Thursday, 21 June 2018

Solstice Blessings - Light of Self

White Agapanthus

Solstice Blessings to everyone! Here in the southern hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice! Today is a magical day to connect in with the solstice energies. A time to honour you!

It feels like we are welcoming in a new year and in many respects we are! We are halfway through 2018 going through the solstice gateway as in numerology its a 47/11 day and we are in an 11 year! We are at the middle point of the year June being the 6th month. Six is all about the love vibration, relationships and entering the mysteries of life and self. 

I took this photo of the white agapanthus on the first day of January this year. I realised there were exactly 11 flowers which was so perfect given we are in an 11 year! Since we are in an 11:11 gateway I feel these flowers are divine messengers reminding to honour ones self as we move through the darkness of the winter in our lives and letting go of all the old that no longer serves us.

It’s a time of rebirth igniting new light within, shining our inner sun, lighting the pure candle that burns bright within our hearts, embracing the power of love utilising that to light our pathways, enabling one to move through the gateway of awakenings being open to all the gifts this solstice is offering us. There are many if you choose to see them.

Following the stars leading us deeper into the cosmos to the greater mysteries waiting to be discovered and all the wisdoms we seek. We are at a point of balance where we can tip the scales opening one to greater truths of self, aligning one more fully to their greater self, accessing the truth that lies within each of us. Healing aspects of self opening one to more freedom as we stand tall, in harmony and at peace with all just like the white agapanthus!

What a blessed time of year to awaken to greater levels of the light, love and purity of self!

May your pure inner candle light, fired by the light of your inner sun, illuminate the pathway of self, as you embrace new beginnings and adventures that lead to greater self mastery, joy and love.

You are the pure candle that lights the way, stand strong in the light of self and purity of heart.

Infinite Blessings

Kim x