of red roses too! Gosh they were so vibrant in colour and the red against the blue sky was stunning. Red is the complementary colour of blue so it felt as much as I was being calmed by the hue of blue, the hue of red was energising my passionate self. Red is the colour of passion, action and a good one to use to ground yourself since it is the colour of the base chakra and the base connects us to the physical and to Mother Earth.

I was being brought into balance too with the hue of green as I walked on the luscious green grass. Green is a great colour to bring one into balance and harmony. No wonder we feel so good when we are out in nature - our natural pharmacy!

I feel it is really important to have gardens in places such as hospitals! They provide a level of healing for mind, body and spirit and a place for people to restore and revitalise themselves. I overheard a group of young nurses commenting on how vibrant the red roses were. The natural world is vital to our wellbeing and its healing powers I believe can never be underestimated. There is so much in nature that we can access for our wellbeing and to bring one into a state of wholeness. Colour is everywhere and its free! 

May you find time today and everyday to smell the roses of life!

Love and blessings to you