Saturday, 29 June 2019

Shifting Sands of Change

Another glorious day walking at the swamp and the magic continues to be unveiled!

Lately the Ibis bird has crossed my path in more ways than one! With so many sightings I know these are signs to be taking notice of! I feel it with an inner knowingness. Yesterday was no exception when I came across this Ibis resting on a Melaleuca tree or paperbark tree in the waters of the swamp.

The Ibis represents the Egyptian God Thoth, the God of Alchemy, magic, writing and the master architect. Alchemy is the magical process of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Interestingly the Ibis, which is black and white, sits on the Melaleuca tree, the word Melaleuca comes from the Ancient Greek word melanos meaning black and leukos meaning white. Merging the light and dark, dual aspects of Self, representing the duality and polarity of this earthly existence we live in, as we move beyond this, into the heart of oneness, bringing the darker or ego aspects of self into the light and balance, so there is no separation, we are connected to all of life, living from expressions of truth, love, peace, compassion etc.

Whilst walking along the pathways a dreamscape opened up before me. The visions I had were of 3 golden pyramids and then I saw a sea of shifting golden sands appear, shimmering and moving with great flow and ease. The sands then parted on the pathway and something was being revealed, however, I couldn't see exactly what it was as it wasn't in full form. This indicated to me that it's not time yet for this part of my path to be shown to me. The gold signified to me there is much wisdom to be gained or embraced at this time.

The wind was blowing through the trees, I could hear the leaves rustling the words, "the winds of change are coming, the shifting sea of change, heralding in a golden age of change. Time to create your own path, weaving the alchemical magic of self where a change of gears, will see new opportunities, leading to a magical new life as you embrace the wisdom within."

This is a message for all of us as we walk our paths, opening to our divine missions and life purpose. Every one of us are creative magical beings, capable of weaving the alchemical process of love and light into our lives, transforming us! Watch as your life blossoms like a beautiful flower opening to your own  unique signature frequency.

How can you bring creativity into your life? What excites you? Brings up bubbles of joy. Do you like to paint, draw, sew, cook, garden, write and so the list goes. Unleash the creative spirit within as magic is around us in each and every moment. Tap into your gifts and intuitive nature, feel it, see it, believe it. Start by taking some inspired action each day. One of my favourite sayings is bit by bit I go! Each bit or piece of action you take leads to the creation or completion of a whole project as you build on making your dreams come true! No matter how big or small they are.

Not every sign you come across is a message or "sign" as such, so one needs to be aware to use ones discerning nature to tell the difference! There is no right or wrong message from the signs of nature, only a knowing the message resonates to you and what you are currently experiencing in your life. The message that speaks to your heart. Trust your heart, feel into it. Take note of these feelings and what they convey to you. It is useful to write these down in a journal or book as you may notice a pattern forming which will provide more information and clarity to you.

We are all on our journeys this lifetime, learning, raising our levels of consciousness, awakening to greater aspects of self as we bring into wholeness aspects of our ego nature to find full expression of our true spiritual nature.

The shifting sands of change are asking what alchemical processes are at play in your life to bring forth these changes you'd like to see? What messages does the natural world wish to share with you?How can you embrace magic in your life to facilitate the changes you seek?

Infinite blessings of love to you all!

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