Thursday, 6 September 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - Out of Focus, New Ways of Seeing!

Out of Focus, New Ways of Seeing!

When I was going through my photos I took on a recent walk I noticed this one of an unfurling braken of fern was out of focus. At first my thought was oh no I am unable to use this photo because of this!

Ah............ but there is a message in this to say the photo is perfect the way it is. This is how the fern choose it to be! You see all is exactly as it is, unfolding as it is meant to!

This beautiful unfurling frond of bracken fern had these words to share..............Is there anything you need to re-focus on in your life to bring forth new growth? What may you need to bring your attention to, gaining clearer direction on a situation in your current life..................................................................................................................................................
Be open to seeing with new eyes, beyond normal vision, to new ways of being and doing. Opening to new energetic pathways.............................................................................................

Bring your focus to the Now! Leave behind the past as in each Now moment a future of new possibilities is created with each choice, each intention placed, based on what's held within the heart and the truth that lies there!

Look closely at what lies dormant within, with a new lense of self, zoom in, reset, this new awareness brings greater awakenings, an opportunity to finally bring the light of healing to something long held there, ready to be set free, unfurling your true nature's light out into the world.

May the beauty of life always be your guide!

Infinite Blessings
Kim x

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c) 

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully! - The Magic of Spring has Sprung!

The Magic of Spring has Sprung!

In the click of a day we roll over into the Magic of the season of Spring! It certainly has  sprung, opening this season of change, new growth and expansion with a glorious burst of sunshine and colour. These beautiful cream flowers welcome in the new light of the season and speak to us about opening to the expansiveness of Self, reaching out to new horizons, knowing that all is unfolding in the divine order of nature and the all that is.

It's a time where we can open to the new, as seeds begin to sprout, new growth appears on plants and trees, flowers bud and blossom, new leaves unfurl opening beautiful green leaves on trees, and all of life takes on a new rhythm after the dormancy of winter hibernation comes to an end. The season of Spring announces a time to re-enter the world in a balanced  new way as one moves forward with the thrust of unleashing new creative energies, mixing the alchemy of Self, as we resurrect a new greater version of ourselves!

The signs were very much everywhere today! Not far into my walk at the nature reserve there lying on the path was a beautiful white feather! A gift from the Angels with the message to keep the faith, knowing one is always supported with the Angel's love. It is always darkest before the dawn and now is the dawning of the new! 

Expression, Expansion, Excitement embracing the spring of our lives, an invitation to remember and connect with source, God, Universal energies whatever resonates with you, lifting higher to reach our spiritual essence, where freedom in many ways has the opportunity to become ours and ultimately this leads to greater freedoms in an infinite universe of abundance, where the mysteries of nature are revealed to us in every moment of each day.

This was very much the message from the 3 beautiful white birds I saw circling high in the clear blue sky at the nature reserve today! They flew with such beauty, carried on the thermal air, they made flight look easy and effortless gracing the skies with their dance in unison. Embrace and connect with your spiritual purity, lifting to higher levels of Christ consciousness. Where thoughts are pure and higher mind brings through intuitive, inspiring ideas, use these to paint your new canvas this Spring. Trust in the expression of these new ideas in the new expanded version of Self.

This is also an excellent season to declutter your life in all ways. Removing physical clutter from your home, clearing out possessions that no longer resonate with you or bring you joy, or have simply gone well past their used by date! Clearing out old patterns, thoughts, beliefs, emotional wounding and so on. As the saying goes out with the old and in with the new!

It's all energy, so changing things around moves the energy which is what you want, to shift the stagnant old energy to make way for the new to come in!

I saw so many Wattlebirds on my walk today! Listening to their beautiful songs I could feel the joy in my heart, opening me to the beauty of all life!

Their message pure and sweet like the nectar from the flowers they feed from. Embrace the sweetness of life, sing your new song of the season with an open heart! Walk to a new rhythm as new pathways open from your comfort zones, where change and growth see the blossoming of the new You, surrendering to the divine, having faith that all will come to fruition.
We can sip from the cup of nature's nectar whenever we choose to nourish us, filling us with all the life giving sustenance, as we open to infinite opportunities.

As I headed home a lime green coloured car pulled across the path in front of me. As I have mentioned before it is important to take notice of all the signs that cross your path, both physically and figuratively. 

Lime green is associated with change and new growth and since the car was moving I see this as symbolising moving forward along my path, welcoming and accepting the changes to come, that will lead to new growth, as I continue to build the foundation of self, as the car is supported and balanced on four wheels. The car looked new, bright and shiny so I feel this is also affirming new changes to come are positive in nature! 

Remember we always have access to nature's bounty when we open our hearts to the wonder and joy of life. Hold gratitude in our hearts and give thanks for all we currently have in our lives. Know we are infinitely blessed with the grace of nature, the Angels, our Spirit Guides and the All That Is.

May the beauty of Life always be your guide!

Infinite blessings
Kim x

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)