Saturday, 25 August 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where true nature's bud beautifully

I have decided to begin a new series of posts where I will share on a regular basis signs and messages from nature to assist in the budding of your true nature! Originally I had this as a separate blog site however I have been guided to now share the wisdoms in this format. I would like to inspire showing you how to work with the signs and messages in nature and any others that cross your path! How these are conveying messages to you, inspiring you to become curious about opening to more of You! Where you are able to bud, bloom and open into your beautiful true nature!

So today on my walk at the nature reserve I was drawn to these 3 mushrooms! Across from the mushrooms on the other side of the path I was also drawn to 3 yellow flowers nestled amongst the bracken! I always go where I am intuitively drawn and you will feel this the more once you begin to connect and tune in with yourself and your surrounding environment wherever that may be. 

Things will begin to jump out at you and you will know intuitively whether it is something to take notice of or not. It might be a good idea to get yourself a notebook or journal where you can record these signs, along with any insights or messages you receive. It is useful to do this as you may notice a pattern forming of recurring symbols and signs that present to you. Also note any thoughts or feelings, emotions that may also arise.

Through this process you will be begin to see what nature is speaking to you about. What messages from the angels and spirit are also coming through via the world around you. It's important to be open to receiving them and trust in the messages coming through. Keeping your heart open, feeling from your heart space rather than your head! It's easy to get caught up in the head in our thoughts and our ego mind. We really want to bring divine wisdom into the heart. The wisdom of the heart knows.

Both the mushrooms and flowers were in a group of 3, the mushrooms and flowers each roughly in a circular shape. The circle in sacred mathematics represents no beginning and no end, like the circle of life, the cycles of death and rebirth. Powering one to become a master of yourself and your purpose in life. 
Yellow is the colour of joy and is the colour of the soul so it's time to build the foundations of your life with joy, accessing the wisdom of your soul, your higher self and grounding your purpose and passion into this reality here on earth now. 

Brown is the colour of the earth, where everything is recycled back to the soil, ready to begin the cycle of life anew. It is where we are able to stabilise and anchor our connection to mother earth. 

The mushrooms form a beautiful triangle shape and when the triangle, becomes the triad, it is the the strongest form on which to build the base of our pyramid of Self. It becomes the foundation of our life. Mushrooms are saying build yourself a solid base to Mother Earth, where you can build the pyramid of self.

The yellow flowers are speaking of connecting to your inner sun that resides in your solar plexus chakra, bringing the divine wisdom through and grounding that golden light into your soul's purpose. Yellow is the colour of the soul so these flowers are also saying you are on the right path, the path of soul, so trust in the knowing that comes your way and have the courage to take those intuitive steps!

The flowers have 5 petals and 5 is the number of freedom, change and travel. Joy opens your heart to the freedom of changing the way you travel your life path. Perhaps looking at new pathways or moving any stagnant or blocked energy to allow opening to the new. Changing beliefs and thoughts, building confidence and self esteem to take those steps outside of ones comfort zone, opening Self to greater change that brings one into greater alignment with the truth of who you are!

Green is the colour of the master healer and with so much green in nature it is a great place in which to utilise the healing nature of Mother Earth to bring balance and harmony to the trinity of mind, body and spirit. 

On that note I leave you to begin your own journeys as you form a greater relationship with Mother Earth and YourSelf!

May the beauty of life always be your guide!

Infinite Blessings

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - JOY - Jump Over Yellow

Golden Wattle

There are days when you wake up in the morning and you just know that it's going to be an awesome day. Well today was one of those where the energy of the day holds that special something, though you have no idea what it is, therein lies the surprise packet waiting to be opened as the day unfolds!

It was a beautiful sunny winter's day with Spring peeking around the corner, I could feel the closing of one season as the doorway to another just about to open, magic in the air as a sense of things shifting gears begins as a new season of opportunity awaits!

As I walked to the nature reserve I was doing my usual spiritual practice and as I got closer to the reserve I could feel such Joy in my heart and Songs of Joy were playing in my head and I was gleefully singing Joy to the World...................................................................... as I entered the Nature Reserve a vista of yellow dandelions popping up amongst the lime green grass appeared before my eyes. I heard the Flower Devas say JOY is Jump Over Yellow!! So I jumped over the yellow dandelions, careful to tread lightly, my heart and soul filling with Joy as I Jumped into more of My joyful Self. I felt so much freedom in each moment I connected with the energy of the dandelions. To most people dandelions are weeds however to me they represent happiness and joy, spreading their vibrant colour across the surface of the grass, asking one to look at the depths of beauty beyond the superficial seeing where the roots of true beauty lies - deep within the heart and soul. 

As I continued my walking meditation I came across the beautiful golden wattle and the Flower Devas had this little message to share "Allow our puffs of golden light to enter your solar plexus  chakra, your inner sun, awakening you to your creative power and the truth of your gifts. May these starbursts of energy empower you to take those leaps of faith to open the doors out of your comfort zones into new vistas of opportunity and growth"

These poms poms of yellow vibrant energy had me jumping for Joy into ME again! The solar plexus chakra represents our power centre and yellow is the colour of this chakra. It is where we hold issues to do with self esteem, confidence, self identity etc. I could feel the butterflies of change and opportunity fluttering in my solar plexus as I continued walking. There was so much light at the swamp today and birds flying freely everywhere, I felt so free and well light! I simply allowed the light to fill me and as I walked I felt lighter and lighter as I connected to the light of freedom. My heart was full of love and there was so much love around today. It was lovely sharing the love in this special place.

Excitement of changes to come as I danced through a series of energetic doorways around the nature reserve the magic unfolding as I continued along the path sensing an energy and was drawn to take a photo.

I can see an image of what looks like a man standing with his spear. I could hear the words embrace the strength of your inner warrior, balancing the masculine/feminine energies, bringing the head into the heart, becoming your unique self, one who stands in the truth of who you are. I could feel the love that came with this message for all of us! Can you see and feel it??

Bees were buzzing everywhere and one almost landed on my hand whilst I was taking a photo of the wattle. Its time to get busy as a bee weaving our magic into the web of humanity, sharing joy and unconditional love with our open hearts, lighting the way for others.

What magic are you going to weave as you enfold JOY - Jump over Yellow and into your True Self, with confidence and enthusiasm to the light of the greater You!

Infinite Blessings
Kim x

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)