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It was the year 2000, the start of the new millennium, and I had the previous November, the 11th to be exact, resigned from my Managerial position, having worked in the corporate world for a number of years. I was a soul called to seek more about the meaning of life and my purpose in it. I began looking at various natural therapy courses realising I was attracted to learning more about flower essences and colour. Passions of mine from childhood! My opening to the spiritual actually began much earlier than 2000, however that is another story!

Following my guidance, low and behold there in the Nova Magazine were 2 adds for Colour Therapy Courses commencing the following year, 2001. I made enquiries with one of the advertised courses, however, I didn’t feel the pull to pursue that one. Then I spoke to a lady called Christina Ritchie and after a long informative conversation I knew this was the course for me! Christina’s two year, Colour Therapy Diploma which had accreditation with the IAC(International School of Colour, UK).

It was such a wonderful course I loved it and it was here that I was very fortunate to experience Christina's powerful meditations and healings, LUXOR Light had not even come through then! Along with my studies with colour I also undertook in the same year a certificate in Flower Essence Therapy at one of the Natural Health colleges in Perth. Whilst studying I worked part time doing similar work to what I previously had done.

I completed the course at the end of 2003 submitting my thesis on Colour Therapy and Flowers. I didn't know it then, however, this was to be the beginning of my spiritual journey with Christina! Little did I also know that I was about to encounter one of the most challenging parts of my life journey when I became really ill and  "diagnosed" in February 2004 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. 

My physical body needed to heal so sleep is what I did! At the end of 2005 Christina suggested I attend the LUXOR Light Ascension Program to assist in my healing process. It was tough going and along the way it intensified my symptoms, particularly the body pains and headaches.I can't begin to describe how that felt. I was determined to complete each of the 3 levels of the foundation course, so I moved through all the uncomfortable bits and there were a lot and yes things did begin to shift. 

I have learnt a lot along the way about raising ones level of consciousness working with the energy of LUXOR Light. Learning about and more importantly experiencing the energy body and energies and so forth. It has been an interesting journey for me however I can't imagine my life without the LUXOR Light energy and working with it.

I'm going to fast track forward in my story as I would like to share this experience with you. In October 2008 the universe conspired for me to travel to Egypt to participate in Christina's programs there. Still dealing with my health issues so this was always going to be a challenge for me! It was a dream of mine since I was 13 years old and studying Ancient Egypt in my social studies class in my first year of high school. I was drawn to travelling there then and knew one day I would! 

As part of that trip I travelled with ChristinA to Jerusalem, Israel where we spent 4 days in the energies of this city. It was there at St Annes Church, I experienced my first spontaneous full body activation opening also to the language of light. It came through so fast I sounded according to ChristinA like Donald Duck, or as I would say Daisy! The activation was so powerful I wouldn't go near the spot where it occurred and every time I got close off I would go. It was very funny, though I didn't think so at the time as it brought up a lot of fear for me. I was blessed with this experience in a special place. It was also on this trip that Christina invited me into the teacher program. I said yes not knowing at all what I was in for!

Here I end my sharing for now I feel this is enough, a small snapshot, even though I have lots more to say! We all have stories within stories to share, perhaps turning into books! 

I look forward to sharing more of my journey, wisdoms and works with you!

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