Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mindful of the Kookaburra's Message


Has it really been over a month since my last blog post! So much has happened since the "end" of the blog challenge and I have taken a slight detour from writing. I have been preparing for changes and the start to the new year has presented me with an opportunity for an adventure of the traveling kind! Preparations energetically over the last month have seen me a little quiet as a result! That is another story!

Anyway the other morning I was hanging out the washing and could hear the Kookaburras "laughing" for their birdsong sounds like laughter. It is such a joyous sound and as the chorus of laughter continued I could feel my whole body begin to vibrate with the sound of joy and laughter too! I could feel a sense of aliveness and of the new to come, perhaps from the month long journey I am about to undertake.

I stood there in the moment allowing the sun's rays to lick my face with its awakening rays as I continued to mindfully hang out the washing, fully immersed in the beauty of each moment. I could easily have chosen to see this activity as mundane, however, the sky, sun and the Kookaburra's symphony of laughter revealed there was more surrounding me than simply washed clothes!

Maybe that is the key to really see the beauty in the world no matter where we are and what we are doing. To feel it in our hearts as we connect with Mother Nature and the messages she is sending!

I also believe Kookaburra was sending me a message too! So I checked out some relevant websites to see what Kookaburra as an animal totem had to say. Interesting as it feels quite relevant to me at this time. The other bird that has been crossing my path lately is the Ibis. I always take notice of the signs in nature whether they be from birds, flowers, trees, etc. as I have always found them to contain potent messages acting as sign posts as I walk my path.

Take notice of nature's signs and what she is revealing to you!

Kim x