Sunday, 23 December 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - Christmas Candle Light

For the last few weeks the essence of the Western Australian Christmas Tree has been coming into my awareness a sense of knowing of a tree waiting to connect with me when the time was right. 

Last week on a hot summer's day as I was driving home after running some errands the angels directed to me a park and low and behold there was a beautiful WA Christmas Tree flowering in all its magnificence! My joy was palpable! Its beautiful golden orange lights hanging beautifully, adorning the tree with a festive flavour! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the tree! Easily accessible to connect with the energies and take a photo! How perfect it all was!

These trees are flowering everywhere across Perth and beyond at this time of year and what a sight they make, along with the Flowering gums of red, orange, white together with the Jacaranda trees!

 Nature really knows how to turn on its own Christmas Lights display encouraging us to step out into nature allowing the beautiful energies of these trees to connect with us filling our own light wells, balancing and harmonising as we prepare to celebrate this special season of light, love and peace. 

Having an attitude of gratitude for the year in the fullness of all we have experienced as we  prepare to welcome a new year, surrendering to the infinite possibilities available to us.

This special message from the Western Australian Christmas Tree is for you!

"Connect to  your  inner candlelight, the candle light of your soul, found within the well of your heart! 

May this light ignite the holiness within, each spark of light igniting the divine, your Christ self, burning brightly with love!

Allow the flames of candle light to rise up,  burning brightly filling your heart space, as the light continues to rise heavenward, fanning the flames of love's light out across humanity connecting all in the glow of LOVE!

What gifts from the Heart can you give? Your Presence of mind, body and spirit, kindness, generosity of heart, a smile, a hug, a kind word, compassion, a listening ear!

It's a time to give to yourself and of your Self, sending out the light of love to all!
Love has no season it is an energy that can be embraced anytime one chooses to!"

Infinite Blessings this season as you open to the flowering of Self with the light of love for all of humanity!

Much love
Kim xx

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c) 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - Sunflower Light

Sunflower Light

Magic is certainly in the air today! These beautiful sunflower faces I photographed recently made it known they wanted their energy to be shared with you today being the Summer solstice and full moon tomorrow. I have been seeing Sunflowers everywhere lately. They remind me of big solar discs, containing much wisdom and light! Since it is the season of Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere where the sun is highest in the sky, they are a summer flower.

The Sunflower reminds me of my Grandmother as she used to grow them. As a child I would help to harvest the seeds when the flowers had finished and they would be used to feed her 2 cockatoo birds. Whenever I see these flowers I feel connected to my Grandmother and know that she is always with me. Her smile was always sunny like the sunflower and I can hear her laugh as I write this post. A beautiful heart filled laugh and it makes me smile too.

I feel them as a connection to Mother Earth and Father Sun. The sunflower is symbolic of the sun and the colour yellow is fiery like the sun's light. The colour yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra which is located in the stomach area of the physical body.

I liken the sunflower to the bean stalk as it climbs higher and higher into the sky, just like the bean stalk did in Jack and the Beanstalk. As we raise our levels of consciousness rising to higher levels, letting go of ego aspects of self, thoughts, patterns and behaviours etc. The sunflower is to me a representation of moving up heaven ward to connect with the energies of Source/Father Sun while remaining anchored to Mother Earth, enabling one to retain that connection, anchoring the foundation of self, the light of christ consciousness filling our body and auric temple, bringing through ones gifts and talents into the physical.

The message these flowers speak its time to come out of the darkness and into the light! Let go of all that is no longer valid or serves you! Clear the baggage of lifetimes! It is time to embrace your inner light, your empowered sunlight as you balance and harmonise that with your masculine and feminine energies, no matter if you are male or female as both have these aspects. 

The Feminine is asking the masculine to take action in a balanced and harmonised way as you move forth along your chosen pathway ready to become the way shower of light! Remembering to see from the highest perspective, embracing the highest light in all you do from the heart.

It is also interesting that the Sunflower is made up of clusters of small 5 pointed flowers. Five in numerology is a number of change, freedom and balance. What changes would you like to bring forth as we enter a time to bring through new light into our physical and spiritual bodies? A time to bring new harmonic energy onto the planet and speak from an open peaceful heart with kindness, compassion for all sentient beings. A time to become ONE with all of life and nature. There is no separation and we are linked by the unseen web of energy that connects and impacts on us all.

My gift to you is a Sunflower Meditation you can do to work with the energies of the sunflower if you so wish!

Breath in from the light of source and see this light travel down your central column that which houses your chakras, seeing it leave through the base chakra, anchoring that light deep in the core of Mother Earth. Repeat this 3 times to clear your chakras ready to begin.

Now see a beautiful sunflower stalk begin to rise up from Mother Earth entering your body through your base chakra moving upwards to  your Solar Plexus Chakra, located in your stomach area. 

You now see a beautiful sunflower open to reveal all its sunny yellow petals and its face of yellow flowers, see it begin to spin, sending bright yellow fire energy in a spiral activating your inner sun or your power centre. Feel the fire in the belly as it cleanses and clears activating your empowered self. Empower with the flower of sunlight to change the vision of Self!

When you feel ready allow the sunflower to move up until it reaches your crown chakra. See the beautiful green stalk strong and straight as it moves upward through your central column! The light of the sunflower now connects with the light of source and the sunflower fills with this pure golden light.

Gently see the flower tilt forward, all the seeds move lovingly down into your sacral chakra, just below the navel, where the seeds of new beginnings, dreams and wishes are planted awaiting the time when they are ready to be harvested once they have been nurtured by you!

You can also bring the Sunflower into your heart space and see its golden light spinning out through your auric field to cleanse and clear of all impurities instilling a sense of confidence and clarity in thought, action and deed.

Once you have completed this exercise please use the same breath sequence at the beginning to anchor this process into your physical reality.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I acknowledge all signs that I come across that speak to me. On this occasion there was a beautiful ladybird nestled in a branch of the Sunflower stalk. 

The ladybird's message was it's time for wishes and dreams to come true! Time to take inspired action from the heart, harness the power of self and allow those wishes to come true! To overcome the obstacles, break through those barriers, those illusions of the mind and seek the riches that lie within your golden hearts, harvest those and reap the rewards of all the hard work and generosity of spirit given freely to humanity.

Since the ladybird is nestled within the green leaves and branches of the Sunflower and green is a colour associated with abundance, harmony and growth its time to move to greater heights in our lives embracing all we deserve as we are worthy of receiving infinitely when our hearts are open to new possibilities and new ways of seeing and being simply allowing the process to unfold naturally, without forcing our will.  There is no limit to dreams and wishes!

On this light filled day I send you infinite blessings in creating all on this beautiful planet. Sending a heart full of gratitude to Father Sun and Mother Earth for all that is provided to us.

Kim xx

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c) 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - Out of Focus, New Ways of Seeing!

Out of Focus, New Ways of Seeing!

When I was going through my photos I took on a recent walk I noticed this one of an unfurling braken of fern was out of focus. At first my thought was oh no I am unable to use this photo because of this!

Ah............ but there is a message in this to say the photo is perfect the way it is. This is how the fern choose it to be! You see all is exactly as it is, unfolding as it is meant to!

This beautiful unfurling frond of bracken fern had these words to share..............Is there anything you need to re-focus on in your life to bring forth new growth? What may you need to bring your attention to, gaining clearer direction on a situation in your current life..................................................................................................................................................
Be open to seeing with new eyes, beyond normal vision, to new ways of being and doing. Opening to new energetic pathways.............................................................................................

Bring your focus to the Now! Leave behind the past as in each Now moment a future of new possibilities is created with each choice, each intention placed, based on what's held within the heart and the truth that lies there!

Look closely at what lies dormant within, with a new lense of self, zoom in, reset, this new awareness brings greater awakenings, an opportunity to finally bring the light of healing to something long held there, ready to be set free, unfurling your true nature's light out into the world.

May the beauty of life always be your guide!

Infinite Blessings
Kim x

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c) 

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully! - The Magic of Spring has Sprung!

The Magic of Spring has Sprung!

In the click of a day we roll over into the Magic of the season of Spring! It certainly has  sprung, opening this season of change, new growth and expansion with a glorious burst of sunshine and colour. These beautiful cream flowers welcome in the new light of the season and speak to us about opening to the expansiveness of Self, reaching out to new horizons, knowing that all is unfolding in the divine order of nature and the all that is.

It's a time where we can open to the new, as seeds begin to sprout, new growth appears on plants and trees, flowers bud and blossom, new leaves unfurl opening beautiful green leaves on trees, and all of life takes on a new rhythm after the dormancy of winter hibernation comes to an end. The season of Spring announces a time to re-enter the world in a balanced  new way as one moves forward with the thrust of unleashing new creative energies, mixing the alchemy of Self, as we resurrect a new greater version of ourselves!

The signs were very much everywhere today! Not far into my walk at the nature reserve there lying on the path was a beautiful white feather! A gift from the Angels with the message to keep the faith, knowing one is always supported with the Angel's love. It is always darkest before the dawn and now is the dawning of the new! 

Expression, Expansion, Excitement embracing the spring of our lives, an invitation to remember and connect with source, God, Universal energies whatever resonates with you, lifting higher to reach our spiritual essence, where freedom in many ways has the opportunity to become ours and ultimately this leads to greater freedoms in an infinite universe of abundance, where the mysteries of nature are revealed to us in every moment of each day.

This was very much the message from the 3 beautiful white birds I saw circling high in the clear blue sky at the nature reserve today! They flew with such beauty, carried on the thermal air, they made flight look easy and effortless gracing the skies with their dance in unison. Embrace and connect with your spiritual purity, lifting to higher levels of Christ consciousness. Where thoughts are pure and higher mind brings through intuitive, inspiring ideas, use these to paint your new canvas this Spring. Trust in the expression of these new ideas in the new expanded version of Self.

This is also an excellent season to declutter your life in all ways. Removing physical clutter from your home, clearing out possessions that no longer resonate with you or bring you joy, or have simply gone well past their used by date! Clearing out old patterns, thoughts, beliefs, emotional wounding and so on. As the saying goes out with the old and in with the new!

It's all energy, so changing things around moves the energy which is what you want, to shift the stagnant old energy to make way for the new to come in!

I saw so many Wattlebirds on my walk today! Listening to their beautiful songs I could feel the joy in my heart, opening me to the beauty of all life!

Their message pure and sweet like the nectar from the flowers they feed from. Embrace the sweetness of life, sing your new song of the season with an open heart! Walk to a new rhythm as new pathways open from your comfort zones, where change and growth see the blossoming of the new You, surrendering to the divine, having faith that all will come to fruition.
We can sip from the cup of nature's nectar whenever we choose to nourish us, filling us with all the life giving sustenance, as we open to infinite opportunities.

As I headed home a lime green coloured car pulled across the path in front of me. As I have mentioned before it is important to take notice of all the signs that cross your path, both physically and figuratively. 

Lime green is associated with change and new growth and since the car was moving I see this as symbolising moving forward along my path, welcoming and accepting the changes to come, that will lead to new growth, as I continue to build the foundation of self, as the car is supported and balanced on four wheels. The car looked new, bright and shiny so I feel this is also affirming new changes to come are positive in nature! 

Remember we always have access to nature's bounty when we open our hearts to the wonder and joy of life. Hold gratitude in our hearts and give thanks for all we currently have in our lives. Know we are infinitely blessed with the grace of nature, the Angels, our Spirit Guides and the All That Is.

May the beauty of Life always be your guide!

Infinite blessings
Kim x

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where true nature's bud beautifully

I have decided to begin a new series of posts where I will share on a regular basis signs and messages from nature to assist in the budding of your true nature! Originally I had this as a separate blog site however I have been guided to now share the wisdoms in this format. I would like to inspire showing you how to work with the signs and messages in nature and any others that cross your path! How these are conveying messages to you, inspiring you to become curious about opening to more of You! Where you are able to bud, bloom and open into your beautiful true nature!

So today on my walk at the nature reserve I was drawn to these 3 mushrooms! Across from the mushrooms on the other side of the path I was also drawn to 3 yellow flowers nestled amongst the bracken! I always go where I am intuitively drawn and you will feel this the more once you begin to connect and tune in with yourself and your surrounding environment wherever that may be. 

Things will begin to jump out at you and you will know intuitively whether it is something to take notice of or not. It might be a good idea to get yourself a notebook or journal where you can record these signs, along with any insights or messages you receive. It is useful to do this as you may notice a pattern forming of recurring symbols and signs that present to you. Also note any thoughts or feelings, emotions that may also arise.

Through this process you will be begin to see what nature is speaking to you about. What messages from the angels and spirit are also coming through via the world around you. It's important to be open to receiving them and trust in the messages coming through. Keeping your heart open, feeling from your heart space rather than your head! It's easy to get caught up in the head in our thoughts and our ego mind. We really want to bring divine wisdom into the heart. The wisdom of the heart knows.

Both the mushrooms and flowers were in a group of 3, the mushrooms and flowers each roughly in a circular shape. The circle in sacred mathematics represents no beginning and no end, like the circle of life, the cycles of death and rebirth. Powering one to become a master of yourself and your purpose in life. 
Yellow is the colour of joy and is the colour of the soul so it's time to build the foundations of your life with joy, accessing the wisdom of your soul, your higher self and grounding your purpose and passion into this reality here on earth now. 

Brown is the colour of the earth, where everything is recycled back to the soil, ready to begin the cycle of life anew. It is where we are able to stabilise and anchor our connection to mother earth. 

The mushrooms form a beautiful triangle shape and when the triangle, becomes the triad, it is the the strongest form on which to build the base of our pyramid of Self. It becomes the foundation of our life. Mushrooms are saying build yourself a solid base to Mother Earth, where you can build the pyramid of self.

The yellow flowers are speaking of connecting to your inner sun that resides in your solar plexus chakra, bringing the divine wisdom through and grounding that golden light into your soul's purpose. Yellow is the colour of the soul so these flowers are also saying you are on the right path, the path of soul, so trust in the knowing that comes your way and have the courage to take those intuitive steps!

The flowers have 5 petals and 5 is the number of freedom, change and travel. Joy opens your heart to the freedom of changing the way you travel your life path. Perhaps looking at new pathways or moving any stagnant or blocked energy to allow opening to the new. Changing beliefs and thoughts, building confidence and self esteem to take those steps outside of ones comfort zone, opening Self to greater change that brings one into greater alignment with the truth of who you are!

Green is the colour of the master healer and with so much green in nature it is a great place in which to utilise the healing nature of Mother Earth to bring balance and harmony to the trinity of mind, body and spirit. 

On that note I leave you to begin your own journeys as you form a greater relationship with Mother Earth and YourSelf!

May the beauty of life always be your guide!

Infinite Blessings

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - JOY - Jump Over Yellow

Golden Wattle

There are days when you wake up in the morning and you just know that it's going to be an awesome day. Well today was one of those where the energy of the day holds that special something, though you have no idea what it is, therein lies the surprise packet waiting to be opened as the day unfolds!

It was a beautiful sunny winter's day with Spring peeking around the corner, I could feel the closing of one season as the doorway to another just about to open, magic in the air as a sense of things shifting gears begins as a new season of opportunity awaits!

As I walked to the nature reserve I was doing my usual spiritual practice and as I got closer to the reserve I could feel such Joy in my heart and Songs of Joy were playing in my head and I was gleefully singing Joy to the World...................................................................... as I entered the Nature Reserve a vista of yellow dandelions popping up amongst the lime green grass appeared before my eyes. I heard the Flower Devas say JOY is Jump Over Yellow!! So I jumped over the yellow dandelions, careful to tread lightly, my heart and soul filling with Joy as I Jumped into more of My joyful Self. I felt so much freedom in each moment I connected with the energy of the dandelions. To most people dandelions are weeds however to me they represent happiness and joy, spreading their vibrant colour across the surface of the grass, asking one to look at the depths of beauty beyond the superficial seeing where the roots of true beauty lies - deep within the heart and soul. 

As I continued my walking meditation I came across the beautiful golden wattle and the Flower Devas had this little message to share "Allow our puffs of golden light to enter your solar plexus  chakra, your inner sun, awakening you to your creative power and the truth of your gifts. May these starbursts of energy empower you to take those leaps of faith to open the doors out of your comfort zones into new vistas of opportunity and growth"

These poms poms of yellow vibrant energy had me jumping for Joy into ME again! The solar plexus chakra represents our power centre and yellow is the colour of this chakra. It is where we hold issues to do with self esteem, confidence, self identity etc. I could feel the butterflies of change and opportunity fluttering in my solar plexus as I continued walking. There was so much light at the swamp today and birds flying freely everywhere, I felt so free and well light! I simply allowed the light to fill me and as I walked I felt lighter and lighter as I connected to the light of freedom. My heart was full of love and there was so much love around today. It was lovely sharing the love in this special place.

Excitement of changes to come as I danced through a series of energetic doorways around the nature reserve the magic unfolding as I continued along the path sensing an energy and was drawn to take a photo.

I can see an image of what looks like a man standing with his spear. I could hear the words embrace the strength of your inner warrior, balancing the masculine/feminine energies, bringing the head into the heart, becoming your unique self, one who stands in the truth of who you are. I could feel the love that came with this message for all of us! Can you see and feel it??

Bees were buzzing everywhere and one almost landed on my hand whilst I was taking a photo of the wattle. Its time to get busy as a bee weaving our magic into the web of humanity, sharing joy and unconditional love with our open hearts, lighting the way for others.

What magic are you going to weave as you enfold JOY - Jump over Yellow and into your True Self, with confidence and enthusiasm to the light of the greater You!

Infinite Blessings
Kim x

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Lighting New Pathways of Self

Another journey to the Swamp land today as I welcome in the New Year according to the Mayan Calendar. What a beautiful sunny day it was! The light was magical, different, illuminating spaces I had not seen before, like net curtains being drawn back from a window, showing me a new view of the world and the energies of new light coming in!

There was a quietness at the swamp, yet there was a lot of birdsong, like the birds were heralding in the New completely aware of the changes occurring on all levels and with a Full Moon approaching tomorrow! It's time to awaken to the new in all ways. Time to heed the messages from the Universe and Spirit and what divine messengers of spirit were at the swamp today.

Walking along the pathway I took a photo and wow the light was amazing! For the message was start lighting new pathways of Self! The path is now clear of obstacles as the fallen branch laying on the path from the Sunday's walk had now been cleared! Signalling full steam ahead! Time to get moving, moving! 

I was drawn to stop at certain place along the pathway, feeling the curtains of the swamp parting, revealing a beautiful black swan! Now I have never seen a black swan at the swamp before and it felt like spirit was showing me a divine sign to take notice of. In the animal kingdom swans are the symbol of Ascension.

Swan's message it's time to connect and see your inner beauty. A time to embrace the power of self. Trust and believe in your true nature, the grace of self, opening to the wonder and mystery  of life! 

Connecting to the energy of Swan I could feel and see my inner beauty, the power of my inner sun shining like a diamond in the sky all else dissolving. Tears of joy flowed at those realisations, surrendering to the Oneness of all that is and the grace and love of my heart.

I left the swamp along a different path, one that took me past a grove of trees where low and behold there were some Black cockatoos! Then all of a sudden one flew out of the tree, fanning its beautiful red tail, saying I'm giving you a message please take note! Who could not when such beauty is staring you in the face. Unfortunately these Carnaby black cockatoos are a threatened species so I sincerely hope with all my heart they can be protected from this. 

The Black Cockatoo's message, surrender to the changes that are to come forth, trusting all will be revealed in its own divine time. Be aware and open to new opportunities as they present along your pathway, both metaphorically and physically, going with the flow of life.

Interesting that the Black cockatoo appeared around the time of the Lunar Full Moon as they are seen as a lunar bird, associated with feminine energies and the creative forces at play. So harness the forces of creativity in your life.

It hasn't always been like that for me as I have been on a journey to wholeness for a number of years with Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia and lyme dis-ease, my messengers, bringing my attention to say hey there are things you need to become aware of and heal. There is a bigger picture and a bigger purpose for you. It's been a journey of understanding self, the inner self, a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion. I also now understood and accepted I could not possibly have known all that I needed to know at the beginning of my healing journey. It's true, understanding and wisdom have been shown to me when I have been ready to listen, to see and not before. How could they have been present when I was not present with awareness to receive the wisdoms and teachings. 

Patience, faith and trust have surely been my teachers. Yes there have been times I have felt like giving up when the light at the end of the tunnel seemed so far away. Who wouldn't when the pain body is so great and you don't have the energy to lift your head off the pillow let alone get out of bed. When your immune system completely crashes and it takes as long at takes to rebuild.

Change comes when you choose to embrace courage and the strength to travel to your inner self, opening your heart to the love of you, beginning that sacred journey where the alchemy of self, the ordinary is transmuted and transformed into the greatest most extraordinary version of you, the one who is true in all ways. 

I realised today after I got home and began interpreting the signs that were presented to me that I had in many ways abandoned My Self. For years I felt like the ugly duckling not feeling I was beautiful, worthy of love, not good enough etc, not really feeling I belonged anywhere to be honest. Funny I was always drawn to reading that story as a child. Bullied, teased and rejected at school, a sensitive soul, who has never felt confident in the world, allowing myself to shrink and hide away, fearful of allowing my true self and my gifts to shine. I can tell you my fear has been big, drowning out Love, so there was very little for me. Thankfully that imbalance is now reversing as I become friends with fear and those other darker aspects of self and there is a now a greater flow of Love.

It's been a journey of the heart, a soul awakening, to unconditional divine love as the fear of being seen, speaking my truth etc etc gradually fades away. My awakening journey continues as I open further to my true nature and my truth. I have learnt a lot along the way, lessons and wisdoms that I would like to share. Its been a journey of the spirit, navigating the garden of my heart, weeding and clearing that inner jungle, tangled with so many things, choking my soul, starved of love, stifled with fear. Thankfully the baggage and jungle are clearing out!

It's about forging a relationship with self. A never ending journey that takes one on many twists and turns as one navigates the pathways of the heart. Its important to be really honest and real with your self as much as you can. The journey of self is a work in progress as things you once you thought had cleared are triggered again offering another layer to be peeled back, to be let go of! It takes as long as it takes with all the highs and lows along the way.

Now I begin a new journey in the garden of my heart and soul. Remembering and awakening to my inner beauty, my grace allowing all that to shine forth. Graceful like the swan, no longer an ugly duckling. Did you know that swans have 7 vertebrae in their neck? Opening and trusting to the grace and wonder of the mysteries as they appear in divine time and ways. 

The journey of the spirit has no timelines. It only asks that you surrender to the sacredness of your journey, be patient and walk to the beat of your drum as you tread your own unique path peppered with the lessons and challenges that you came here this lifetime to master if you choose to. We are all special beings, all capable of developing our intuitive abilities, our talents and gifts. 

Sharing my journey may awaken you to understanding aspects of yourself and your own journey.  Know that you are not alone. There are others who traverse similar pathways, even though our soul's purposes are different.

My challenges, obstacles and lessons in all areas of my life are all gifts that have allowed me to open to ME! All of Me. I share this with you to give you hope that the impossible is possible. That a new life awaits not just for me but for you also!

In my journey I have been fortunate to work with LUXOR Light a multi dimensional healing system, working with the ascension frequencies of LUXOR Light that enable one to clear the chaos within, opening to your true nature, connecting with your higher self through a program of meditation. More on than as there is so much to write it cannot all be covered in this one post along with my own journey.

Oh yes on the footpath on the way home was a parcel that had obviously lost the way to its intended recipient. I picked it up intending to take it to the post office. As I got closer to home I saw the postie and gave the parcel to them! How is that for serendipity! 

The significance of the parcel on my pathway was spirit showing me there would be gifts of nice surprises coming to me! 

With a heart full of love and gratitude for all that I receive, as well as all that I give to nature and life I am content and at peace as I come home to Me, beginning a new chapter in my journey powered by Love.

I am a LUXOR Light Energy Specialist, accredited healing practitioner, Meditation Facilitator and teacher. Plus I am also a Flower Alchemist and Colour Therapist.
If I can assist or support you in any way as you navigate your pathway I would be honoured to do so. 

My website is currently under construction with details of all I offer. More coming on my facebook page too so why not like and follow my page!

Infinite blessings of love 


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Baring the Branches of Self

The autumn leaves have now flown, blown by the winds of change, shedding the leaves of old,  as we die to those aspects, concepts, issues held within our lower natures equating to the first 3 chakras - base, sacral, solar plexus, colours of the autumn leaves red, orange and yellow! Laying bare the branches of the tree standing stark against the winter's sky! 

Dropping to the ground, the dead leaves of the tree turn brown, decomposing, returning to the earth nourishing the soil ready for the new cycle of rebirth in the spring.

In the winter of our lives, like the tree, we stand exposed to the elements, out in the wilderness,  baring our branches, our trees of self, discovering who we are and where we belong within the matrix of life, no longer needing the trappings that go along with it. Perhaps feeling like we have no protection from the storms of life, feeling unsafe, unworthy and unloved, all those deep hurts and wounds that may arise as we lay bare and open our hearts and soul.

Even though we may bare all, like the tree, in those times of vulnerability we have the opportunity to embrace the seeds of change within ourselves. As we are stripped back, exposing our vulnerabilities,  revealing our rawness may bring judgement, criticism, negativity etc however when we choose to dissolve these feelings within the sea of our hearts, becoming observers with no attachment to all that arises, we remain strong like the tree within the storms of our own nature, our roots strong in our connection to Mother Earth, reaching heavenward to connect with Father Sun, the light of source and the pure love and light of self.

Like the tree, we stand tall, believing in the truth of who we are, what we stand for, shining our true nature from within and without, always connected to the light of all of nature. For we are born of seeds as is each and every creation in nature.

In spring the trees produce fresh green leaves becoming abundant in new growth, as each leaf unfurls opening to new beginnings, new ways of being, to greater love and harmony. We are ready to grow with the wisdom and truth we have discovered by laying bare our souls. It is within the deepest wounding, immense hurts and vulnerabilities that our greatest growth occurs opening our hearts to greater love for self and others.

Like the tree we have the opportunity to grow higher and higher as the branches of self integrate higher levels of consciousness, leaving behind those aspects of our lower nature, deep soul woundings, so our pure whole natures surface out of the darkness of winter and into the spring/summer of our lives. 
The seeds of the new greater version of self have the opportunity to spread those branches of new growth, peace, harmony, perspectives and wisdom out into the world ready to share with whoever is open to receiving.
Our divine feminine and masculine energies merge and balance so we can be kinder, compassionate, loving beings with the courage to be fearless as we share our truth with others.

Stronger foundations of self are created as we anchor and ground our passion, purpose into each and every moment, gaining momentum as we converge on each destiny point along the pathway of our soul's blueprint, learning our lessons, clearing our karma, letting go of all other baggage from this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

 Are you willing to be all the leaves of you to grow up and branch out to be the greater tree of self, open to the light of you?

Infinite blessings of light and love to you!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Mysteries of the Swamp - Alchemy of Self

Fallen tree branch

I was feeling out of sorts this morning, emotions swirling around within and feeling out of balance. I was really tired and didn’t feel I had the energy to walk to the swamp, however, the pull was strong! I know when the pull is strong there is something important going on. I heeded the call for a walk in one of my favourite places in nature and that would be the swamp! Nothing better than a dose of nature’s elixir to restore balance and harmony. 

Swamps are Magical Places

Swamps are mystical magical places, like entering a portal to another world, the underworld, where all that lies beneath the murky still waters, those hidden aspects of self can be uncovered, brought to the surface and into the light of self. Remember, water is associated with our emotions and the still water that sits in the swamp could be revealing where we might be stagnant in our emotional being or life in general. 

Symbolically wetlands are areas of transition and each time I visit the swamp I feel like I go through a transformation or change on some level as I enter the mystery of my inner self. It’s a place where we can choose to delve into deeper layers of our emotions, like our fears, thoughts, beliefs and patterns, so we can bring those from the dark of our souls into the light of our hearts.

As always magic is in the air at the swamp if one is open to seeing and feeling the hidden mysteries that abound there and which lie within us. With the Full Moon Eclipse this week, we are in a 7day eclipse doorway, inviting one to immerse ourselves in the mysteries of our inner world and those of the cosmos. Discovering hidden truths and trusting in those to bring freedom and change. The wind was strong today as it pushed me along, accelerating my journey to reach the swamp. I could feel a cleansing of mind as the wind is to do with the mind. The winds of change stirring, shaking things up. It’s whispered messages were insistent. I love being open and receptive to the messages the swamp land wishes to share with me and not just me for I feel these are wisdoms to be shared with everyone. 

Spider’s wisdom

So, it began with the sighting of a small beautiful spider’s web. 

The message from the spider’s web was tame the mind, clear the cob webs, those thoughts and long held beliefs, don’t allow yourself to be caught in the web of your lower mind. Pull the weeds from the garden of your mind making sure you reach the root causes of those issues that hold you back. In place plant new thoughts, beliefs about yourself far from the illusion of your fear-based self.

Falling Branches

Further along the path a tree’s branch had fallen across it, the result of the previous night’s storm, so clearly there was a message here. 

This “obstacle” on my path was easily overcome as I could walk around the fallen tree so it was not going to impede my walk.

How many times do we allow obstacles along the pathway of our life to stop or hold us back from heading where we want to go? More often than not we are the creators of our own roadblocks to life, self- sabotaging ourselves from those very things we would like to be and have in our lives. 

How do we do this but with repeating patterns of behaviour, holding on to limiting beliefs, negative thoughts in our mind, driven by ensuing emotions, going around and around in circles creating our own make-believe story.

Or maybe those obstacles are also clearing our paths by providing another perspective to look at things or to approach things.

The message time to grow a new stronger foundation of emotional self as the branch of our old emotional ways falls off allowing a new branch of self to grow with love, enabling discerning action from a higher evolved emotional place with greater belief, faith and trust in oneself, opening to new ways of seeing, doing and being along our pathway in life.

Waterwheel of Emotions

As I walked a vision of a water wheel at a mill used for milling grain appeared. The wheel had stopped turning as the water had ceased running. Time to stop turning the old wheel of emotions letting go of those and any emotional wounding ready for a new cycle of emotional maturity to open to new and greater flow in our lives.

Connecting to Divine Love

Today is also a special day as it is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene and a 22 day where extraordinary things can happen! A day to connect in with our own divine mother and inner child. To enter the sacredness of our heart spaces where beauty and unconditional love reside. 

The swamp was the perfect place to be within my own sacred heart joining with the sacred heart of nature in a safe place for reflective healing, wrapped in the nurturing arms of nature, sending divine unconditional love throughout the web of life that we are all woven into. 

When we operate in those higher vibrational states then dis-ease or anything not in alignment with our highest good cannot exist. So much joy and love in each unfolding moment as I tune into the energies of today and the Beatles song Let it Be begins to play in my head and I feel waves of joy and love envelop me and I say how can it get any better than this.

Farewell with a message from Crow

A parting gift, as I left the swamp land, 2 crows were flying above me, a simple dance in the sky and in ancient times crow was a symbol of alchemy.

Crow’s message is to work your magic through your own alchemical processes, looking into the mirrors of self, opening your intuitive sight, becoming your true nature, expressing your passion and purpose.
Reminding us we are creative and magical beings and magic is around us in each and every moment, all we need is to see, feel and believe it!

As I have said the swamp land is a magical, mystical place, a portal to other dimensions and realms. A place where we are able to tune into our own alchemical process to change and transform aspects of self, clearing out the old allowing rebirth and regeneration. Alchemy means to transmute or change the ordinary into the extraordinary to become your true authentic self! 

What alchemical processes are at work in your life and what needs to be let go of or removed in order to allow you to transition and rebirth the new?

The gifts of nature are always there when we choose to make the time to connect.

Take time to tap into the creative waters of self, letting go of any stagnant emotional aspects, awakening to greater creativity, magic and light of self! Embrace the journey of the alchemy of Self!

Infinite blessings and love

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Solstice Blessings - Light of Self

White Agapanthus

Solstice Blessings to everyone! Here in the southern hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice! Today is a magical day to connect in with the solstice energies. A time to honour you!

It feels like we are welcoming in a new year and in many respects we are! We are halfway through 2018 going through the solstice gateway as in numerology its a 47/11 day and we are in an 11 year! We are at the middle point of the year June being the 6th month. Six is all about the love vibration, relationships and entering the mysteries of life and self. 

I took this photo of the white agapanthus on the first day of January this year. I realised there were exactly 11 flowers which was so perfect given we are in an 11 year! Since we are in an 11:11 gateway I feel these flowers are divine messengers reminding to honour ones self as we move through the darkness of the winter in our lives and letting go of all the old that no longer serves us.

It’s a time of rebirth igniting new light within, shining our inner sun, lighting the pure candle that burns bright within our hearts, embracing the power of love utilising that to light our pathways, enabling one to move through the gateway of awakenings being open to all the gifts this solstice is offering us. There are many if you choose to see them.

Following the stars leading us deeper into the cosmos to the greater mysteries waiting to be discovered and all the wisdoms we seek. We are at a point of balance where we can tip the scales opening one to greater truths of self, aligning one more fully to their greater self, accessing the truth that lies within each of us. Healing aspects of self opening one to more freedom as we stand tall, in harmony and at peace with all just like the white agapanthus!

What a blessed time of year to awaken to greater levels of the light, love and purity of self!

May your pure inner candle light, fired by the light of your inner sun, illuminate the pathway of self, as you embrace new beginnings and adventures that lead to greater self mastery, joy and love.

You are the pure candle that lights the way, stand strong in the light of self and purity of heart.

Infinite Blessings

Kim x