Sunday, 23 December 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - Christmas Candle Light

For the last few weeks the essence of the Western Australian Christmas Tree has been coming into my awareness a sense of knowing of a tree waiting to connect with me when the time was right. 

Last week on a hot summer's day as I was driving home after running some errands the angels directed to me a park and low and behold there was a beautiful WA Christmas Tree flowering in all its magnificence! My joy was palpable! Its beautiful golden orange lights hanging beautifully, adorning the tree with a festive flavour! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the tree! Easily accessible to connect with the energies and take a photo! How perfect it all was!

These trees are flowering everywhere across Perth and beyond at this time of year and what a sight they make, along with the Flowering gums of red, orange, white together with the Jacaranda trees!

 Nature really knows how to turn on its own Christmas Lights display encouraging us to step out into nature allowing the beautiful energies of these trees to connect with us filling our own light wells, balancing and harmonising as we prepare to celebrate this special season of light, love and peace. 

Having an attitude of gratitude for the year in the fullness of all we have experienced as we  prepare to welcome a new year, surrendering to the infinite possibilities available to us.

This special message from the Western Australian Christmas Tree is for you!

"Connect to  your  inner candlelight, the candle light of your soul, found within the well of your heart! 

May this light ignite the holiness within, each spark of light igniting the divine, your Christ self, burning brightly with love!

Allow the flames of candle light to rise up,  burning brightly filling your heart space, as the light continues to rise heavenward, fanning the flames of love's light out across humanity connecting all in the glow of LOVE!

What gifts from the Heart can you give? Your Presence of mind, body and spirit, kindness, generosity of heart, a smile, a hug, a kind word, compassion, a listening ear!

It's a time to give to yourself and of your Self, sending out the light of love to all!
Love has no season it is an energy that can be embraced anytime one chooses to!"

Infinite Blessings this season as you open to the flowering of Self with the light of love for all of humanity!

Much love
Kim xx

Photo: Kim Wrightson Photography (c) 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Blooming Inspirational - Where True Nature's Bud Beautifully - Sunflower Light

Sunflower Light

Magic is certainly in the air today! These beautiful sunflower faces I photographed recently made it known they wanted their energy to be shared with you today being the Summer solstice and full moon tomorrow. I have been seeing Sunflowers everywhere lately. They remind me of big solar discs, containing much wisdom and light! Since it is the season of Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere where the sun is highest in the sky, they are a summer flower.

The Sunflower reminds me of my Grandmother as she used to grow them. As a child I would help to harvest the seeds when the flowers had finished and they would be used to feed her 2 cockatoo birds. Whenever I see these flowers I feel connected to my Grandmother and know that she is always with me. Her smile was always sunny like the sunflower and I can hear her laugh as I write this post. A beautiful heart filled laugh and it makes me smile too.

I feel them as a connection to Mother Earth and Father Sun. The sunflower is symbolic of the sun and the colour yellow is fiery like the sun's light. The colour yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra which is located in the stomach area of the physical body.

I liken the sunflower to the bean stalk as it climbs higher and higher into the sky, just like the bean stalk did in Jack and the Beanstalk. As we raise our levels of consciousness rising to higher levels, letting go of ego aspects of self, thoughts, patterns and behaviours etc. The sunflower is to me a representation of moving up heaven ward to connect with the energies of Source/Father Sun while remaining anchored to Mother Earth, enabling one to retain that connection, anchoring the foundation of self, the light of christ consciousness filling our body and auric temple, bringing through ones gifts and talents into the physical.

The message these flowers speak its time to come out of the darkness and into the light! Let go of all that is no longer valid or serves you! Clear the baggage of lifetimes! It is time to embrace your inner light, your empowered sunlight as you balance and harmonise that with your masculine and feminine energies, no matter if you are male or female as both have these aspects. 

The Feminine is asking the masculine to take action in a balanced and harmonised way as you move forth along your chosen pathway ready to become the way shower of light! Remembering to see from the highest perspective, embracing the highest light in all you do from the heart.

It is also interesting that the Sunflower is made up of clusters of small 5 pointed flowers. Five in numerology is a number of change, freedom and balance. What changes would you like to bring forth as we enter a time to bring through new light into our physical and spiritual bodies? A time to bring new harmonic energy onto the planet and speak from an open peaceful heart with kindness, compassion for all sentient beings. A time to become ONE with all of life and nature. There is no separation and we are linked by the unseen web of energy that connects and impacts on us all.

My gift to you is a Sunflower Meditation you can do to work with the energies of the sunflower if you so wish!

Breath in from the light of source and see this light travel down your central column that which houses your chakras, seeing it leave through the base chakra, anchoring that light deep in the core of Mother Earth. Repeat this 3 times to clear your chakras ready to begin.

Now see a beautiful sunflower stalk begin to rise up from Mother Earth entering your body through your base chakra moving upwards to  your Solar Plexus Chakra, located in your stomach area. 

You now see a beautiful sunflower open to reveal all its sunny yellow petals and its face of yellow flowers, see it begin to spin, sending bright yellow fire energy in a spiral activating your inner sun or your power centre. Feel the fire in the belly as it cleanses and clears activating your empowered self. Empower with the flower of sunlight to change the vision of Self!

When you feel ready allow the sunflower to move up until it reaches your crown chakra. See the beautiful green stalk strong and straight as it moves upward through your central column! The light of the sunflower now connects with the light of source and the sunflower fills with this pure golden light.

Gently see the flower tilt forward, all the seeds move lovingly down into your sacral chakra, just below the navel, where the seeds of new beginnings, dreams and wishes are planted awaiting the time when they are ready to be harvested once they have been nurtured by you!

You can also bring the Sunflower into your heart space and see its golden light spinning out through your auric field to cleanse and clear of all impurities instilling a sense of confidence and clarity in thought, action and deed.

Once you have completed this exercise please use the same breath sequence at the beginning to anchor this process into your physical reality.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I acknowledge all signs that I come across that speak to me. On this occasion there was a beautiful ladybird nestled in a branch of the Sunflower stalk. 

The ladybird's message was it's time for wishes and dreams to come true! Time to take inspired action from the heart, harness the power of self and allow those wishes to come true! To overcome the obstacles, break through those barriers, those illusions of the mind and seek the riches that lie within your golden hearts, harvest those and reap the rewards of all the hard work and generosity of spirit given freely to humanity.

Since the ladybird is nestled within the green leaves and branches of the Sunflower and green is a colour associated with abundance, harmony and growth its time to move to greater heights in our lives embracing all we deserve as we are worthy of receiving infinitely when our hearts are open to new possibilities and new ways of seeing and being simply allowing the process to unfold naturally, without forcing our will.  There is no limit to dreams and wishes!

On this light filled day I send you infinite blessings in creating all on this beautiful planet. Sending a heart full of gratitude to Father Sun and Mother Earth for all that is provided to us.

Kim xx

Photos: Kim Wrightson Photography (c)