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Stepping out with Presence!

Stepping out with Presence, San El-Hagar, Egypt

On the 5th February another day in the mystery tour of Egypt and life took place! Stepping out further into my power of presence journey! Journeying into the greater version of self that takes one beyond the Self, connecting with our divine presence within.

Travelling by car to San El-Hagar, north of Cairo, south of Alexandria, near the city of Tanis, we entered what is termed Thebes of the North, the Thebes of the South being the area around Luxor. The journey was long, taking over 4 hours to reach our destination, as with all mystery tours we got lost along the way, ah, but this only added to the mystery that was unraveling in each moment. We were the first tourists to visit this site in 5 years! 

When we finally arrived at the site and the Guards met us, I thought is this it as there wasn’t very much to see, only a few relics. However as we began walking I could already sense the energy so when we walked over the top of the hill I could not believe the vista that panned out before my eyes!

In that moment I stood in a state of breathlessness where nothing existed except what I was feeling within. The area was huge and scattered over this landscape were remnants from the past, such as broken statues of Ramses II filled with amazing energy. I could hardly wait to get amongst it and feel more!

I felt I would be receiving something of significance from this place, as the program facilitator Christina Ritchie had already been guided. 

As we wandered the site in a state of meditative reverence connecting with the energies, I knew before Christina even spoke where the process would take place, among the broken pieces of lotus columns! I did not know then why this particular spot would be so significant. The process was deeply personal as keys, codes and sounds, came through all being completed in a divine manner with the grace of presence. What a gift this place was bestowing on me even though I had no idea and it simply did not matter! It was about being in the energy surrendering to all that is.

The lotus was offering me something very precious like a rare jewel, the gift of self! The riches we find when we stay present in the flow of life transcending thoughts and emotions, entering a state of presence where it becomes second nature, so no “thought” is given! It is who we truly are, an expression of self beyond the form of self we hold in our human form.

We were in for another treat this day as we were taken to a second site not far from the one we had just entered. A Sacred Lake and on the way there we stopped to take in the energy of a statue of Amun and Mut! At first I thought it was Sekhmet of whom I have an affinity with.  On finding out it was indeed Mut I was humbled to make the connection even though I know very little about Mut.

As we wandered this area we were told the energy was not contained in the stone but rather in the ground and the water, though the lake was empty of water.

Water symbolizes the emotions or the emotional body. It appeared I was on a journey of mastering the emotional body, embodying a state of presence all part of the journey to wholeness.  Embracing the strength of the masculine and unifying it with the aspects of the feminine.  Wow I love this place!

As it came time to leave I walked with gratitude for everything this special place had allowed me to experience and feel. As I walked up the steps I turned and gave thanks to all, my heart full of love, as this place allowed me to embrace beautiful love energy by being present!

Much love and light
Kim x

Kim participated in The Power of Presence, Sacred Sites Program, Facilitated by ChristinA Ritchie for more information please contact her website

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