Saturday, 20 February 2016

Kookaburras Laughing!

Swamp Walk, Perth, Western Australia
Kim Wrightson Photography ©

I would like to share with you one of my swamp walk experiences from June 2014! Here it is!

I so love my walks around the swamp! It really has become my place of peace, where I combine my daily spiritual practice enabling me a stronger connection with nature. Each time I go there the experience is different which I love and enables me to connect more completely with mySelf, taking me to places I have not been to before, a total workout for mind, body, spirit.

I receive the exercise I need for my physical being, a walking meditation, clearing and cleansing through my chosen processes which vary each day, sunlight which feeds my aura and using my imagination to bring fun and freshness in!

This nature reserve has shown me we can find our places of connection to nature, our place of peace so close to where we live. It means we don't need to travel miles to find such sanctuaries for rejuvenation and relaxation. For some it may be the beach, a local park, wherever you are able to form a connection that stirs your soul, bringing solace to your being.

The previous day's walk was about entering the stillness, even though the day was grey, cloudy, there was still so much light! I saw a flock of black cockatoos fly over, then a large white bird I flying low in my line of sight, as I walked over the swamp's board walk, only noticing the energy of stillness I carried in my heart.

Today the sun was out shining on my walk, the energy was very different! There was Laughter in air! As I walked around the other side of the swamp there were so many Kookaburras laughing, their bird song sounds like someone laughing! The sound was deafening and I too started to spontaneously laugh.

My whole body was filled with laughter and I hadn't laughed this joyously in a long time. I could hear the Kookaburras saying laugh some more, we're laughing with you! I felt like a child again immersed in the joy of nature and joy of Self. The laughing was very cleansing too as the vibrations moved through me out through my energy field, my heart expanding. The blue sky with the white bands of cloud amazing, such a healing canopy of colour to walk under.

I am so grateful for all this beautiful place is revealing, teaching and allowing me to open more fully to ME!

May you always find joy in your heart wherever your place of peace is!

Infinite Love


Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Gift of Presence

Temple of Serapis, Serapeum, Alexandria, Egypt

I have often heard something to the effect that a journey begins before the physical journey even starts! No idea where this came from all I can say for me I have found this to be true.

Over a month ago I had no idea or thought that I would be going to Egypt again. I have been a few times now and the last time I was there in 2014 I felt would be my last. How wrong was I with the realization to never say never as we don’t know how the mysteries of life unfold and what the universe has in store for us. There is always a bigger picture and thy will not my will to remember! 

In the months leading up to this particular trip to Egypt, Ascended Master Serapis had been around giving me messages at various times. I didn’t think too much about it and accepted this guidance as part of my growth and learning. I was aware that I was being pushed forward in my own growth in relation to opening further to my spiritual work, beginning to run meditation classes and teaching the LUXORLight Ascension Program. 

An opportunity presented for me to travel to Egypt with ChristinA Ritchie, as she was about to embark on her sacred travels again beginning a new phase in her spiritual mission. So we flew out of Perth on the 1st Feb to begin a mystery tour in Egypt not really having a plan, simply allowing and trusting in the process as to where we would go. 

On the 3rd February we travelled to the Temple of Serapis, the Serapeum in Alexandria. It also happened to be my birthday that day so what a wonderful start as I enter a 23/5 personal year! A year of harmony, freedom and change!

As I walked around the grounds my heart space began to open, as I continued to connect with the energies of the land, slowing down and coming into a state of presence, moving deeper into my internal body the love I felt became stronger, sounds,codes and mantras came forth too. 

My heart space opened further, all I could feel was immense divine love, growing stronger as I entered the subterranean galleries, the love energy strongest where a copy of the Apis Bull resided. 

Walking down this corridor I could see magenta violet light not something I normally experience. It was such a beautiful and moving experience, which will stay with me for a long time. Even as I write this I can feel the energy stirring once more. To be in the presence and energy of Ascended Master Serapis is so very special and it appears this trip is also very much about connecting with sites that specifically relate to him. 

Later that night at the hotel, ChristinA began sharing wisdoms from the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I said to her I brought that book with me to read! No coincidence there! It has become evident as this trip unfolds that it is about the Power of Presence, truly embodying this with daily practice, being mindful , so one really experiences what presence is, to be in the Now of each moment. 

Spending more time in the unmanifest world rather than in the external manifest world. Connecting with our inner worlds, our inner body and simply be in the energy for when one resides in the energy there is everything. It has been interesting the signs that have come to me already on this trip, usually through songs bringing my attention to presence. For instance the other day I heard the words “slow down you move too fast, got to make the morning last ……feeling groovy

Being mindful of walking at a slower pace, really slowing down, simply being. Other words I kept hearing were take me to the river these came to me before I even left for this trip. Take me to the river signifies to me going with the flow of life, balancing being with the doing that needs to be done in the external world as we go about our daily lives. 

Last night as I drifted off to sleep I could feel the  energy as ChristinA was working on a blog post about the Temple of Serapis. I could feel myself being drawn further into the energy as I lay in bed. Then followed icy cold energy as I entered further into a very deep energetic sleep, until I was gone, knowing not what happened after that! 

So on this trip I am embracing and allowing myself the gift of presence and the power that it brings.  Allowing what is to flow from that space. I am the first person to be undertaking this new program with ChristinA Ritchie, as with all things new it is being adapted and changed to suit as she receives further guidance. 

Follow along as I undertake my journey with the Power of Presence in Egypt!

Love and light


Kim participated in The Power of Presence, Sacred Sites Program, Facilitated by ChristinA Ritchie for more information please contact her website