Thursday, 20 April 2017

Messages from the Flower Devas - Keeper of the Wisdom - Red Hibiscus

The season of Autumn is when we bloom most proficiently, as this is the season of letting go of all the old, however you can tune in anytime to our energies to initiate those changes you would like to create!

It is time to plant the new seeds of creation, time to open to your passionate self, connecting with the divine energies of Heaven's light, anchoring these seeds of creation, higher divine wisdoms, to be made manifest in the physical world, the creation of your own heaven on earth.

As you continually purify and ground your true essence, expanding your levels of consciousness, reaching and connecting with the divine energies of Christ consciousness, allow these to spiral down your central column activating all chakras, passing through your purified and balanced base chakra, the base of creation, anchoring you to Mother Earth, allowing all to become manifest in your world.

Remember balance is the key as you activate your passionate true self. You are a container of joyous light that dances and spirals out, touching and inspiring others to be all they can be as you become all you can be!

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography