Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Gateway to Self

Orbs of light
Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Yesterday I had a feeling to take a walk around the swamp! As I headed out the time on my phone was 11:11! Now this is a significant number sequence and I felt I was about to go through a gateway. The nature reserve where the swamp is located is like entering another world so I wondered what would be in store for me! 

As I commenced walking down to the swamp I began to chant silently a mantra of purification as I normally do to make sure my energies are clear before I enter this sacred land. 

Entering the reserve, I felt the energy was very different to previous times. It was so quiet with an air of stillness I had not experienced before. As I walked along one of the limestone pathways the sun beckoned me, stopping to take a photo, it was hard to see as the light was so bright, point and click it was! Each step I took I could feel myself sinking further into the stillness, within me and around me, becoming One with nature. 

Just before walking across the boardwalk a large dragonfly flew in front of me and my heart opened wide, with the dragonfly saying take notice of me please! Which I duly did! As I rounded the corner, the pathway opens to an expansive array of beautiful shades of green, most notably lime green, in various textures of reeds, grasses and trees. In the stillness I received the message “ Be open to embracing all the changes, new experiences, people and possibilities that are about to come forth.” 

I felt such a lightness of being connecting with the expansive blue sky that just seemed to go on forever showing me we truly are limitless beings and abundance is everywhere. 

Walking through the archway of trees on the other side both to my delight and surprise was a lone Ibis! I love seeing these birds so I stood in stillness observing the beauty of this bird. The Ibis is associated with the Egyptian God Thoth, so whenever I see the Ibis I feel Thoth is around and sure enough there was a message for me. I felt so blessed. 

I decided to walk a different path to explore part of the reserve I had never been to before, which took me to some historical buildings. Propped up on one side of a building was the top of an old windmill. I love windmills, those that feature on many Australian farms. They remind me of times growing up, trips to the bush and the short time I lived in the country as a child. I always feel there is something magical about them. Now windmills are to do with the wind and wind is associated with the mind. Transformation of mind! Like the wind clearing out the mind of all the clutter, thoughts etc. creating spaces where there is no mind. 

When I turned to retrace my steps back to the main path a whole new vista panned out in front of me. Sometimes we need to take detours, change our tracks, get out of our comfort zones, change our habits of doing the same thing the same way, take a step back, viewing our challenges and perceived obstacles in a new light.  How we view our Self and life changes with new possibilities. 

I felt like I was seeing this place with new eyes. I could feel my being expand with an aura of aliveness and joy!

With a new inner outlook, I crossed the bridge where beneath it flowed the sparkly water with the light bouncing off it. As I took time to gaze into the sparkles of watery light my emotional body felt sparkly and revitalised too! It felt like I had crossed another bridge to myself feeling a sense of emotional blocks clearing as water represents our emotions and also the subconscious mind. 

Further along the pathway I was looking at the shadows on the ground noticing something interesting. I took a photo seeing the image of a woman holding a child. Prior to this I had been thinking of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and the song Let It Be has been coming to me on and off since my return from my Egypt trip in Feb/March. Embrace the divine feminine and listen to the wisdoms. Nurture and love the inner child. Can you see it??

Before this occurred, a Monarch butterfly fluttered past me almost alighting on me but not quite and my heart opened wide again! Saying I’m here please take notice of me! Which I did! Dragonflies and butterflies symbolise transformation and change, amongst other things. 

Throughout my walk there were wisps of Dandelion seed heads floating all around. Softly carried by the gentle breeze that was blowing. Little puffs of clouds saying “Your wishes and dreams come true, when you are true to Self” 

Never give up on your dreams. Dreams may change however I believe it so important to have dreams. Allowing those dreams to come into existence. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. Hold them in your heart, believe in yourself, do the inner work, raise your vibration aligning your Self with that which is meant for you. Be you! Be the best version of you. Never give up cos it means giving up on your Self as Your Self has so much to bring to the world.

Before I left the nature reserve I stopped near a few trees looking up seeing the sun shining through the leaves. I was guided to take a photo where a beautiful pink orb of unconditional, divine love – the love and wisdom of the divine Mother and Father appeared. It is interesting that my walk began and ended with the orbs of light and love. The cycle of life is all about the circle of love and how much love we are willing to allow our Self and all beings for we are all connected in this amazing tapestry of humanity.

I am so grateful for all the signs around me, particularly the ones that cross my path in nature. Take note of the messages they bring for they can assist you along your soul’s pathway giving you insights and clues. All you need to do is observe, listen, go within and be aware of the messages being conveyed to you. There are many sites that offer information on animal, bird, insect symbolism. One I use is 

The overall messages the signs of nature were sharing with me. Transformation begins and ends with the Self, transforming mind, body, emotions and spirit. I had walked through a gateway to Self. We are not our body, emotions, thoughts or our stories. When we reside in the heart of Self, in the now, we are one with All and all is love and light and this is where the magic happens!

Much love and light to you all!

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography