Sunday, 7 July 2019

Blooming Inspirational - Where your True Nature Buds Beautifully - Magical Web of Creation

Don't you know it's Magic! That song, along with others, has been playing in my head today! 

Welcome to a day of magic, connecting in with the mystical magical energies of the 7 today! Not only that, it's the 7th day of the 7th month, so double the magic and mystery!! A day to harness all the magic and wisdom that abounds, trusting ones inner wisdom in each and every moment. Getting in touch with our divine self, our God self where indeed magic happens! Allowing the river of unconditional love to flow into our hearts, where our true treasure awaits to be discovered! 

After a wobbly start to the day I knew the medicine of nature would remedy the imbalances in my emotions, so I made the choice to walk in my portal of peace and love. 

I could not walk my usual route as the storms and recent rains had brought down some trees and the path was flooded. I say a special thank you though to the life giving rain as the nature reserve needed some water!

I chose to walk a different way venturing  to another part of the nature reserve. I'm so happy I followed my intuition to do so. A special gift was awaiting me!

Eagle Flight

As I walked along the edge of the lake I could see a bird high up in the sky. I could feel the birds energy pulling me towards it. I reached a point along the shore and stood still. Then I knew I was in the presence of the Eagle! Oh wow! I stood in wonder watching this magnificent bird fly, stopping to rest in the thermal layers of the wind, hovering, then taking flight across the sky, moving with such ease, grace and flow. I stood transfixed, so engrossed, in the moment, time itself shifted, as I moved to another realm. 

Then the most extraordinary thing happened. The Eagle flew hovering a few metres above my head. As I look up, I instantly connect, with the Eagle's eye and soul. The Eagle and I are one! My heart flew open, expanded with huge unconditional love, such a heart opening and I cried tears of joy and love. I was flying with the eagle and I could hear the words of the song Fly like an Eagle into the future ....................................................................................

The wisdom the Eagle shared with me is inner freedom is where true freedom lies, when you connect with your heart, the true compass of Self, there you find the wisdom of creation that knows no bounds, spread your wings across the infinite canvas of your life, embrace the changes that true freedom brings as you let go of the ties that bind, surrender to the infinite skies of Self, where love, peace and joy exist.

As my encounter with the Eagle came to an end, with the Eagle flying off into the distance, I felt a deep resonance in my heart that I know will stay with me for a long time.

Web of Creation

As I began my walk today I also saw a beautiful spider's web. After my encounter with the Eagle I knew I had indeed entered the web of creation, where all creation exists, where the web weaves its magic, mystery and abundance in all its forms can be created. Where we are one with Creation with the All that Is!

The words "I AM rich beyond measure" came into my awareness.

Many people associate abundance with money or material possessions, however, abundance is so much more than that, abundance of health, love, joy, peace, compassion, kindness, beauty and so on. Whatever abundance means to you! I'm not saying there is anything wrong with an abundance of money etc!

So, yes, we are all rich beyond measure if we choose to see, believe in ourselves enough to set our intentions to create those riches. Then the song Magic from the movie Xanadu popped into my head! Believe in Magic, Believe in the magic of You, all of you! It all depends how you view the mirror of Self! Accepting all of you, the good, the bad and the ugly! Loving self unconditionally. Knowing Love is Eternal opens the doors to infinite creation.

Today I was certainly gifted a gem from nature, one that will stay in my heart forever. The treasure of the Eagle. I am so rich with the beauty of  all of life that surrounds me. I have a heart full of gratitude.

We only need to open our heart, see, hear and feel with the heart. As the saying goes the heart will never lead you astray. It will lead you home, a home that is filled with love, joy and beauty, where your gifts of creation can bloom, creating a world where indeed you are rich beyond measure! All you need do is Believe, Trust have Faith that magic is around you, use the wand of Self to create a magical life! Weave the magic of love into your life and notice what happens!

From my Heart to Yours!

Photo credit Kim Wrightson Photography (c)

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