Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Sea of Self

Beach Sunset

Call of the Ocean

It was a spontaneous decision to head down to the beach on a Sunday afternoon to be near water, out in nature where I love to be! The last few months and even beyond have seen many challenges, a lot of stress and feeling exhausted. Whenever challenges have been present in my life I have always felt the need to go to the beach or be near water. They are places of restoration and rejuvenation for me.

Off I headed feeling a sense of freedom, tranquility and peace beginning to descend within me as I drove there.

As I walked along the path to the beach a lone Ibis was walking on the grass alongside the path. I have never seen an Ibis down at the beach before so instinctively I knew to take notice! Whenever I see an Ibis I always feel it is a message from the Egyptian God Thoth and so it was on this occasion too. Maybe this time I might listen and take heed of the message!

Seat of Stillness

I looked for a place to be on the sand, there lo and behold was a park bench sitting against the brick wall of the surf club. Such a perfect place to park myself to gaze at the ocean and simply be! A time to be in the stillness, the silence and be at one with Nature!

There were quite a people at the beach as it was a warm afternoon, whilst I noticed the activity in my surroundings knowing I was amongst it all, it felt like I was the only one there. I could feel a deeper connection taking place and the nature spirits were there too.

Sinking deeper into a meditative state as I gently dug my feet further into the soft white sand, connecting to Mother Earth. As I did so I sensed the energy of the water, the sand, the gentle soft breeze, the light of the sun and the blue sky above me. The energy became alive in a way I have not experienced before. A symphony of nature’s rhythms and vibrations in these moments, nothing else existed only the feeling of oneness with nature. I had a front row seat to experience this sound and light show.

Pathway of Light

My gaze then became transfixed on the sun’s golden rays spilling on to the water, a pathway of golden light. As I breathed in the ocean air, filling my lungs, as I did so, connecting with the golden rays of the sun, this light feeding my soul. The sun had a message Follow the pathway of Light for You are the light of the Sun.

The sun became a mirror reflecting back to me. I heard another message from the sun, As you see the eternal light in me see the eternal light in you. The light of me, the Sun, fanning the flame of light within you.
It is interesting because we are in the month of November which is the 11th month of the year. The two ones are like pillars facing each other representing facing the mirror of our selves. This is a good month to look at your reflection and what is being reflected back to you. Reflecting your inner and outer world. A time to overcome those tests, challenges and obstacles opening you up to positive change and growth, reflecting the true you!

Healing waters

There is something healing about water or being near water, whether it is the ocean, lake, river or any body of water. Emotional healing as water represents our emotions and our physical body is 90% water. As I connected to the still waters of the ocean, the golden light on the water held a message this time saying What emotions need to be brought to the surface of your inner sea? Shine the light on your emotions. What wisdoms do they have for you? Be in acceptance of all that arises, without judgement of self.

As I went deeper into my physical body feeling the waves of emotions within, those of being overwhelmed, of sadness, my own emotional waves choppy, a feeling of disconnection. I noticed thoughts arising and the feelings that go with those. I allowed the ocean’s waters to connect with mine, balancing and soothing my emotional waters. The waves reminding me to allow the emotions to simply roll and melt into the sand cleansed by the sea water.

Then the vision of another landscape opened up! I am transported back to the shores of a lake in Egypt, El Fayoum, taking me back to those healing waters, an oasis in the desert. Healing the emotional desert that we all find ourselves visiting, not once, but many times as we seek to master our emotions on our journey to the mastery of Self.

I also see sparkles of light dancing on the water saying come dance the joy of life. Come dance the joy of Self. I can feel sparkly water inside me, sparkles of love from the greater ocean of Love that unites us all.

Then before I know it I am feeling the sensation of the seat beneath me again, my heart filling with joy from both lands, an expanded state of being and the light within me burning bright! A sense of calm and peace pervading me.

Letting Go

Letting Go, surrendering to the ebb and flow of life, following the divine pathway of light to the Sea of Self. The ocean we hold within us in our heart space, the sea of our hearts. A place we can connect into any time we choose. A place where we can dive deep into the waters of our emotional self, discovering our hidden treasures and dissolving those we no longer need. Ones that set us free from the strong currents and tides of emotional baggage that no longer serve us. 
So, next time you are feeling emotional chaos, turmoil or challenges find a body of water to connect with in nature and allow the healing to begin!

Did I get the message from the Ibis? Yes! as you can see by this post I am back to writing!

Much love and light
Kim xx

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)