Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Everlasting Love - Evolve through Love

As we are nearing the end of the month of June, the sixth month of the year, I felt drawn to write this post. The number six is about Love, unconditional Love, family, marriage, so what better way to round off the month than a post about Love! The daisy is also the Goddess Freya's sacred flower. Freya is the Goddess of Love, beauty and fertility. 

These flowers radiate a vibrancy of love, even though they flower in the spring, I felt they were perfect to express the energies of love, as love is infinite and eternal. It's a time we can also look at the marriage within us. The marriage of the divine feminine and masculine as everyone contains these energies. A time to merge and balance theses energies with unconditional love. A time of reflection looking into the mirror of Self with Love.

I believe these flowers of pink, white and yellow, epitomise everlasting love, reflecting a love that is pure and unconditional! A love that knows no bounds and is free to be given and received without judgement, where our human frailties and vulnerabilities are forgiven and understood. Using the power of love to heal and transform, becoming the fuel that propels one forward along the path of Ascension, drawing on our inner strength, courage, wisdom and belief to become our empowered self, overcoming challenges, obstacles and tests along the way. Overcoming ones fears as where there is love there is no fear.

If you look at the word Love when spelt backwards it becomes EVOL, so we evolve and change through love as it is not an emotion, but a powerful energy we can harness to bring us everlasting love of Self. A love that changes and transforms on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Love evolution leads to soul awakenings!

Love comes in many forms, neither greater or less than the other. It teaches one compassion, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, harmony and peace within and without. It is a journey to the heart, that leads one back to hear and see with heart, connecting one back to our true home within. Where all journeys of self begin and end, the journey we take within our heart space, where our soul reveals answers and solutions to our human experiences. It is a journey to wholeness, where we join pieces of the puzzle, pieces of us, unravelling mysteries of Self and life. Mysteries that can only be revealed as we travel our inner landscapes.

Listen to your physical bodies as physical symptoms are powerful messengers alerting you to imbalances or disharmony. Messages that your soul is not in alignment with who you really are. A sign your soul is sick, a calling to go within your heart space to access the wisdom held there. Listen to the whispers of the heart and the wisdom that it speaks.

Love is infinite and enduring, just as the everlasting flowers die and bloom each season so our love may "die" and bloom again. In "dying" to the old we welcome in new growth to transform our lives to begin the next chapter. No less, no greater, to all parts that have gone before, opening to greater riches in giving and receiving. The volume rises as the heart opens welcoming in new and greater frequencies of light that is Love.

Its brilliance shining like the light of the yellow centre of the Everlasting daisy, sending starbursts of light out into the world. Igniting ones empowered self to shine everlasting love, as that is the greatest gift we can share with not only ourselves but all of humanity.

The everlasting daisy also speaks of a renaissance, discovering the beauty within, which is different for each individual as we all see and experience things differently. Love is awakening to the beauty within and without!

Love is a rainbow, hugging the earth with your feet, joyful laughter, a painted sky, the scent of a rose, a smile, raindrops falling on your face, most of all Love is Love, whatever expression Love means to you.

Love is embracing the purity and innocence of the child within, drawing on the strength of that childhood innocence. What made you laugh, feel joy, feel alive with passion when you were a child?
See through the lense of the child, be childlike, playful, have fun, be carefree! Loving self unconditionally is the start of a great lifelong romance with you!

Embrace your inner child with acceptance, compassion, forgiveness. Honour and believe in your Self. Honour and accept your intuitive nature, your inner nature, your inner world. Mother your inner child with unconditional love. Listen to the messages your inner child wishes to share. Go into the stillness of the heart and hear with heart all the wisdoms your child wishes to share.

These flowers are also called paper daisies because they feel like paper when you touch them! These flowers may appear and feel lightweight, yet there is a strength that belies them, a strength that anchors them to the earth, like the strength of love that anchors one to the heart and to all of life.

Love is the most powerful healing tonic we have available to us and this love allows one to evolve into beautiful love and light filled beings. Love wraps all in its arms of love, infusing one with its divine essence, allowing one to be a divine expression of Self in a world where there can never be enough love!

From my heart to yours with infinite blessings of love and light!

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