Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Banana Island - entering creation!

Banana Island, Luxor, Egypt

Another adventure in paradise today, 24th February, traveling to Banana Island with Captain Ragab on his boat Crocodile! I haven't been here before so this was a new experience for me. We wandered around the banana plantation, taking photos, relaxing and enjoying being out in the sunshine. Not sure why it is called Banana Island as it actually isn't an island!

I spent quite a bit of time taking photos with flowers I connected with which I will write about on my other blog site Blooming Inspirational! Stay tuned for that one!

On arrival I stepped off the boat landing awkwardly on my left foot, twisting the ankle! I limped along for a bit as it hurt to put too much weight on my foot, gradually the pain lessened enabling me to walk ok on it. I didn't think anymore about the ankle, until later in the evening when at the Souq, it was very painful to walk, noticing how swollen my ankle had become. We left the Souq earlier than expected though making our purchases! Back at the apartment I propped up my foot applied some snake oil, given by friend Amro in Cairo, where his family own an oil shop. I can tell you it certainly worked reducing the pain and swelling!

Spraining my ankle was not a random thing, it was bringing my attention to something I needed to look at or become aware of! According to the book Body is the Barometer of the Soul by Annette Noontil, the left side of the body is to do with our spiritual direction. I felt the message here was about being flexible on my spiritual path, bringing greater awareness to doing more for myself, that is to start putting myself first rather than doing so much for others, to spend time nurturing myself!

There was a snake in a glass display cabinet at Banana Island and for some reason I felt a connection with this snake, normally I don't like looking at snakes however I couldn't take my eyes away, feeling like the snake was speaking to me. 

As I tuned in the snake looked trapped in its cabinet, like when we keep ourselves confined in "boxes", which become our comfort zones. How do we transform if we don't remove those invisible walls and step outside them. Keeping ourselves boxed in means we are not allowing ourselves the freedom and flexibility to move along our true pathways in life.

The symbolism for snake is transformation of self, unifying our masculine and feminine, bringing one into balance with nature, entering a harmonious state with our physical world and our heavenly world, attaining higher levels of consciousness as we create and move into the next phase of rebirth and renewal, shedding aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us. It certainly felt like this message was being conveyed to me by the snake!

As I wandered through the banana plantation I took notice of all the green bananas growing on the trees, the flowers hanging at the end of bunches of bananas, to me symbolising bringing into balance the masculine and feminine energies to create our heaven on earth as you will see the bananas were pointing upwards!

The softness of the banana flesh inside representing our Goddess feminine self encased in the firm, tough skin of the banana, representing our God self strength, our armour protecting us though still allowing our vulnerabilities to come through, as we peel away the outer skin of self, revealing our true nature, the beautiful light of self. Male or female it doesn't matter as each gender embodies feminine and masculine aspects and it is important for those to be balanced.

The bananas being green is a colour to do with harmony, balance, abundance, growth and is the master colour in healing.
Once a banana has ripened it becomes yellow symbolising the confident, self assured expression of our authentic selves, sharing our unique gifts and talents with joy and enthusiasm out in the world. Representing the ripening and flowering of our consciousness, the fruiting of new growth, abundance and beginnings.

The shape of a banana is like a crescent moon which is a symbol of creation. How we cultivate strength and courage to create, nurture, our greater authentic selves to live the life we choose in each moment.

Becoming our empowered self to move out of the past, yet not beyond the future, to be in the Now, a new state of being, entering into a higher vibration of love light consciousness creation!

Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

As we sailed away from Banana Island I sensed a new me flowering, opening, to the creation of my own sacred self with strength, love and grace.

May you open to the flowering of your own sacred creative self with compassion and love!

Much love and light

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Full Moon Blessings on the Nile

Full moon blessing ceremony, Luxor, Egypt

On the 22nd February a Full Moon Blessing Ceremony to Hapi God of the Nile, was held at the cafe now known as Luxor Temple Views, Ramla, West Bank. It was hosted by ChristinA Ritchie of LUXORLight Ascension. A special evening attended by 5 people which is a significant number representing change, freedom and harmony! How perfectly aligned with the energies!

What a day, not only incorporating the energies of the full moon but those of the master number 22! On 22 days extraordinary things can happen leading to greater changes taking place! The light of the full moon illuminating new creative pathways to change, offering new beginnings and growth!

We gathered around the fire, releasing all the old ready to bring in the new! After this we began chanting the full moon blessing mantra, as channeled by ChristinA, from the Sacred Ancient Language of Light - Elah Eshatah Maramah, which means call to the beloved God/Goddess. This mantra aligning with the feminine energies of the moon perfectly!

The energy continuing to build as we connected with the energies of the Moon and the Nile River symbolising bringing greater flow of love into life. As part of the ceremony we released flower boats out into the Nile with prayers, healing and blessings carried forth for all bringing us together in Oneness! These flowers were collected from around the Nile River, adding to the sacredness.

Energy of Divine Love after repeating mantra

For me personally I could feel my heart opening to all, surrounding me, the moon, the river, the earth beneath my feet, people, until I felt connected to All, there was no beginning, no end, like the moon in her circular radiance of completion, endings to the old, new creation opening through the doorways of the rivers of our mighty hearts, reminding me we are never alone for we are connected to All!

It was a beautiful sacred evening, a real honouring which was completed in silence until the ceremony concluded with a glass of suklag! Not the correct spelling I am sure! I cannot remember what this drink now contains, however it was yummy and a lovely way to end an evening spent in community sending blessings of love, healing  and abundance out into the world for all to receive. In particular bestowing blessings to the coffee shop owner after the recent fire in his coffee shop, may new growth and new beginnings flourish!

Prior to the ceremony commencing I sat connecting with the energies of Luxor Temple, the perfect place at this delightful coffee shop which has the best views of Luxor Temple, well that is my opinion! I felt such a sense of love and this love permeated all as the ceremony began.

It was a humbling experience to celebrate and honour the full moon here in Luxor. I feel very blessed and will remember this full moon night for many moons to come!

I really enjoyed assisting ChristinA in the organising and preparation of this event so I can vouch for how special they are!

May the energy of this full moon see new gardens blooming within you, with Love!

With Love and Light

For future events held by ChristinA Ritchie in Luxor contact her Facebook page  Luxor Healing and Meditation  I highly recommend them!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

In the Presence of a Waterfall

El Fayoum, Egypt - healing waters of the lake

An early start to today, Tuesday 9th February's, mystery tour destination, as we were heading out to Wadi El Rayan, Qarun Lake, El Fayoum! Needless to say I was super excited to be visiting this place as I have wanted to go there for a long time. I could feel the energetic excitement building throughout the drive there! We made a stop on the way for Egyptian style morning tea - fresh pitta bread falafels with salad bought from a roadside shop and cups of hot tea! Just what we needed to sustain us for another amazing day!

I was excited to be in the energy of this place as the greater area has a connection to Serapis but more specifically El Fayoum where we were, was the place of the Essene Therapeuti - a group of healing people connected to the Essenes

As we began walking around I could feel the healing energy of this place, the calmness and stillness that it brought one into. The lake sparkled with an amazing light, the light of being in the Now of being in a state of Presence, the stillness and calmness that evokes from within. It felt like a walking meditation yet still engaging with the world around us. 

We walked closer to the waters edge of the lake, where we decided to take a short boat trip on one of the fishing boats, to enable a different connection and experience. As we rowed out on the lake, I dipped my hand in the water allowing it to glide through, as I gently pulled my hand out, closing my eyes, I connected with the energies of the lake and the emotional waters within myself, allowing the healing waters of the lake to meld with me. Soothing, balancing my emotional body coming into a state of peace and serenity. Wow I felt an intense sense of peace as we rowed back into shore, seeing and feeling everything from a new perspective.

As we alighted from the boat a group of Egyptian people from Cairo, were dancing and singing. A lady grabbed my arm, drawing us into their music, singing and laughter. Such a spontaneous in the moment experience and one I will never forget as they connected with us, talking, laughing sharing their joy as we took photos! 

I saw an anchor lying on the sand, the words came to me to keep anchoring the love and light of self as I open to greater love allowing higher frequencies to fill my being remembering to ground these spiritual energies into my physical existence on earth. As I continued to walk the land of El Fayoum this is what I did! Continuing to collect pieces of myself along the way too!

Eventually coming to take our place in front of the healing presence of the waterfall. I love the energy of this waterfall, in this oasis, watching the water flow down over the rocks as it makes its way to the lake. Reminding me of the larger journey it has taken, as it weaves its way through the desert landscape, flowing over obstacles in its path or around them, sometimes there is a rush of water and at other times the water collects in pools at the rivers edge out of the flow for a awhile. Like we do in life to take some time out to rest, steady ourselves, to catch our breath, to be, to allow integration of new learning, understanding or awareness, to gain wisdom. 

These things I noticed as I sat in a state of presence feeling a connection to the land, to this desert oasis, which some may say is barren, harsh. I only see beauty, feel peace, healing and magic.

As I continued to meditate I acknowledge the oasis within me, bringing myself into the space of my own inner sanctuary for nurturing, accepting the healing waters of the waterfall to reinvigorate all aspects of self - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, allowing the spray of these waters to gently touch my face and body. It is too cold to immerse myself under the flow of the waterfall, so I sit, allowing the waterfall's energy to connect with me in this way. Allowing these waters to replenish my soul bringing me into a deeper connection with the divine love residing within my own heart to my heart of Oneness where harmony, balance and a deep state of peace exist.

As I write this I can feel those energies enter my being and I am there once more. Can you feel it too, the oasis within you? Can you visualise the healing waters of the waterfall washing over you taking you to a deeper place within, to the pool of self - your divine self? 

I have always loved the desert. There is something special held here in the land of El Fayoum and I would love to return another time to feel more! 

I can feel the river of self, the river of life within me, stirring ready to flow again into new unchartered waters, flowing with divine love, a connection to all, I can feel the flow begin........................ .........

and those words I heard before I departed on this trip to Egypt - take me to the river, now I understand the wisdom they held - take me to the river that lies within, master the flow of that river, a river of emotions, thoughts, come to love, be peace and as it flows from my inner life may it be reflected in my outer life, the one I choose to live with a heart of divine love and grace! 

In gratitude I give thanks to the El Fayoum for the gift of presence of a special waterfall!

Wherever you go, flow with the Greater Love of Self. 

Much love and blessings to you all on your river of life journeys!


Kim participated in The Power of Presence, Sacred Sites Program, Facilitated by ChristinA Ritchie for more information please contact her website

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Stepping out with Presence!

Stepping out with Presence, San El-Hagar, Egypt

On the 5th February another day in the mystery tour of Egypt and life took place! Stepping out further into my power of presence journey! Journeying into the greater version of self that takes one beyond the Self, connecting with our divine presence within.

Travelling by car to San El-Hagar, north of Cairo, south of Alexandria, near the city of Tanis, we entered what is termed Thebes of the North, the Thebes of the South being the area around Luxor. The journey was long, taking over 4 hours to reach our destination, as with all mystery tours we got lost along the way, ah, but this only added to the mystery that was unraveling in each moment. We were the first tourists to visit this site in 5 years! 

When we finally arrived at the site and the Guards met us, I thought is this it as there wasn’t very much to see, only a few relics. However as we began walking I could already sense the energy so when we walked over the top of the hill I could not believe the vista that panned out before my eyes!

In that moment I stood in a state of breathlessness where nothing existed except what I was feeling within. The area was huge and scattered over this landscape were remnants from the past, such as broken statues of Ramses II filled with amazing energy. I could hardly wait to get amongst it and feel more!

I felt I would be receiving something of significance from this place, as the program facilitator Christina Ritchie had already been guided. 

As we wandered the site in a state of meditative reverence connecting with the energies, I knew before Christina even spoke where the process would take place, among the broken pieces of lotus columns! I did not know then why this particular spot would be so significant. The process was deeply personal as keys, codes and sounds, came through all being completed in a divine manner with the grace of presence. What a gift this place was bestowing on me even though I had no idea and it simply did not matter! It was about being in the energy surrendering to all that is.

The lotus was offering me something very precious like a rare jewel, the gift of self! The riches we find when we stay present in the flow of life transcending thoughts and emotions, entering a state of presence where it becomes second nature, so no “thought” is given! It is who we truly are, an expression of self beyond the form of self we hold in our human form.

We were in for another treat this day as we were taken to a second site not far from the one we had just entered. A Sacred Lake and on the way there we stopped to take in the energy of a statue of Amun and Mut! At first I thought it was Sekhmet of whom I have an affinity with.  On finding out it was indeed Mut I was humbled to make the connection even though I know very little about Mut.

As we wandered this area we were told the energy was not contained in the stone but rather in the ground and the water, though the lake was empty of water.

Water symbolizes the emotions or the emotional body. It appeared I was on a journey of mastering the emotional body, embodying a state of presence all part of the journey to wholeness.  Embracing the strength of the masculine and unifying it with the aspects of the feminine.  Wow I love this place!

As it came time to leave I walked with gratitude for everything this special place had allowed me to experience and feel. As I walked up the steps I turned and gave thanks to all, my heart full of love, as this place allowed me to embrace beautiful love energy by being present!

Much love and light
Kim x

Kim participated in The Power of Presence, Sacred Sites Program, Facilitated by ChristinA Ritchie for more information please contact her website

Stepping out with Presence - Collecting Fragments of Self!

Collecting Fragments of Self

The day following the trip to San El-Hagar 6th Feb, was a day of rest allowing integration of the previous days energies and to rest.

Later that afternoon on a wet, cold day we headed to downtown Cairo to do some shopping, later deciding to have pizza for dinner. While eating dinner I was overcome with an intense heart opening that was very emotional, so the tears flowed. It felt surreal sitting there crying for no apparent reason only as a release to the intensity of emotions I was feeling.

Each time I come to Egypt I have these heart openings! Why??

I remember clearly the first time I travelled to Egypt in 2008, on arrival in Luxor driving from the airport and crossing the bridge I experienced a heart opening like never before. At the time I didn’t even know I was experiencing one! It wasn’t until later I found out what it was!

Next morning upon awakening, ChristinA Ritchie, Program Facilitator, shared some insights with me she had received regarding the heart openings, the reason why I was to receive from San El-Hagar and why the process occurred amongst the broken columns of lotus.

I’ve had many lifetimes in Egypt and some of those have been where I have been completely in my power with a strong connection to the divine within me.  However there have been lifetimes where through traumatic experiences I have lost the love of self and so have “lost” or left behind pieces of myself, becoming fragmented, separated, therefore not whole.

In this lifetime I am rebuilding my own lotus pillar collecting pieces of me, each time I bring a piece of myself back I feel "in love" with self, which is the heart openings I experience.

 Each time the love frequency increases within a piece of fear is gone.

As I continue to build my lotus pillar I am unifying lost aspects of self, balancing my masculine and feminine, my divine essence, embodying my Higher Self/I Am Presence becoming whole again as an expression of my own great love, coming fully into my power/potential this lifetime.

This is why the practice of being in your inner world is so important as everything one needs to become whole lies within. As the saying goes everything we need is within us! Love indeed conquers all!

When only love exists there is no fear, dis-ease etc so raising ones frequency is best daily practice and the power of presence is the way to access your inner world where only love resides.

So enter the well of your heart, the portal to stillness, the breath your key to enter, sinking to unknown depths within, leading to your own expansive great love, the greatest love of all. How can it get any better than that!

The symbology of the lotus is significant too as each day the lotus is reborn out of the darkness, opening to greater light, just as we have the opportunity to be reborn each day with greater awareness, higher levels of consciousness taking us beyond the self to the all that is and opening to and receiving more light! 

Strengthening our own lotus pillars, flowering, blossoming like the lotus towards higher levels of consciousness, connecting with the divine and our own divinity. Embodying our true essence the truth of who we are, being our own true love, aligning with the truth of our God self!

Remember you have the strength to access the power 
of your presence! Hold on to that!

Just as I have experienced the power of presence I have also experienced how it feels when one is not in a state of presence. It doesn't take much to not be in that state! I have learnt a great deal when I haven't been in that state so for this I am grateful for the learning. It takes daily practice, being mindful, remaining conscious to catch thoughts, staying on top of emotions that can send one into a spiral, where thoughts and emotions swirl feeding each other continuing the spiral, observing patterns of behavior and beliefs so these too can be changed.

The most important thing is don’t beat yourself up when things go awry as they will do. Try not to feel guilty, angry, frustrated, disappointed etc with yourself as this will not be helpful to realigning with a state of presence and will only serve to see you descend further into the depths of the spiral. In those moments stop, take a breath, keep breathing and with each breath bring yourself into your heart space, forgive yourself, have compassion and remind yourself how far you have come.

Accept in any given moment what is, surrender to that, feel how that sits with you!

Like the lotus you have the opportunity to be reborn again the next day! Once again opening to greater light and love of self!

Remember all that is lost is found! Sometimes we wander and yet are not lost!

Please refer to my previous post Part 1 Stepping out with Presence

Much love and light

Kim participated in The Power of Presence, Sacred Sites Program, Facilitated by ChristinA Ritchie for more information please contact her website

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Kookaburras Laughing!

Swamp Walk, Perth, Western Australia
Kim Wrightson Photography ©

I would like to share with you one of my swamp walk experiences from June 2014! Here it is!

I so love my walks around the swamp! It really has become my place of peace, where I combine my daily spiritual practice enabling me a stronger connection with nature. Each time I go there the experience is different which I love and enables me to connect more completely with mySelf, taking me to places I have not been to before, a total workout for mind, body, spirit.

I receive the exercise I need for my physical being, a walking meditation, clearing and cleansing through my chosen processes which vary each day, sunlight which feeds my aura and using my imagination to bring fun and freshness in!

This nature reserve has shown me we can find our places of connection to nature, our place of peace so close to where we live. It means we don't need to travel miles to find such sanctuaries for rejuvenation and relaxation. For some it may be the beach, a local park, wherever you are able to form a connection that stirs your soul, bringing solace to your being.

The previous day's walk was about entering the stillness, even though the day was grey, cloudy, there was still so much light! I saw a flock of black cockatoos fly over, then a large white bird I flying low in my line of sight, as I walked over the swamp's board walk, only noticing the energy of stillness I carried in my heart.

Today the sun was out shining on my walk, the energy was very different! There was Laughter in air! As I walked around the other side of the swamp there were so many Kookaburras laughing, their bird song sounds like someone laughing! The sound was deafening and I too started to spontaneously laugh.

My whole body was filled with laughter and I hadn't laughed this joyously in a long time. I could hear the Kookaburras saying laugh some more, we're laughing with you! I felt like a child again immersed in the joy of nature and joy of Self. The laughing was very cleansing too as the vibrations moved through me out through my energy field, my heart expanding. The blue sky with the white bands of cloud amazing, such a healing canopy of colour to walk under.

I am so grateful for all this beautiful place is revealing, teaching and allowing me to open more fully to ME!

May you always find joy in your heart wherever your place of peace is!

Infinite Love


Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Gift of Presence

Temple of Serapis, Serapeum, Alexandria, Egypt

I have often heard something to the effect that a journey begins before the physical journey even starts! No idea where this came from all I can say for me I have found this to be true.

Over a month ago I had no idea or thought that I would be going to Egypt again. I have been a few times now and the last time I was there in 2014 I felt would be my last. How wrong was I with the realization to never say never as we don’t know how the mysteries of life unfold and what the universe has in store for us. There is always a bigger picture and thy will not my will to remember! 

In the months leading up to this particular trip to Egypt, Ascended Master Serapis had been around giving me messages at various times. I didn’t think too much about it and accepted this guidance as part of my growth and learning. I was aware that I was being pushed forward in my own growth in relation to opening further to my spiritual work, beginning to run meditation classes and teaching the LUXORLight Ascension Program. 

An opportunity presented for me to travel to Egypt with ChristinA Ritchie, as she was about to embark on her sacred travels again beginning a new phase in her spiritual mission. So we flew out of Perth on the 1st Feb to begin a mystery tour in Egypt not really having a plan, simply allowing and trusting in the process as to where we would go. 

On the 3rd February we travelled to the Temple of Serapis, the Serapeum in Alexandria. It also happened to be my birthday that day so what a wonderful start as I enter a 23/5 personal year! A year of harmony, freedom and change!

As I walked around the grounds my heart space began to open, as I continued to connect with the energies of the land, slowing down and coming into a state of presence, moving deeper into my internal body the love I felt became stronger, sounds,codes and mantras came forth too. 

My heart space opened further, all I could feel was immense divine love, growing stronger as I entered the subterranean galleries, the love energy strongest where a copy of the Apis Bull resided. 

Walking down this corridor I could see magenta violet light not something I normally experience. It was such a beautiful and moving experience, which will stay with me for a long time. Even as I write this I can feel the energy stirring once more. To be in the presence and energy of Ascended Master Serapis is so very special and it appears this trip is also very much about connecting with sites that specifically relate to him. 

Later that night at the hotel, ChristinA began sharing wisdoms from the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I said to her I brought that book with me to read! No coincidence there! It has become evident as this trip unfolds that it is about the Power of Presence, truly embodying this with daily practice, being mindful , so one really experiences what presence is, to be in the Now of each moment. 

Spending more time in the unmanifest world rather than in the external manifest world. Connecting with our inner worlds, our inner body and simply be in the energy for when one resides in the energy there is everything. It has been interesting the signs that have come to me already on this trip, usually through songs bringing my attention to presence. For instance the other day I heard the words “slow down you move too fast, got to make the morning last ……feeling groovy

Being mindful of walking at a slower pace, really slowing down, simply being. Other words I kept hearing were take me to the river these came to me before I even left for this trip. Take me to the river signifies to me going with the flow of life, balancing being with the doing that needs to be done in the external world as we go about our daily lives. 

Last night as I drifted off to sleep I could feel the  energy as ChristinA was working on a blog post about the Temple of Serapis. I could feel myself being drawn further into the energy as I lay in bed. Then followed icy cold energy as I entered further into a very deep energetic sleep, until I was gone, knowing not what happened after that! 

So on this trip I am embracing and allowing myself the gift of presence and the power that it brings.  Allowing what is to flow from that space. I am the first person to be undertaking this new program with ChristinA Ritchie, as with all things new it is being adapted and changed to suit as she receives further guidance. 

Follow along as I undertake my journey with the Power of Presence in Egypt!

Love and light


Kim participated in The Power of Presence, Sacred Sites Program, Facilitated by ChristinA Ritchie for more information please contact her website