Sunday, 16 June 2019

The Path of the Heart - Opening to the Light of YOU!

I heard the call of the Swamp today, announcing, it was time to reconnect with this sacred place. After the recent winter rains there was a sparkly newness to the land. The scents of the bush, particularly the eucalyptus, was so fresh and invigorating! My senses were so attuned to the vibrancy of nature at the swamp. The birds were heralding in the new light too as they darted and flew from tree to tree.

As I entered this land, I could feel my heart opening with gratitude, expanding with a sense of joy and a feeling of being connected to nature in a way I have not experienced before. I sensed the new energies vibrating around me, my own energy had changed too, so I was connecting from a new vibration, seeing and sensing things from a different place and space. I was feeling the waves of unconditional love with everything and I felt so alive as the love flowed. The waters of the swamp gently reflecting ripples of love out as there was such stillness and peace in this place today.

I felt I was seeing this special place for the first time, noticing changes everywhere, seeing and feeling the new as I was seeing the new in me. As we do when we go through spiritual shifts, awakenings that allow one to see, hear and feel with new perspectives on life. No longer bound by the past, by our lower natures or ego minds, letting go of our stuff! Undergoing a cleansing, like when it rains it cleanses and refreshes the earth washing away the old, putting a new shine or light on things.

New Pathways

Walking along I noticed the pathways had undergone maintenance, they looked different, clearer, more defined, smoother and luminous! Just as we refine and upgrade our own path in life when we shine new light on ourselves, clearing the obstacles within! Our paths may appear to contain perceived obstacles that we have trouble removing, however when we change how we look or feel about things then that shift alone enables one to see possible solutions and be open to receive what is deservedly ours. Raising our vibration so we feel and see with our intuitive minds and hearts means we can move beyond perceived limitations or resistance opening to greater light of self.

The pathways also represented to me our pathway to source. Yes there was a definite luminosity to them reminding me of keeping our own central column (chakras) clear. Our chakras are our pathway to divine connection, our ladder of consciousness, and so it is important to keep these balanced, clear, and healthy, along with our auric field, ensuring we are grounded to earth as we travel along our pathway of Ascension.

Brilliant sun shone down on me filling my body with light. As it entered through my crown, the light spiralling and moving down through my chakras, cleansing and clearing, I saw the light travel out through my feet and base chakra, flowing down deep into the core of Mother Earth. Such a beautiful, simple way to work with the sunlight to cleanse and ground ones energies, connecting to the energies of nature. My heart was singing with all the beauty around me, igniting beautiful spaces within and expanding my heart out further.

Seeing with new perspectives allows us to open our hearts to love, to new possibilities in life, leading to new opportunities to follow or enabling one to make choices aligned with our true natures, our souls calling with joy. Following the path of the heart allows one to dive deep into those recesses of the heart discovering, bringing to light those aspects of self we choose to set free. Learning to embrace all aspects of Self with Love.

Realising when we bring those aspects to the light and really look at them with new eyes. Eyes of understanding, without judgement, coming from a place of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for self we can then let go, surrendering reaching a place of acceptance with who we truly are. Where we open to all of love, ready to receive all of life.

Connecting with one of my special trees which had lost a big branch in a winter storm last year is always a joy. This tree is old and perhaps one would say not beautiful due to missing branches, a gnarly trunk, misshapen branches, creating a "deformed" appearance. However I only see the beauty of the tree, one that is strong, resilient to weathering the storms of the seasons, holding the light of the sun in its leaves and a wisdom that shines bright. As the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

My eye was naturally drawn to the wound where the branch had fallen from last year. It was now healed and new growth sprouting forth on this beautiful tree. Then I heard the tree speak "Heal from your wounds, new growth will move you along the path of life, the path of the soul, the path of the Heart, remember beauty and love is always within you"

I love walking at my special time of day, the late afternoon or the gloaming! That in-between time as the light moves to dusk before the night sky descends beckoning mysteries to be revealed in our dreams, yet to be dreamed!
Retrieving wisdom from places we are yet to discover within the heart of Self where true alchemy lies, where our true essence, our brightest heart light glows out becoming a beacon of pure light.

Walking the pathway of the Heart is a homecoming to the true magic of you that has always been inside you! The Light and love within!

Infinite blessings and love to you all!

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